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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay – Learn the Way

Jul 01, 2018

Usually, the requirements for the comparison and contrast essay can be different, depending on the type of topic given or chosen. As a rule, you are supposed to analyze two or more topics by pointing out the differences and similarities between them and drawing a conclusion at the end. Your overall goal here is to clear out misunderstandings, inform the reader of what they are not aware of, and support your argument with facts. You need to make sure that your audience understands how the compared subjects are interconnected and also provide an attention grabber to capture their focus and draw them in.

In the process of writing a compare and contrast essay, the student should concentrate on analyzing the differences and similarities between the two subjects they picked to explore. However, they should bear in mind that it isn’t just about indicating how the topics are the same or different but rather raising an argument that is both meaningful and compelling to the audience. This type of essay may be very helpful in decision-making or shedding light on the less important information your readers are well aware of.

What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay

In order to create an excellent essay, we need to establish what a compare and contrast essay is first. Our life is all about comparing, so when we, for example, face a choice of buying apples or pears, our decision will probably be influenced by a number of factors. And unless it is impulse buying, when a person purchases something just after taking a quick glance at it, options are usually carefully weighed up. Writing the compare and contrast essay is pretty much the same: you should critically analyze two or more topics by comparing their similarities and differences before drawing a conclusion at the end of allowing the reader to have a clear understanding of the subject.

The compare and contrast essay definition is pretty self-explanatory: revealing the differences and similarities in theories, novels, and characters under a certain topic. The main idea here is to carefully analyze how two or more things are the same or different. For example, you can compare two characters in a novel: except aside from stating the obvious similarities you should also focus on their differences, thus revealing some subtle details that usually escape the reader’s attention.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

The compare and contrast essay usually takes three forms:

Essay structure 1: Block structure

  1. Introduction (paragraph 1)
  2. Main Body Structure
    • Paragraph 2
    • Paragraph 3
    • Paragraph 4
    • Paragraph 5
  3. Conclusion (paragraph 6)

In case you are writing about two different novels, Text 1 should be focusing on the first novel, while Text 2 should be concentrating on the second one. All you need to do at this stage is basically look into the similarities between the two texts, e.g., you could expound on why some of the other novel’s characters are tragic heroes by explaining it in paragraph two and paragraph 4, while in paragraphs three and five you can indicate the different reasons that led to the downfall of each of the two novels’ characters.

Essay Structure 2: Alternating structure

  1. Introduction (paragraph 1)
    • Text 1 (paragraph 2) novel 1 similarities
    • Text 2 (paragraph 3) novel 2 similarities
    • Text 1 (paragraph 4) novel 1 differences
    • Text 2 (paragraph 5) novel 2 differences
  2. Conclusion (paragraph 6)

Unlike with the block structure, you will be focusing on the similarities in the first part of your essay, while your second part will be dedicated to the differences.

Essay structure 3: Integrated structure

Introduction (paragraph 1)

  1. Text 1 + Text 2 (paragraph 2)
  2. Text 1 + Text 2 (paragraph 3)
  3. Text 1 + Text 2 (paragraph 4)
  4. Conclusion (paragraph 5)

This type of structure, also referred to as the side-by-side, allows for an in-depth analysis. If you go with it, you should write about Text 1 and Text 2 in the same paragraph, stating the similarities or differences in each of the paragraphs.

How to start a Compare and Contrast Essay

Here, like in any other essay, you start with a first paragraph, which in this case is called the compare and contrast essay introduction and comprises three parts.

Hook – introduces the topic and engages the reader in continuing reading the essay. When writing a compare-and-contrast essay, it is important to ensure that the hooking sentence is a concise one. The Hook is supposed to grab the audience’s attention, so it’s a good idea to use a powerful statement rather than a question because it is often overused by most students. Using a unique hook is also a great way of reducing monotony and the feeling of sameness.

Background information – any information which is crucial to the reader’s understanding of the context, essence, and concise background of the story. In other words, the background information should help the audience understand the topic.

Thesis – provided at the end of the introduction paragraph after the background information. The thesis is an important part of the introduction, so it is not to be neglected by the student.

Compare and contrast essay thesis statement

Students often wonder how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay because they simply do not understand what the thesis statement is. Actually, this is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph, but what makes it essential is the fact that it conveys the dominant idea of the whole essay. It also serves as a sort of reference point for you, preventing you from wandering off the main idea.

How to write a body paragraph for a compare and contrast essay

The body paragraphs in this type of essay can take any form, so students are free to select a body paragraph structure that best suits them. If you, for example, stick with the block structure when comparing two poems, make sure to explain the first poem in paragraphs one and two, before moving on to explaining the second one in paragraphs three and four.

If you go for the integrated structure, you should explain each of the poems’ themes in the same paragraphs, while ensuring that each of the main body paragraphs has a different theme.

And lastly, if you opt for the alternating or side-by-side analysis, keep in mind that in the first and second paragraphs you should explain the poems’ similarities, whereas in the third and fourth you should focus on their differences.

How to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay

The compare and contrast essay conclusion is the last paragraph of the entire essay in which you restate points mentioned in the introduction and body paragraphs, as well as summarize the similarities and differences dealt with in the previous parts.

Try not to repeat yourself when restating your ideas so as not to bore the reader and make them go back to what they have already read.

Compare and Contrast Essay Tips

Brainstorming and researching the subjects well is absolutely essential because that way you can learn about their similarities and differences. Gather as much information as you can, including what you think irrelevant or unnecessary information, which can be filtered out later.

Choose a structure you would like to use for your essay and which will make it easier for your readers to follow your train of thought.

The contrast and comparison essay’s conclusion isn’t much different from that of the majority of other essays, its primary objective being to recap all the significant points discussed and present your viewpoint in an easy-to-understand manner. Be sure to proofread the paper twice or more, correcting all possible errors before submitting.

Start your introduction with a quotation to grab the reader’s attention before moving on to the thesis statement. You can also use the background information on the subjects, if there’s any, to let the reader know what your essay is all about.

Organize your paragraphs in such a way as to ensure a logical progression towards the conclusion of the essay. Emphasize your opinion and use facts and examples to support your viewpoint.

20 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

We’ve prepared a list of interesting topic to help your creative side gear up for the writing action!

  1. What are the similarities between monkeys and humans?
  2. Which is more critical – essay or research paper?
  3. What are the similarities and differences between TOEFL and SAT, or IELTS and SAT?
  4. What differentiates females and males?
  5. Discuss love and hatred open-mindedly.
  6. What are the reasons for the existence of debit and credit cards? What role does government play in their production?
  7. What are the similarities and differences in the behavior of married and unmarried school couples?
  8. Are romantic relationships shown in films, novels, vlogs, and movies more insightful than the real-life relationships?
  9. Compare and contrast between father and mother’s love.
  10. Which is better – getting married at a young age or when you’re old?
  11. Which education is more effective – private or public?
  12. Is female-female friendship more lasting and rewarding than male-male friendship?
  13. What are the differences and similarities between winter and summer vacations?
  14. Which provides a better user experience – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
  15. Which would you choose as your pet – dog or cat?
  16. Compare and contrast the advantages of having an Android phone and iPhone.
  17. Which is a more effective way of losing weight – dieting or sports?
  18. Compare and contrast fashion trends since the 90s.
  19. Which is better – purchasing clothes from land-based shops or online ones?
  20. Should kids wear uniforms or regular clothes in school?

We hope that we’ve provided enough tips for you to feel confident about your writing abilities. Read our article a couple of times and start writing like a pro. And if something goes wrong – you can always buy a compare and contrast essay from our team!

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110 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

110 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

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The importance of compare and contrast essays to students is something that we should not take for granted. Such is because it helps in showing the world their rich levels of creativity. It’s also easier to understand different concepts by looking at two instead of one person or object. Despite this, it’s important to remember that it’s not just like any other piece of assignment.

The topics you’ll find here require a unique approach as you try to come up with useful and accurate content. So, if you’re not familiar with such requirements, you’ll go through different challenges as you try to complete your assignment.

Here are just some of the few examples of compare and contrast ideas that you’ll likely come across. We’ve also taken the opportunity to arrange them in different classes to boost all your academic choices. You can even use the topics in writing your essays especially in cases where you’ve not been given a specific theme.

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas for College Students

As a college student, you need to give yourself the chance to go through all compare and contrast essay ideas. Enough practice in reading and writing will provide you with an added advantage. You’ll tackle different issues and explain various situations as you try to find the right answer.

Some of these include:

  1. Theory Vs. Efficient Learning Processes: Which One Gives Students A Better Experience?
  2. Similarities and Differences of Writing a Research Vs. A Creative Writing Paper
  3. Studying From Home Vs. School Learning Sessions
  4. Married Vs. Unmarried School Couples: Differences And Similarities In Their Behavior
  5. Oral Literature Vs. Written Literature: Fundamental Differences
  6. Significant Differences Between Canadian And American English
  7. British Vs. American Learning System
  8. Why Is It Easier To Write An Internship Report Instead Of A Research Paper?
  9. Studying In Your Room vs. Visiting the Library: Which Is More Productive?
  10. Studying for a Degree vs. Studying for a Master’s Program: Key Similarities.

Compare and Contrast Essays on Love and Marriage

Love is the most important virtue. It brings peace, unity, and development to even those war-torn countries. Hence, getting your hands on some compare and contrast essays is an essential step towards understanding the importance of love in the society.

You’ll find questions such as:

  1. Marrying At a Young Age vs. Marrying At an Old Age: Which Is the Best Decision?
  2. Teenage Love Vs. Childhood Love: Where Do Young People Go Wrong?
  3. Similarities Between Court Marriages Vs. Church Marriages
  4. Real Life Relationships Vs. Romance On Films And Movies: Which One Should We Learn From?
  5. Wives Vs. Husbands: Who Plays A More Significant Role In The Family?
  6. Mothers Love Vs. Father Love
  7. Siblings Vs. Friends: Who Play A More Substantial Role In Your Life?
  8. Love Before Marriage Vs. Love After Marriage: Is There Any Difference?
  9. Differences And Similarities Between Love And Sex
  10. Valentines vs. Christmas: Which Is the Best Couple’s Holiday?

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Matters Touching On Sports and Leisure

If you are a student, then you know the importance of co-curricular activities. By looking at various compare and contrast essay topics, we’ll give you an added insight into this fantastic world. Each item should help you improve in this area for a smooth and exciting education and life experience.

So which are some of these ideas?

  1. Similarities Between The English Premier League And The Bundesliga
  2. Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona: Which Team Has A More Significant Impact In The World Of Football?
  3. Playing American Football Vs. Basketball: Which One Will Land You More College Applications?
  4. Track Racing Is Better Than Off-Road Marathons!
  5. World Football in the 20th Vs. That Of The 21st Century: Key Differences
  6. Jamaica Vs. The United States: Which Country Produces The Fastest Sprinters?
  7. Brazil Vs. Germany: Which Country Improved The Game Of Football?
  8. Brady Vs. Manning: Which American Football Star Will History Remember?
  9. Early Morning Workout Sessions Vs. Late Night Work Out Sessions
  10. Having a Picnic vs. Taking a Walk: Which Leisure Activity Is More Romantic?

Compare and Contrast Paper Topics on Music, Film, and Art

Music and theatre productions are crucial factors if you want to enjoy a sufficient and exciting life. With the right compare and contrast paper topics here, you’ll discover the beauty of film, art, and music.

Some important issues include:

  1. The Vikings Vs. Game Of Thrones: Which Is The Better Classic TV Show?
  2. Fundamental Differences And Similarities Between Bollywood And Hollywood Movies
  3. Turner Classic Films Vs. Modern Day Films: How Far Have We Come?
  4. Thor Vs. Iron Man: Who Did We Enjoy To Watch In The Avengers Movie?
  5. The Villains of Gotham Vs. The Villains Of Star City
  6. Watching a Play vs. Watching a Film in a Theatre: Which One Is the Best Experience?
  7. Fundamental Differences And Similarities Between Picture Art And Stone/Sculpture Art
  8. African Music Vs. American Hip Hop: Which Is More Acceptable?
  9. Ed Sheeran Vs. Passenger: Who Would You Invite To Sing At Your Wedding?
  10. Soft vs. Hard Metal Rock Music: Which One Works For You?

Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Religion

Who are we without our religion? The simple answer here is nothing! Faith gives us a sense of belief. Each day brings new gifts and experiences as well as challenges. With good compare and contrast essay topics, you’ll continue to appreciate the higher power at work.

Some of the ideas that you’ll come across include:

  1. Fundamental Differences And Similarities Between An Anglican Bishop And Catholic Priest
  2. Tracking Down The Development Of Christianity In The 20th And 21st Centuries
  3. Significant Differences And Similarities Between Protestants In African Vs. Roman Catholic Africans
  4. American Vs. British Religion
  5. Religion In African Before And After The Coming Of The Missionaries
  6. What Did The Greek Gods Have In Common With The God Of The Israelites?
  7. Contradicting Issues in the Law of Moses Vs. The Good News Of Jesus
  8. David Vs. Solomon: Who Was A More Significant King From The Christian Bible Stories?
  9. Islam Holidays Vs. Christian Holidays: Which One Has A More Substantial Impact On Society?
  10. Exploring The Origin Of Both Christianity And Islam

Compare and Contrast Essay Subjects On Opposite Objects

The world is full of entirely different things. Learning about them through different compare and contrast essay subjects is a perfect way to keep improving your knowledge.

Here are just some of the topics:

  1. Black Funerals Vs. White Colored Funerals: Which One Do You Think Is Better?
  2. Female Soccer vs. Men’s Soccer: Which Sport Is More Popular?
  3. Buying a Remote Control Car Vs. A Remote Control Drone
  4. Football Vs. Basketball
  5. Capitalism Vs. Socialism In Different African States
  6. Colonial Resistance Vs. Collaboration: Which One Was Wiser?
  7. World Peace vs. World War!
  8. Sprite vs. Coke!
  9. Travelling Abroad Vs. Travelling Within the Country: Which Is the Best Tourism Activity?
  10. War Submarines Vs. Warships: Which One Would You Take To A Battle?
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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for All Amateur Writers

If you are just starting your writing experience, you don’t have to struggle. Here, with a few simple compare and contrast essay topics, you give yourself a straight head start in your academic life.

Here are some basic essay ideas:

  1. Should You Work On Weekends Or During Weekdays?
  2. Similarities And Differences Between Plants And Animals
  3. Chinese Vs. African Traditional Dishes
  4. Black or White Coffee: Which One Kick Starts Your Morning?
  5. Should You Travel By Rail Or By Sea?
  6. A Career in Teaching Vs. One In Medicine: Which Impacts More On Society?
  7. Eating Fruits In The Morning Is Better Than Having Proteins
  8. What Makes Europe Better Than Africa?
  9. Reading Vs. Traveling During The Holidays: Which One Is More Productive
  10. Jeans Trousers vs. Khaki Wear: Discovering the Best Men’s Wear!

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas for All Teenagers

The life of teenagers is filled with highs and lows. Such is a period of complete uncertainty. Therefore, without the right guidance, young men and women end up destroying their fruitful lives.

Here are some basic compare and contrast essay ideas to help you go through your teenage year:

  1. Life of College Vs. The Presence Of High School Students
  2. Paying For Your College Tuition Vs. Getting A Scholarship
  3. Going For Prayer Groups Vs. Going To Party In Late Night Clubs
  4. University Vs. High School Love Relationships
  5. Similarities And Differences In The School Behavior Of Both Boys And Girls
  6. Having A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend In School Vs. Maintaining A Single Lifestyle: Which Is Wiser?
  7. Similarities Between A High School And College Degree
  8. Business Vs. Information And Communication Classes: Which One Is Simpler?
  9. Why Should You Seek Employment Instead Of Being A Freelancer While In College?
  10. Doing Community Projects Vs. School Games: Which Is The Best Fit For You?

Literature and Language Compare and Contrast Paper Topics

There are also several compare and contrast paper topics touching on language and literature. Here are just a few such ideas to help you get started:

  1. High School Drama Vs. College Theatre Plays
  2. Fundamental Differences And Similarities Between The Roman And Greek Forms Of Literature
  3. What Did We Learn From The Works Of Shake Spear In Othello And Hamlet
  4. Traditional Vs. Modern Day Forms of Language: What Has Changed?
  5. The Deathly Hallows Vs. The Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter Books: Which One Did You Love Reading?
  6. The Impact Of Art And Music In Modern Day Literature
  7. Oral Writing Is Better Than Written Forms: Explain!
  8. British Vs. American Novel Writers
  9. Play Directors Vs. Movie Producers
  10. Teaching American vs. British English to Foreigners: Which One Is More Educative?

Compare and Contrast Essay Subjects on Science

Science is something that keeps adapting and changing. We keep making discoveries every day. All these ranges from biological, chemical and biological findings.

Here are just some of the impressive compare and contrast essay subjects touching on this issue:

  1. Life On Earth Vs. Life In Mars: Where Is The Future Taking Us?
  2. Using A Polytunnel Vs. Utilizing A Greenhouse In Farming
  3. Hurricanes Vs. Earthquakes: What Should We Keep Preparing For?
  4. Electric Cars Vs. Diesel Or Petrol Vehicles: What Do You Think Is Environmental Friendly?
  5. How Is Planet Saturn Different From Jupiter?
  6. Modern Day Scientific Healing Processes Vs. Traditional Means
  7. Similarities and Differences between the New and Conventional Methods of Scientific Commerce.
  8. What Separates The Milky Way From The Andromeda Galaxies?
  9. Differences and Similarities between the Homo Habilis And Homo Erectus.
  10. Pregnancy And The Start Of Motherhood: Here Are The Similarities!

A General Approach to Famous Compare and Contrast Essay Paper Topics

There are also several public compare and contrast paper ideas. These questions should help you understand essay and research writing in a straightforward and ‘soothing’ way.

They include:

  1. North Korea Vs. The United States: Why Is There Heated Tension between the Two?
  2. Similarities of Dying Young and Dying Poor!
  3. A Glass Of Water Is Better Than A Glass Of Soda In The Morning
  4. Similarities And Differences Between Windows And Android Software In Making Smartphones
  5. Daydreaming Vs. Dreaming During the Night: What Would You Prefer?
  6. Studying Abroad Vs. Taking Up Local Courses: Who Is At An Advantage?
  7. Learning French Is More Straightforward To Learning Chinese
  8. China Vs. The United States: Which Is Currently The Largest Economy?
  9. Bread vs. Eggs in the Morning!
  10. Slavery And Women Liberation: Which American Historical Milestone Should We Remember?


A good compare and contrast essay topic should intrigue and compel you to evaluate two issues. By carefully going through these questions, you go a notch higher in trying to boost your reading and writing skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a suitable topic and start working on it now!

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