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Allods Online Factions,Classes, Bosses Etc.

Allods Online or simply just Allods is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG), developed by Russian free-to-play games developer and publisher Astrum Nival (formerly Nival Interactive) and published by Level Up! in the Philippines, Gala-Netin North America, Gala Networks Europe in Europe and Astrum Nival in Russia and the CIS. Set on what used to be the planet of Sarnaut, it is the latest game in the Allods game series (internationally known as Rage of Mages).

Allods Online is set in a fantasy world with sci-fi elements. The gameplay is similar to other MMORPGs in many aspects, however it has a few features that make it stand out.

Astral travel is a unique concept that gives players the opportunity to obtain an Astral ship, which offers a variety of end-game PvE and PvP options. Players can venture into unexplored areas and discover new allods where they will face powerful enemies. Players also have the option of becoming pirates and fight other players’ ships, and rob them of their treasures as well.

Allods Online is primarily designed for PvP combat. This essentially means that PvP cannot be avoided as soon as players reach Level 22-23, if players wish to experience the game to its fullest (which also means that “ganking” and “griefing” will be very common, though the game does offer ways to reduce the number of such occurences).

PvE content includes 6 instances (which also have an end-game Heroic version) and 1 raid instance. End-game players can roam the Astral in search of challenges and treasures, which includes 14 additional instances, as well as more difficult versions of heroics.

PvP mode is not limited to open world encounters. Melting Isle and Arena of Death are areas not unlike battlegrounds in other games, where players are encouraged to form groups and fight each other to obtain valuable loot. Astral Confrontation system allows entire guilds to challenge each other for control of various allods.

Allods Online business model is not based on a monthly subscription fee, so players can create a character and enter the game world without paying. Instead, the game features an Item Shop that offers a variety of items that players can purchase for a fee to support the game costs.

Allods Online is based on what the Astrum Nival developers call a “hidden” subscription. The game environment is designed to create an increasing amount of discomfort to players that play for free, which can be negated by purchasing items from the Item Shop. The game can be played without paying at lower levels, while later on players will be strongly encouraged to purchase something from the shop (or grind enough in-game gold to purchase items from donators that sell them for in-game currency). The severity of the discomfort varies between game versions.

The f2p model is affecting the game balance in a very noticeable way. Paying players can significantly improve the combat abilities of their characters, depending on the amount of real money they are willing to spend. As a result, the gameplay is heavily unbalanced in their favor, both in PvE and PvP.

Alloids Online Trailer:

Allods Online Faction: The League

League Title.png

The League is one of 2 playable factions in the game. They are the anti-thesis of The Empire.

The League is composed of the The Kanians , The Elves , and The Gibberlings . It’s capital city is Novagrad. Founded upon the precepts of honor, devotion, and nobility, the noble Kanians, mystical Elves, and inquisitive Gibberlings comprise the League. The League is led by Aidenus, a Kanian Great Mage, and spans numerous allods. Thousands of years ago the Kanians were attacked by the Xadaganians, resulting in a rivalry that is now reflected in the League’s unwavering animosity against the Xadaganians and their Orcish and Arisen allies. Unlike the Empire which is fueled by the pursuit of military and scientific superiority, the League is driven by a devotion to tradition and the determination to uphold their way of life. It’s ruled by a combination of Kanian nobles, the leaders of the Elves’ current ruling house, and a general democratic council. While the League boasts a military similar in strength to the Empire, due to its agrarian roots the League has lacked the Empire’s lust for conquest. One of the most important institutions in the League is the Church of Light. The Church of Light is one of the most popular religions in Sarnaut and allows all races to openly worship Tensess. The Kanians and Elves are the strongest disciples of the Church, as the religion never truly caught on with the free-spirited Gibberlings. Noble birth and social status is very important to the Kanians, and the Elves care deeply about the house they belong to. The Gibberlings are extremely dedicated to their siblings, and are fiercely loyal to one another no matter the consequences. As a result, many citizens in the League are more concerned about themselves and their families than the League as a whole. Although the government has been attempting to create a greater sense of camaraderie, change has been slow, but the arrival of dark times in Sarnaut is creating a greater push for cooperation.

The Kanians    

Kanians Icon.png
“Good, Truth and, Order”

Kania is an ancient federal state that has had to rapidly adjust its ways in order to survive in this dangerous world. Many customs, traditions and powers which had gone out of favour have been thrown away and replaced with new ones. These include the Church of Light, which is striving to develop a new order based on faith. Summarising their aim in Kania, Voisvet Ironfist, Paladin of the First Circle and Deputy of Kvatoh says that “Our life is a service for the future”.

The common name for citizens of Kania is Kanians. Despite the fact that both the people of Kania and Xadagan belong to the same human race, events in their histories have led to a deep divide between those two. Fundamental differences in the way their societies are run and their openly blatant hostility towards each other has led the other inhabitants of Sarnaut to treat them as two separate nations.

In ancient times, the Kanians emerged from a strategic union of tribes after defeating the Orcs. From the very beginning of the settlement of Kania, the founding principles of the kingdom were a free state for all its citizens. This reflected its social order.

The Kanian nation is made up of provinces with equal rights, and any decisions affecting the whole nation are made by the Council of Deputies. This is one of the fundamental differences between them and the Xadaganians, who they believe suffer under the sole power of a single tyrant.

Although there are cities in Kania, its people prefer to live in small communities. The Kanians love nature, especially its beauty and colour. Before the Great Cataclysm shattered their lands, Kanians liked to establish their communities in picturesque locations such as meadows, light forests and birches. This allowed them to combine their physical labour with fresh air and a healthy quality of life.

Over time, these environmental factors had a strong influence on the appearance of the average Kanian. They are strong, stout; generally have brown-blonde hair. They are almost a head taller than their former kinsmen, the Xadaganians.

The Kanians staunchly believe that the only way to be truly happy is by following their ideals of legal democracy and personal freedoms. They are willing to fight to the death to protect this ideal, if they are required to. The population of Kania considers Xadaganians a threat to the free world. This means that the only acceptable outcome is complete and total victory over them.

The Elves  

Elves Icon.png“Pleasure, Beauty, and Ideal”

By the year 1010, the Elves became one of three races that formed the League. They are beautiful, have a very detailed understanding of magic and bring with them thousands of years of experience and knowledge. Elves are excellent advisors, extremely dangerous mages and their culture and values can be as powerful a weapon as Astral ships in the struggle against the Empire.

Historians in the future, chronicling this period, may write about their contribution as “the time when beauty saved the world”.

The Elves are the most ancient of all the races on Sarnaut. Throughout their history, the Elves have gone through many stages of development. They were the only wise inhabitants on the planet once and have watched the development of the other races. They were also the first to form a state, and first to understand and master magic.

Originally, the Elves were divided into several species, and they used this basis to create Families – large communities of Elves united by blood ties. The principles and structures of the Elven government were set down a long time before the Great Cataclysm occurred. These principles and structures were debated and agreed by representatives of the most influential families during a recurring event called the Elven Ball.

The Elven Ball was an important meeting for the Elves. It was during these gatherings that the most important decisions which affected the whole kingdom were decided. Discussions about the use of magic and political matters which are important in all capitals were often the main topic of debate.

A decision was made during the Elven Ball that would have huge impact on the Elven race. This was the creation of the Great Ball of Families, which replaced it. In the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm, Elves had lost large numbers of their kin, like the other races. The Great Ball could no longer be called “Great”, and within a couple of centuries it acquired a new name: The Ball of Eight Families.

These eight families were the fastest to adapt to the new world they found themselves in. Through a process that contained intrigue, mergers, alliances and force of arms, The Ball of Eight Families came into power over the rest of the population. With the power concentrated, the more powerful a family, the more suffrage it had.

All the important questions for the nation, including both internal and external issues were discussed in the evenings of the official Balls, held by the Eight Families… and there were many, many questions.

In the year 707 of the New Era, an allied force of Orcs and Xadaganians captured the Elven allod of Grokh. The Great Mage Clod de Vevr, the frustrated mage who trained Rodogor in the art of magical sciences was killed. De Vevr’s family was one of the Ball of Eight Families, and they called an urgent meeting. The unprovoked attack prompted the Elves to seek allies, the result of this was signing an accord with Kania to join the League.

The Gibberlings  

Gibberlings Icon.png“Freedom, Optimism and Travel”

The Gibberlings are creatures from a destroyed part of Sarnaut. Due to their curiosity, peacefulness and friendliness, they quickly adjusted to the new conditions. They are trusted, reliable friends for their allies and a dangerous foe for those that don’t take them seriously. However, unlike other races, they have no ambitions for this world. Their greatest desire is to return to the times of Isa, when the whole world was open to them for exploration. Will the Gibberlings find a way to be as happy as they were before, or will they think of something new? With everything developing so fast, there is little doubt that they will get an answer, and unlock brand new questions soon.

Gibberlings’ appearance is somewhat like a cat/panda hybrid, with colors and patterns ranging from gnome to monkey, to panda, to fully snow-white. Female gibberlings, however, usually have red-brown/pink-beige colors. Always born as triplets due to their (cat?) nature, they’re known to lose sense of danger when left alone. One gibberling of Knife Clan in Tutorial is a good example of this.

The Gibberlings are small, funny, furry and rational creatures that once inhabited a separate continent on Sarnaut. Called “Isa”, which means island in their language, it was significantly smaller than Yul. Their natural enemies were tribes of wild Orcs and the severe northern environment.

The entire history of the Gibberlings is a story of their struggle for survival.

The sea offered them two benefits, giving them a primary source of food and forming a substantial amount of protection from their enemies. A seafaring race, Gibberlings are excellent fishermen and sailors. As time went on, many Gibberlings chose to live on ships as their home, allowing them to easily escape from threats and avoid fights in their swift, agile craft.

This does not imply that they are not able to look after themselves in a fight, as they will gladly pillage any Orc settlements that they come across if the opportunity arises.

The Gibberlings are exceptionally fertile. Giving birth to twins can be a cause of disappointment to expectant parents. Triples are the typical brood, and there is even a name for three siblings: a sprout. They rarely live apart as they miss each other if apart for short periods of time. It is often the case that if one dies; their siblings will also pass away soon afterwards.

The Gibberlings have noticeable traits including their extreme curiosity, restlessness and an inclination for fortune telling. They are kind and very clever, and their agile and coordinated actions fully compensate for their short stature. Sprouts almost always travel together, especially when moving through dangerous areas. They also fight as a squad of three.

Seeing a lone Gibberling is a very rare event indeed.

Other nations and races treat the Gibberlings with respect. With records among their friends and foes chronicling their numerous heroic deeds, they have proved to the rest of the races of Sarnaut that size doesn’t matter. After all, it was also a Gibberling who discovered the way to travel through the Astral, kicking off the Era of Astral Travel.

This secret formed a huge part of the reason they joined the League, as their main ambition is to find a new motherland to replace their lost home of Isa.

Allods Online Faction: The Empire                                                                                                

Empire Title.png

The Empire is one of 2 playable factions in Allods. They are the anti-thesis of The League.

The Empire is composed of the The Xadaganians , The Orcs and The Arisen. It’s capital city is Nezebgrad. Ruthless, industrial, and militaristic, the Empire’s single-mindedness is reflected equally in all its citizens – the zealous Xadaganians, the brutal Orcs, and the brilliant Arisen. The Empire is lead by a Xadaganian Great Mage named Yasker, and it is forever attempting to expand its boundaries. Mistreated by the Kanians millennia ago, the injustice still remains hot in the Xadaganians’ blood. This has resulted in a hatred of the Kanians and their allies that extends to all aspects of the Empire’s citizenry.

Unlike the League which is ruled by a combination of Kanian nobles, temporary Elven leaders, and a democratic council, the Empire is tightly controlled by a few government leaders. All national affairs are carried out with absolute precision, including the distribution of food, housing, and other necessities. The government’s main goal is to increase their military might, and the Empire boasts a fearsome army backed by ingenious Arisen technology as well as fierce Orcish warriors.

In contrast to the League’s singular worship of Tensess, the Empire follows the Trinity Church where Tensess, Nezeb, and Skrakan are worshipped equally. The Xadaganians are determined to prove the saintly nature of Nezeb and Skrakan and prove the inadequacies of the League’s Church of Light. Many Xadaganians have feelings of superiority towards their Orcish and Arisen comrades, while the Arisen remain indifferent towards these opinions as well as many other Imperial matters as long as they can continue their scientific experiments unhindered. Meanwhile, the Orcish shamans hope that one day an Orcish Great Mage will rise up, an event that would allow them to break away from the Empire and return to a life with fewer rules. To prevent fragmentation of the Empire, the government has launched an extensive propaganda campaign to promote a sense of unity. Gradually, these efforts are beginning to draw the three races together.

The Xadaganians  

Xadaganians Icon.png“Motherland, Chief and Victory”

The Xadaganians are a perfectly balanced military machine, always ready to fight for its main objective: Astral domination. A fighting machine which is constantly upgrading itself, with the parts that make up its armed forces perfectly matched. Only a miracle can save an enemy facing the full force of a Xadaganian attack from inevitable destruction.

The Xadaganians are followers of the Great Mage Nezeb, who led his followers away from Kania. They believe that following the death of Nezeb, Yasker will lead their kingdom into a new future thriving for happiness and into a time where all the citizens of the Empire will have equal rights.

Xadaganians are ready to sacrifice themselves for this common goal of happiness and equality.

When the Xadaganian kingdom was initially founded, it mainly comprised of nomad human tribes from the southern lands of Sarnaut. When the kingdom was emancipated, they absorbed some Kanian lands. However, the legacy of their Southern blood makes every Xadaganian very distinct, being short, slim, dark skinned and with short hair.

Every aspect of life for an average Xadaganian is impacted by the constant state of conflict with the kingdom of Kania. This has led to a strong military culture within the society, and has been fuelled by the industrialisation of the state. A result of this is that most citizens live in large cities and are brought up to be warriors. Xadaganians are extremely disciplined, which extends to nearly every aspect of daily civilian life.

An unending war and a belief that the state’s common interest is more important than any personal benefits have not, however, turned them into rude or violent people. They staunchly believe that their way is the only way that can ensure peace and happiness for their whole kingdom. They also deeply despise the state system in Kania, ruled by its Council of Deputies.
Only a single person’s strong leadership can bring unity to the nation. The best thing one can do is serve his nation.

The Orcs  

Orcs Icon.png “Prey, Rage and Strength”

The Orcs are a walking natural disaster, capable of destroying anything that gets in their way. If they could organise and unite under a strong leader who could be as respected as the Ancient Heroes, the Orcs could rule over the world.

The Orc race has a long history on Sarnaut, which has mainly been concentrated in the Eastern part of the continent of Yul. These mighty creatures possess great strength and endurance, but are poor at crafting and magic. Unsurprisingly, their main activity is either preparing for war, or fighting in wars.

Although the Orcs will unite into hordes before going on raids against their enemies, they are primarily a nomadic people. When they do settle, they build communities that are planned to be temporary and easy to abandon. These communities are usually located in the steppes, where their hardy stature allows them to survive.

An average Orc is a full head taller than a human. Used to open areas, they are uncomfortable living in areas such as forests and their hard skin can easily stand the heat of a relentless sun. There are also many Shaman among the Orcs, allowing other Orcs to increase their physical strength by conducting mystical rituals.
Orcs are the most anarchic and freedom-loving creatures on Sarnaut. Each Orc is his own boss, and is only interested in looking after himself. This is partly the reason why they are so scattered, divided into families and clan units, often fighting amongst themselves.

In ancient times, the Orcs did not have a state or kingdom of their own, Orc tribes lived throughout the Eastern lands. After the Great Cataclysm, their situation became precarious as they did not have a Great Mage to hold their land together, and many Orcs died trying in vain to save it. The allods controlled by the Great Mages did not suffer the same fate as the Orcs lands, but people from other allods were not welcome in Orc territory.
The once Great nation became weak and vulnerable, and to ensure their survival and to hold onto what was left of their lands, the Orcs joined the Empire, forming an alliance with the Xadaganians and coming under the protection of their Great Mages.

The Arisen  

Arisen Icon.png “Death, Knowledge and Ideal”

The Arisen, Zems or the people of Zem are the oldest of the playable races in Allods Online. Only 300 years ago they were resurrected, almost two thousand years after their death. With the power of immortality, the Arisen are destined to rule the future of Sarnaut.

The Arisen is the official and commonly given name for this race. They are also often referred to as “people of Zem” or more simply “Zems”. Their distinct appearance, combined with the fact that they have come back from the dead has earned them the nicknames “Returners”, “Zombies” and “Ironmen”.

Regardless of the joking and derisive nature of these nicknames, the Arisen are a force to be reckoned with and instil both respect into their allies and fear into their enemies. They are a powerful force within the Empire.

Zems were once tall, slim, and dark skinned mortals with amber eyes. Although their mortal bodies have long since withered away, mechanical parts and a face mark ensure that the Arisen continue to live and survive in Sarnaut. These changes and the adoption of mechanical parts in their bodies forms part of their deep history, and it allows those who died thousands of years ago to rise again.

The Arisen are full-fledged citizens of the Empire since the rule of Yasker. They have made much progress in the three centuries since their resurrection. They were once weak-minded slaves working in harsh conditions, deep in the Xadaganian mines. However, as time went on their intellects grew, along with the ability to provide their lands with Astral ships and mana stations. Monthly 300 to 400 women and men of this fascinating race “rise” to life in Sarnaut.

The Xadaganians and Orcs sometimes joke about their fellow imperial citizens, most often commenting about their coldness, concentration and detachment from life. Despite this, they are respected by all, even if their mummified flesh has been replaced by mechanical body parts or at least hidden under their clothes. They are completely accepted as citizens and are an important part of the Empire, contributing much to its common goals .
“Only a fool would dare risk offending an Arisen”

Simply said Arisens are scientists. Their names consist of two words – scientific title and actual name mostly derived from Egyptian mythology. Junior scientific titles are SemerSarangYaver and Sarbaz; senior scientific titles are YasskulNomarkhNegus and Nefer being the highest title possible. There is only one Nefer among Arisens – their leader and Great Mage Nefer Ur.

Allods Online Classes: Warrior


Faction: League

Race: Kanian

Archetype: Warrior                              03 01 on.png

Armour Type: Leather from level 1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: “Champion’s Armour”, Increases AC of the caster.

The Kanians are a warrior race. The art of warfare has flowed in their blood ever since the war against the Orcs. Champions are the backbone of their army. Welcome to the infantry!
“Queen of the battlefield”, “Essence of war”, “Army brotherhood”: just some of the tasks a Champion recruit has to accomplish during their short basic training. Successful completion will give a position in a squad where they will wait until they are ready to be on the front lines.

The Kanian army is distinguished from other races by a very strong competitive spirit between its military units. This spirit has been carefully cultivated by the Generals within the army. The majority of the squad has bold, proud or magnificent names, with their own signs of distinction, mottos and specific colours.

2. Brawler

Faction: League

Race: Gibberlings

Archetype: Warrior  04 01 on.png

Armour Type: Leather from level 1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: “Brawler’s Trick”, Increases Agility of the caster.

Judging by their appearance, the Gibberlings are not the most suited creatures to be warriors: they are short and cannot boast well developed muscles. The Gibberlings warriors are known condescendingly as “Brawlers”. Their weakness is successfully compensated by their agility and unusual vitality. Gibberling Brawlers are excellent with blade weapons and prefer short swords and spears. A creature that can bravely fight off a polar bear with only a spear can also kill an Orc, and there are numerous examples of it throughout the Gibberlings history. A Brawler is like a bee stinging a bear. The best way to save yourself is to run away, especially when there is not a single bee, but the whole swarm.

3. Brute

Faction: Empire

Race: Orc

Archetype: Warrior  05 01 on.png

Armour Type: Leather from level 1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: “Deafining Shout”, Knocks down up to 5 enemies within 10 meters radius.

Brutes are an honourable opponent and worthy of any Orc. In principle, any Orc can take an axe and protect his tribe. It is common to see a group of young orcs leaving their tribe to join the Imperial army. Squads of Brutes are usually formed of such tribal groups.

In practice Orc warriors fight in a well organized and coordinated manner, with their friends side by side, under the flag or totem of their tribe. But again, it often happens that an Orc squad will leave the army base without any explanation and come back to their yurt. However, there are professional Orc Brutes that serve the Imperial army on a constant and faithful basis. They are the best warriors; strong, skilful, furious and capable of inspiring others by their actions or their heroic deeds.

4. Vanquisher

Faction: Empire

Race: Xadaganian

Archetype: Warrior  01 04 on.png

Armour Type: Leather from level1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: “Vanquisher’s Training”, Increases Magic Resistance of the caster.

Despite the fact that the majority of the Imperial warriors are Orcs, the Xadaganians treat their proficient Vanquishers with arms and respect. Xadaganian Vanquishers are distinguishable by their skills in sword, spear and axe, but not for their rage and strength. It is believed that in each Vanquisher lives the spirit of the Great Ancestors, those who captured the southern part of Kania with their swords and founded the Xadagan Empire.

Allods Online Classes: Paladin

1. Templar

Faction:The League

Race: The Elves

Archetype: Paladin  02 03 on.png

Armour: Leather from Level 1, Plate from Level 20.

Specific Ability: Templar’s Triumph – Inflicts deeper melee damage, which may resist the first heal attempt.    

2. Crusader  


Faction: League

Race: Kanians  

Archetype: Crusader  03 04 on.png

Armour: Leather from Level 1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: “Crusader’s Strike”,Inflicts melee damage and DOTs the enemy.

Crusaders were initially the first warriors to make up the bulk of the Kanian army. They wielded the magic of Light, granted to them by Tensess. They acquired a reputation of being irreconcilable fighters against demons, and they served as the backbone of the Kanian armies that fought in the Great Astral Campaign. To be a Crusader means spending your life serving the Church of Light, being an example of courage and selflessness on and off the battlefield. Recently, with the increased role of the Church in Kanian life, Crusaders are usually assigned to command posts in important units.


3. Avenger

Xadaganians1.pngFaction: Empire

Archetype: Avenger   04 04.png

Armour: Leather from Level 1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: “Comissar’s War Cry”, Lowers damage received by party members.

Avengers are a new kind of troops. They are the ideological chiefs of the Imperial army. Their weapon is their holy words, sanctified by the Magic of Light, and their personal example of courage and valour in the name of the Great Nezeb. Commissars are relatively new troops to the Xadaganian army.

They have not yet had the opportunity to prove themselves in battle or test their competency in combat. They are eager and willing to fight in order to show their loyalty to the ideals of the Church of Light.


4. Reaver

Orcs3.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Orcs

Archetype: Reaver  05 03 on.png

Armour: Leather from Level 1, Plate from level 20

Specific Ability: “Reaver’s Coup”,Inflicts a direct melee damage and burns the enemy’s mana or energy.

The first time Orcs met Paladins was during the Second Astral Campaign when the armies of the League and of the Empire united to throw the demons back to where they came from. At that time Kanian Champions and Orc Brutes were the backbone of the army.

The holy wrath of the Crusaders and the savage rage of the Orcs ensured victory. That campaign showed that unbelievable things can happen; former sworn enemies fighting on the same side, learning and estimating the powers of their rival. Orc Shamans wanted to bring up a Great Mage in the appearance of Orc Reavers. The new magic of Tensess, the magic of Light was an opportunity to learn. That is how Orc Reavers appeared.

It is worth mentioning that there are not so many true followers of Tensess amongst Reavers. They generally treat the necessary Rituals only as necessity.

It is well known that only true believers of the Sacrifice of Tensess can become true Reavers, able to do miracles. They are not many among the Orcs but from day to day the number of those who kneel before the Church of Light grows. We can say that Tensess became a “hero” for the Orcs: they worship his spirit as well as the other Orc fighters who worship the spirit of Scull.

Allods Online Classes: Scouts



Faction: League

Race: Kanians

Archetype: Ranger  03 02 on.png

Armour: Leather Only

Specific Ability: “Exploding Shot”,Inflicts damage to the target and any targets around it.

Rangers were one of the earliest types of fighters that appeared in Kania. Traditionally Kanian armies consisted of countless warriors on the front lines and even more rangers in the back that rained arrows down upon their enemies. Their role remains very similar, but today they are also used as spies that make stealthy intrusions into enemy territory, gathering information that could win their country wars. They are very fast, agile, and capable of adapting to any situation. Because of this, they are often looked to by the troops when quick decisions must be made.

2. Trickster

Gibberlings2.pngFaction: League

Race: Gibberlings

Archetype: Trickster  01 02 on.png

Armour: Leather Only

Specific Ability: “Crafty Snare”,throws a net on his enemy that roots them in thier place.

Tricksters are the most common types of fighters among the Gibberlings. Long ago they learned to use their small size and agility to become excellent hunters. They learned how to approach their prey unnoticed and lure them into devious traps. Their skills allowed their people to survive as nomads for hundreds of years, supplying food and fending off any threats. They have recently refined their techniques, sometimes finishing off a foe before they even have a chance to fight back. This has gained them much respect, and they are considered some of the fiercest fighters in the League.

3. Marauder

Orcs2.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Orcs

Archetype: Marauder  05 02 on.png

Armour: Leather Only

Specific Ability: “Great Leap”,propels the scout forward and upward, to bound low walls and change distance to or from foes.

A large number of Orcs do not acknowledge any figure of authority. These unsociable, independent individuals are typically known as marauders, and they are experts at stealthy intrusions and quick assassinations. True marauders have accepted the fact that killing an enemy in “unfair combat” is morally acceptable, and there is little they won’t do to achieve their goals. However, as the influence of the Empire increases among the Orcs, the number of marauders continues to dwindle as they are encouraged to give up their nomadic ways and fight for the collective good.

4. Stalker

Xadaganians2.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Xadaganians

Archetype: Stalker 04 02 on.png

Armour: Leather Only

Specific Ability: “Sinister Throw”, throws a storm of daggers forward, injuring close forward targets.

Stalkers are the best scouts and assassins in the Imperial army. Due to their natural dexterity and agility, Stalkers have become the main combat force within the Empire of Xadagan. If their enemy is strong and one has to win by skill over sheer force of numbers, Stalkers are the key troops. They are able to win in situations where others might surrender.

Allods Online Class: Healers

1. Priest

Elves2.pngFaction: League

Race: Elves

Archetype: Priest  02 01 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10, Plate from level 30.

Specific Ability: “Priest’s Revenge”,Burns some of the enemy’s mana or energy.

The Magic of Light has allowed the elves to enhance themselves to a new level of self-perfection. The main influencing factor that determined the acceptance of the Church doctrine by the elves was the death of Tensess. The Elves believe that the Great Mage of Kania died not only with dignity but in a heroic way. In short, his death was beautiful. This one event made the Elves treat the religion of Light with respect. It brought the grandeur of the Church rituals and the art of icon painting, inseparably connected with magic practice and ability to save lives. As a result, the Elven Priests are strong preachers, capable of powerful sermons in otherwise mundane church services.

2. Cleric


Faction: League

Race: Kanians

Archetype: Cleric  03 03 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10, Plate from level 30.

Specific Ability: “Tensess’ Shield”,Absors damage.

Clerics are the servants of the Church of Light, as well as being knights they have a specific role in civilian and army life across Kania. During peacetime, their mission is to propagate the principles of the Church of Light, as well as helping the sick and the feeble. When war occurs, they fight side by side other defenders of the Kanian kingdom. Nearly every military squad contains a cleric granting help and healing. Clerics are the last hope for Warriors, Rangers and Mages. They are highly respected and command a huge amount of authority among their fellow warriors and superiors.


Arisen1.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Arisen

Archetype: Heretic  06 04 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10, Plate from level 30.

Specific Ability: “Wisdom of the Arisen”, Increases Wisdom of the caster.

Heretics are Priests of the Arisen, who voluntarily made a vow to serve the Triune Imperial Church. This is the Arisen faction of the holy Church of Light. Being atheists, Heretics study and research the Holy magic that came into this world. They are the most devoted members of the Xadaganian Church in performing rituals, following the vows and penance. They compensate for their lack of faith by sheer endeavour and thoroughness.

4. Inquisitor

Xadaganians4.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Xadaganians

Archetype: Inquisitor  04 03 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10, Plate from level 30.

Specific Ability: “For the Motherland”,Immunizes the caster and their party from all movement and any control attempt.

Inquisitors are a new kind of troop. Their main task on the battlefield is to heal the wounded and to resurrect the fallen. Apart from this they perform many tasks. Within the Imperial Church, they are given the responsibility to inspire soldiers to be heroic while at the same time, punish apostates and deserters.

Allods Online Class: Warden

1. Druid

Kanians6.pngFaction: League

Race: Kanians

Archetype: Druid  03 05 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10.

Specific Ability: “Roar”, Order pet to scare an enemy.

The order of Druids is an informal and ancient organization. It originates from ancient paganism, strange and insufficient studies of magic and the natural powers which are difficult to control. The basic rules of Druid magic are taught in Kanian schools of magic, but only at an elementary level.

To become a real Druid, a pupil has to find a personal teacher on his own and spend many years as a hermit to become in tuned with Nature. Unlike others classes, druids do not have military squads or signs of distinction. They usually are never assigned to the army as they appear when and where they want. No one would refuse the help of a Druid as they are versatile fighters, capable of defending themselves and help their allies. They appear unexpectedly, like a ghost in the battlefield, but their appearance at a critical moment can sway the balance. Once they have done what they come to do they vanish and move on. This has contributed to a large number of legends featuring them.

”Druids are our last hope” is a phrase that League soldiers bitterly joke when they can see that the outcome of battle is on a razors edge.


Gibberlings3.pngFaction: League

Race: Gibberlings

Archetype: Animist  02 05 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10.

Specific Ability: “Hold’em”, Orders pet to rush an enemy. Enemy cannot attack anyone but the pet.

An Animist is a Warden among the Gibberlings. They used to be the most respected and honourable profession. The Gibberlings always wanted to live in harmony with nature and Animist were the keepers of the Great Tree. When wandering, Animists ensure the Gibberlings survival. They support not only with their art but also with tales and stories about the past and dreams for the future. It is no surprise that Animists often become Elders and spiritual counsellors of young sprouts.


Orcs4.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Orcs

Archetype: Shaman  05 05 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10.

Specific Ability: “Bonds of Brotherhood”, Any damage received is shared by the pet and the caster.

Shamans and Reavers are the second group within the Orcs that prefer magic to weapons. This situation evolved over the last 300 years, since the Orcs fell under the rule of a Chief-Shaman. Shamans purposely look for the gifted ones to teach them their art. The path of a newly initiated Shaman is connected either to his native tribe (where he replaces his teacher and becomes the new chief), or directly to the Imperial army. Orc Shamans form separate small groups to provide support; inspire warriors about heroic deeds, save and treat wounded troops.

Allods Online Class: Mages

1. Archmage

Elves3.pngFaction: League

Race: Elves

Archetype: Archmage  01 06 on.png

Armour: Cloth Only

Specific Ability: “Archmage’s Enlightenment”, Increases Intelligence of the caster.

The Elves study the basics of elemental magic during their childhood while they are at school. They study it at the same time as they learn how to read and write, so there is no surprise as to why the Elves are the best mages in the League. Magic has a role in every aspect of Elvenlife. New magic achievements can usually guarantee superiority of one of the Houses.

2. Magicians

Kanians5.pngFaction: League

Race: Kanians

Archetype: Magician  03 06 on.png

Armour: Cloth Only

Specific Ability: “Magician’s Concentration”, Casting cannot be interrupted.

Kanians are not the most talented race with magic on Sarnaut. However there are some who possess an instinctive inclination to discover secret and unknown knowledge. The events that occurred the night the Astral portals opened have significantly determined the foundation of the Schools of Magic.

Schools of Magic were seeking the most gifted Kanians who could complete the whole training course and become a Great Mage, capable of sustaining the allods. However, not everyone who decides to master such secret knowledge can complete the training. In the past, everyone who had completed the study could take the Test, which meant death if they failed. Now, only those who have a strong prospect of successfully passing the test are admitted into the school of magic. For other pupils that don’t make the grade, their studies are over and the best option available to them is to find an alternative career within the army.

Magicians, those capable of commanding the powers of nature, are the elite squads in the Kanian Kingdom. Their power is used to suppress enemies, while the rest of the army tries to protect them from any threats. The power of magicians inspires respect and awe. They often have leading roles in Kanian victory in battle.

3. Sorcerer

Arisen2.pngFaction: Empire

Race: The Arisen

Archetype: Sorcerer  06 06 on.png

Armour: Cloth Only

Specific Ability: “Astral Blast”, Inflicts direct Astral damage.

Studying elemental magic leads to the path of Sorcerers. In Hicut, the Zems Magic High School, magic controlling natural elements was underdeveloped compared to invoking. A large reason for it was the tragic example of the Junes who had developed wizardry into a highly developed magic discipline. However, it did not make them successful. After the resurrection of the Arisen, Zems found their place in this world and became the most persistent scholars of the Xadaganian wizards. Due to their natural inclinations they surpassed their teachers in many aspects. Now the Sorcerers are the backbone of the Order of Magic Governance (OMG), an integral part of the regular Imperial army.

Allods Online Class: Summoner

1. Demonologist

Elves4.pngFaction: League

Race: Elves

Archetype: Demonologist  01 07 on.png

Armour: Cloth Only

Specific Ability: “Demonologist’s Curse”, Curses an enemy with a DoT (spell inflicting damage over time) that heals all party members.

Summoning is only for the Chosen few. Not every Elf is ready to accept the prospect of beauty, death and creation. There was a time when this kind of magic was forbidden, in additional to mind magic. Mainly due to the activities of the de Desirae Family, members of the class who usually practice the magic of Death has become an integral part of some Elven life.

2. Savant

Savant.pngFaction: Empire

Race: The Arisen

Archetype: Savant  Savant Icon.png

Armour: Cloth Only

Specific Ability: “Dark Touch”, Fully heals all pets of the caster.

Summoning is a natural gift to all Arisen. Even after two thousand years the Arisen have a lot to teach to their Xadaganian colleagues. However, the sense of this magic discipline has changed for the Arisen. In the past, an Arisen summoner’s main task was to prepare the dead for resurrection. Known for their thoroughness and great abilities to use magic and learn quickly, Arisen are now solving others matters; hence appeared a new name for this chosen path: Savant.

3. Defiler

Xadaganians5.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Xadaganians

Archetype: Defiler  04 07 on.png

Armour: Cloth Only

Specific Ability: “Art of Reanimation”, Increases Strength and Dexterity of the caster’s summoned pets.

Xadaganian Defilers are all-purpose soldiers, capable of protecting themselves and helping their allies. In combat, Defilers are self-reliant. At the same time there is no one else in the Imperial or League armies with equal skills when it comes to dealing with the resurrected undead.


Allods Online Class: Psionicist


1. Seer

Gibberlings4.pngFaction: League

Race: Gibberlings

Archetype: Seer  02 08 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 20.

Specific Abilities: “Premonition”, Allows the caster to predict his enemy’s actions and thus avoid any of their melee attacks.

“Brilliant Aura”, Passive mana regeneration for allies in a 30 yard range.


Mental magic is one of the types of High Magic. If all other races show abilities with the variety of forms of High magic, the Gibberlings are only known as masters of one. The explanation of this paradox lies in the Gibberlings religion and is related to their skill with fortune telling. The Gibberlings don’t want to seek answers on their own as they consider this to be a waste of time which only a clever Kanian or Elf pays attention to. If there is a gift, wonderful, if there is none, may the Thread bless you.

Seers are universally accepted as one of the best one against one fighters, in PVE and PVP, and are often wanted for Heroics for their aggro reduction skill (Telepathic Gift) and buffs (Disciplined Faith 15% to Int and Perc – Rapid Metab 15% to Expertise and Strength in Combat, 30% speed increase out of combat). Seer damage output is nothing special compared to other classes and requires time to build up (Choke), and are easily killed. But their defense relies primarily on their offense, their ability to lock down and control their enemies using a variety of skills.

In PVP you are expected to take down Scouts/Warriors/Paladins/Mages without much problem providing they are somewhat equally levelled and geared. You will have problems with Wardens and Summoners until mid to endgame, at which point you can simply mental cleanse a summoner’s DoTs and use your racial to stun and mental link the master without interruption, allowing Will Suppression to take over and disable the pet. Healers are expected to be complete stalemates, even for a good Seer, their healing will simply outheal your slow Choke Damage build up, and even if you stun and burst damage them, once they get Holy Shield, they can simply escape and heal. do you best to drain the Healers mana so that they can’t use Verdict.


2. Mentalist

Xadaganians6.pngFaction: Empire

Race: Xadaganians

Archetype: Mentalists  04 08 on.png

Armour: Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 20.

Specific Ability: “Will of the Mentalist”,  temporarily makes the psionicist invulnerable to physical attacks.

The most mysterious and probably the most powerful troop of the Xadaganian army is the Mentalist. They are capable of turning an enemy’s weapon against them with just the power of thought. Anyone who decides to enter into battle against a Xadaganian Mentalist is sentencing themselves to death. A Mentalist need only execute the sentence.


3. Occultist

Arisen4.pngFaction: Empire

Race: The Arisen

Archetype: Occultist  06 08 on.png

Armour: Cloth from Level 1, Leather from level 20.

Specific Ability: “Stress Coping”, Clears the mind of the caster.

The Arisen passions for magic studies have led them to master a new discipline, mind control. The vast majority of Zems were formerly mechanically enhanced people who developed their mind to be their main instrument two thousand years ago. Nowadays Occultists can be found in the MANANAZEM Research Institute, on the battlefields and in the basements of the Committee where their art helps the Imperial Intelligence Service.


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