3rd Level Quest

3rd Level Quest

12 Ocak 2009 Pazartesi

Mu Online Guide – 3rd Level Quest

Stage one: You will need to travel to 3 maps for the quest items.

– 3 Flame of Death Beam Knight
-Warp to Tarkan 2 and go East till you a path with stone arches, go through that and go all the way Northeast, you can find the Death Beam Knights there. (160,225)

– 3 Horn of Hell Maine
– Warp to Aida 2 and go North, follow that road till you see the graveyard and make a left, then follow that road till the end, there will be a room with Hellmaines

– 3 Feather of Phoenix
– Found in Icarus, you will need to follow the one way direction all the way to the back of the map (around 30,235) to kill the Pheonix

-Warp back to Devin and provide him with those 9 items.

Stage two: You will be given a task to kill about 30 mobs (server will inform you when you’ve killed 10/10 out of each mob class).

Once you’ve given the task – you should find these mobs (they can be found at):

– Balram Hero (94,95)
– Death Spirit Hero (100,107)
– Soram Hero (62, 127)

Remember to kill 10 of each mob and return to Devin the NPC. Once you’ve successfully arrived to the Devin NPC, you would be given a new task, which is to kill a “Dark Elf” – locate to Refuge and kill one of these Dark elves. That’s it. Once killed, return to Devin and you should be a 3rd char.

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1st Class Quest

Cooming soon

2nd Class quest

Cooming Soon

3rd Class Quest

<—– Talk to him to start this quest

Must finish 2nd class quest (bk,sm,me) first . After that finish marlon’s quest (lvl 220)[Ring of Honor and Dark Stone]
and you need level 380 or higher to do this quest.

Also very important if u buy quest items buy only the needed items cuz quest items can no longer be sold or dropped, and they will get stucked in your inventory

talk to NPC Priest Devin in Barrack 28 81

you need to find

3x Flame of Death Beam Knight
3x Horn of Hell Miney
3x Feather of Phoenix of Darkness

you can find them in Icarus each item takes up FOUR spots not 2 so you need a min of 36 free blocks to hold all

Take them back to the Priest and you will be the upgraded version of the class

1st Class – 2nd Class – 3rd Class
Dark Knight- Blade Knight- Blade Master
Dark Wizard – Soul Master – Grand Master
Elf Muse – Elf – High Elf
Magic Gladiator – [None] – Duel Master
Dark Lord – [None] – Lord Emperor

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Latest MU Online News & Announcements

For More Details View our Community Forum!


ZhyperMU Lead Moderator


Hello Zhyperians! We are here to make the ultimate challenge! The Fight of the Century! The Most epic battle our SERVER has seen in the past YEARS! Where the WARRIORS from all over the World will have the privilege to defend their continent and PROVE to all other players around the GLOBE which CONTINENT has the Strongest Challengers! This Event is for the STRONGEST FIGHTERS. Who are up to stand up for their region and represent their CONTINENT?




Each Team will have 5 members with 5 subtitutes incase of conflict of schedules.
The Fight is a Round Robin tournament. Just like Basketball league. You will Face
and had the chance to fight all the teams. Below is the fight schedules.


This will run for 5 days, as for the fifth day will be the championship match. Every match is Race to 5 wins in game battle. If you win the Match you have 1 point. The two teams with Highest points gained after the 4 matches will be the one who will fight for the championship. The 3rd Highest Point will be automatically 3rd Placer. In Case of Tie for the 3rd Highest Point, there will be a tie breaker match for the 3rd Place.

Rules :
– Register a Team HERE
– Registered player must be online 1 hour before his match.
– All players must be ready 10 minutes before the match and will be warp to the designated map
– If a Player is 10 minutes late in the agreed match time, He/She will be disqualified.
– If a Player is disconnected during a Match, you are given 3 minutes to reconnect
– While the last score should be continued until the team reaches highest points wins the match
– X-Shop Buff are allowed
– Muun Pets are Allowed
– Wiz Ring, Ring of Grudge nad Ring of Destruction are allowed
– Miscellaneous buff like Potion of Bless, Potion of Soul and Ale are allowed
– Fenrir Pets allowed , Only Dark Horse
– Stomp is allowed
– Teleportation Skill for SM are not allowed
– Shield for BK are not allowed
– Using Shield skill for all class are not allowed
– Line up must not Exceed 2 per Class (BK/MG/DL/SN/RF/GL/ELF)
– Pentagram are allowed
– Party Buff are allowed
– Arca Buff is not allowed
– Special Map " Varka Map’
– This will be held in Server 6
– 5 Members each team every continent with 5 subs
– Changing of Weapon while the match already started are not allowed
– Wait for both team to say "GO" before start Attacking
– If a kill is done before "GO" signal, 1st offense will be serve as "WARNING" and 2nd offense will be points given to the opponent team.

NOTE : Each team will have their captain as too represent his/her team for coordination with admin staffs.


– You have 48 Hours to Post the video of your match ( Championship winner only )
– The video must be at least in the "Select Server" when it started
– Video must show hidden icons, Installed apps and task Manager
– Videos must in the Final Stage
– All team member must have videos.

How to Join:
-Screenshot of a Team Before Joining with atleast 2 substitute.
-Screenshot of every Team member VOTING


Team Name & Continent:
Screenshot of the Team:
Members Names:
Your Continent:
Screenshot of Vote Counts:
Screenshot of Vote Counts after vote:


Tier5 Set + T2 Penta 5 Slot of Choice ( Permanent Per Team)
2nd Placer:
Tier5 Set of Choice ( Permanent Per Team )
3rd Placer:
Tier4 Set of Choice ( Permanent Per Team )

Date Schedules :

August 21, 2018 (Tuesday)
First Match
9:00 PM GMT+8

August 22, 2018 ( Wednesday )
2nd Match
9:00 PM GMT +8

August 25, 2018 ( Saturday )
3rd Match
11:00 PM GMT+8

August 26, 2018 ( Sunday )
4th Match
9:00 PM GMT +8

August 31, 2018 (Friday)
9:00 PM GMT + 8










Good news everyone specially to new players or players who wants to try ZhyperMU.

Players will now be able to exchange their Resets & VIP Points to Tier 2 Gear with Rings Pendant & 3rd Level Wing!


All Items are +15 Full Options with max Yellow Options DDI+9


Gear Requirement Fee: 50 Resets & 150 VIP Points


Just login to our website and click Rental Gear for Resets


Our Server Offers 10 VIP Points Every 12 Hours of Voting Meaning in 7 Days you can get 150 Points and that also means you have allowance to rent for another gear next month!


This Lender Gear initiative will be great boost for new players until they farm or market your own permanent gears or for Players who wants Instant PVP!


Please Login to Website & Click Exchange Resets for Tier 2 Gear!

Rental Gear Fee:


Exchange For Tier 2 Set of Your Choice :

  • Hegaton Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Blade Knight )

* 2x Ring of Wind Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Wind Full Options
* 1x Wings of Storm Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)


  • Taros Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Wizard )

* 2x Ring of Ice Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Lightning Full Options
* 1x Wings of Vortex Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)


  • Amis Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Magic Gladiator )

* 2x Ring of Ice Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Lightning Full Options
* 1x Wings of Doom Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)


  • Princie Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Grow Lancer )

* 2x Ring of Wind Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Wind Full Options
* 1x Cloak of Transcendance Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)


  • Castol Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Elf )

* 2x Ring of Wind Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Wind Full Options
* 1x Wings of Illusion Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)


  • Trites Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Rage Fighter )

* 2x Ring of Fire Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Fire Full Options
* 1x Wings of Rage Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)


  • Meter Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Dark Lord )

* 2x Ring of Fire Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Fire Full Options
* 1x Cape of Monarch Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)


  • Nemesis Tier 2 Set Full Options YO DDI+9 ( Summoner )

* 2x Ring of Fire Full Options
* 1x Pendant of Fire Full Options
* 1x Wing of Dimension Full Options (3rd Lvl WIng)

Gear Restrictions:

  • Gear & Items are Valid for 30 Days Only.
  • Gear & Items Cannot be Traded.
  • Gear & Items are Bind to Account/Character ( You must take set from vault using the character that will use the set ) ( Right Click Items from Vault to take Items )
  • Gear & Items can only be moved from Main Inventory to Expanded Inventory.
  • Gear & Items cannot be replaced
  • Gear & Items cannot be modified.
  • Zhyper Network Reserves the Right to End any Rental Gear from any Player.

Voting is now active and players will now start receiving points once voted. Please be noted that you must complete the Gtop captcha verification in order to receive points!

Delay of 2 – 3 Minutes on points receiving is expected due to Gtop and Server API Handshake Time Delay.


Thank You,

Zhyper Network Team

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Grand Master

Magic Gladiator

Grow Lancer

Dimension Summoner

High ELF

Lord Emperor

Fist Master

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