A Unified Modeling Language-Based Design and …

A Unified Modeling Language-Based Design and …

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A Unified Modeling Language-Based Design and Application for a Library Management Information System

@inproceedingsZheng2015AUM, title=A Unified Modeling Language-Based Design and Application for a Library Management Information System, author=Jianhu Zheng and Y. Feng and Yun Zhao, year=2015
  • Jianhu Zheng , Y. Feng , Yun Zhao
  • Published 2015
This paper firstly introduces the main content of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and proves that it can transmit information among the users, the developers, the designers and the managers efficiently, which improves their collaboration capabilities and greatly increases the degree of industrialization in software development projects. Secondly, a library management system development and design is carried out, based on UML modeling mechanism to analyze a simple library management system. Thirdly, a demand analysis mode of the… CONTINUE READING
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11 Figures & Tables

  • figure 1
    figure 1
  • figure 2
    figure 2
  • figure 3
    figure 3
  • figure 4
    figure 4
  • figure 5
    figure 5
  • figure 6
    figure 6
  • figure 7
    figure 7
  • figure 8
    figure 8
  • figure 9
    figure 9
  • figure 10
    figure 10
  • figure 14
    figure 14


  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Management information system
  • Sequence diagram
  • Software engineering
  • Class diagram
  • Software development
  • UML tool
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UML diagrams for library management system


Suryateja Pericherla

Categories: Case Studies .

6 Comments on UML diagrams for library management system

Library Management System

Read the following documents/reports to understand the problem statement, requirements and other necessary things related to the Library Management Application: Doc1 , Doc2 , Doc3 , Doc4 , Doc5 , Doc6


  • 1 Use case diagram
  • 2 Class diagram
  • 3 Sequence diagram
  • 4 Collaboration diagram
  • 5 Statechart diagram
  • 6 Activity diagram
  • 7 Component diagram
  • 8 Deployment diagram

Use case diagram

library management system use case diagram

Class diagram

library management system class diagram

Sequence diagram

library management system sequence diagram

Collaboration diagram

library management system collaboration diagram

Statechart diagram

library management system state chart diagram

Activity diagram

library management system activity diagram

Component diagram

library management system component diagram

Deployment diagram

library management system deployment diagram

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Karren Barlow

Thanks for the examples! I have also found a great Use Case Diagram for Railway Reservation System (UML) through Lucidchart and it is very helpful! Check it out!


prashant sharma

i don`t found theory about the diagram


    Suryateja Pericherla

    You can see theory at the beginning of the page in the documents (Doc1, Doc2, etc.)



kindly provide same for student information system also



Thanks, it is very informative



Kindly provide examples for package diagram.


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What is class diagram ? Draw class diagram for Library Management System.


2016 – 2017 Assignment Question

Class diagram

In software engineering, a class diagram in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a type of static structure diagram that describes the structure of a system by showing the system’s classes, their attributes, operations (or methods), and the relationships among objects.

  • Classes

Classes represent an abstraction of entities with common characteristics. Associations represent the relationships between classes.

  • Active Classes

Active classes initiate and control the flow of activity, while passive classes store data and serve other classes. Illustrate active classes with a thicker border.

  • Visibility

Use visibility markers to signify who can access the information contained within a class. Private visibility, denoted with a – sign, hides information from anything outside the class partition. Public visibility, denoted with a + sign, allows all other classes to view the marked information. Protected visibility, denoted with a # sign, allows child classes to access information they inherited from a parent class.

  • Associations

Associations represent static relationships between classes. Place association names above, on, or below the association line. Use a filled arrow to indicate the direction of the relationship.

  • Multiplicity (Cardinality)

Place multiplicity notations near the ends of an association. 

  • Constraint

Place constraints inside curly braces {}.

  • Composition and Aggregation

Composition is a special type of aggregation that denotes a strong ownership between Class A, the whole, and Class B, its part. Illustrate composition with a filled diamond.

  • Generalization

Generalization is another name for inheritance or an “is a” relationship. 
Image source https://www.lucidchart.com/pages/class-diagram-for-library-management-system-UML

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