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EXPECTATION ESSAY My behavior was disruptive to my classroom …

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Essay My behavior

Submitted By angie718
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HED 100

My Behavior

Have you ever heard the saying “You’re always on your phone.” Constantly being on my phone all the time is one behavior I would like to change. There has been many different studies to why people are always attached to their mobile devices, IPad, and other electronics. It’s funny because as I am writing this paper I’m actually using my phone at the same time, it’s called multi-tasking. However, I think it’s important for me to change this behavior because not only is it taking too much of my attention, it’s also becoming a distraction to things I should be focusing on. Such as school work, world issues, and eating healthy. This behavior starts to become an issue when other people are approaching me about it. Despite the fact that people are informing me about my behavior, change must start with me. I’ve actually thought this through and tried setting up different goals for myself. One of my goals was deactivating my Facebook account. This social network seems to be the most attention getter, so I decided to get that out of the way. It has now been a month since my Facebook account has been deactivated and I’m starting to see a difference. In addition, I would say I’ve had this behavior since I was about fourteen years old. Nobody really had the authority to tell me get off my phone because I was paying my own phone bill. The reason I’m so attached to my phone is…

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Fox News


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Health Care

Medical journal essay exposes doctors’ inappropriate behavior


Rachael Rettner

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Two shocking accounts of doctors behaving inappropriately while their patients were under anesthesia came to light in an essay published today in a respected medical journal. 

The reason for publishing these accounts is to expose "dark underbelly" of medicine, and to encourage health professionals to speak up when they see such inappropriate behavior, according to the editors of the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine.

"By shining a light on this dark side of the profession, we emphasize to physicians young and old that this behavior is unacceptable — we should not only refrain from personally acting in such a manner but also call out our colleagues who do," the editors said today (Aug. 17). [ 7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe ]

In the essay, an anonymous author described one day when he was teaching a medical humanities class to medical students. He asked the class, "Do any of you have someone to forgive from your clinical experiences? Did anything ever happen that you need to forgive or perhaps still can’t forgive?"

One medical student, named David in the essay, spoke up and said that something happened to him that he can’t forgive. He said he was helping with a vaginal hysterectomy, a surgery in which a woman’s uterus is removed through the vagina. Before the surgery began, the surgeon cleaned the anesthetized woman’s vaginal area and inner thighs. Then the surgeon looked at David and said, "I bet she’s enjoying this," with a wink and a laugh.

Recounting the story in his medical humanities class, David said he was incredibly angry when he witnessed the incident. "I was just standing there trying to learn," he said. "The guy was a dirtball."

The author asked David if he went along with the joke and laughed as well. David said that at the time, he did pretend to laugh. Then he asked his teacher, the author, if he’d ever been in a similar situation.

The author was silent for a time, but then admitted that he had been in a similar situation, when he was a medical student himself.

The author recounted the story for his class: He had just helped to deliver a baby girl, when the new mother — named Mrs. Lopez in the essay — started to bleed profusely from her vagina. The author called for the obstetrician, named Dr. Canby in the essay, to attend to the patient.

Dr. Canby said the patient had uterine atony, a condition in which the muscles in the uterus do not contract properly after delivery, which causes hemorrhaging. The patient was put under anesthesia, and Dr. Canby placed his left hand inside the vagina to massage the uterus, a procedure that can help the uterus contract. Soon, the woman’s uterus contracted, and her bleeding stopped.

"He says something like, ‘Atta girl. That’s what I like. A nice, tight uterus,’" the author wrote.

“But then something happened that I’ll never forget," the author continued. "Dr. Canby raises his right hand into the air. He starts to sing ‘La Cucaracha.’ He sings, ‘La Cucaracha, la cucaracha, dada, dada, dada-daaa.’ It looks like he is dancing with her. He stomps his feet, twists his body, and waves his right arm above his head. All the while, he holds her, his whole hand still inside her vagina. He starts laughing. He keeps dancing. And then he looks at me. I begin to sway to his beat. My feet shuffle. I hum and laugh along with him. Moments later, the anesthesiologist yells, ‘Knock it off, [expletive]!’ And we stop."

The editors of Annals of Internal Medicine said that this essay should make readers’ stomachs churn.

"The first incident reeked of misogyny and disrespect — the second reeked of all that plus heavy overtones of sexual assault and racism," the editors said, writing in the journal.

When incidents like this happen in medicine, health professionals may remain silent or feel pressure to go along with the joke of a superior.

"If the essay gives just one physician the courage to act like the anesthesiologist in this story, then it will be well worth publishing," the editors said.

"We hope that medical educators and others will use this essay as a jumping-off point for discussions that explore the reasons why physicians sometimes behave badly and brainstorm strategies for handling these ugly situations in real time," they said. 

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  • 7 Absolutely Evil Medical Experiments
  • 5 Controversial Mental Health Treatments

Copyright 2015  LiveScience , a Purch company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Need Help? Ask Us!

READ This first–Excellent report on the bibliographic essay

Dr. Beth M. Sheppard, a librarian at United Library at the Seabury-Western Theological Seminary has written an excellent essay on the bibliographic essay. She describes very clearly the differences and similarities among book reviews, annotated bibliographies, and articles. Her article is only 3 pages long and easy to read and understand. If you want a good grade for this assignment, it’s imperative that you read this article and fully understand what you will be writing. After you have read the article, I would suggest you review some of the BEs I have linked for you under Examples. Below is the link to Dr. Sheppard’s article:


To synthesize Dr. Sheppard’s article, the required elements of a bibliographic essay are:

  • the essay should be well ordered and follow a planned scheme
  • the resources discussed should flow easily from one to the next;large gaps in the discussion disrupts the reader
  • keep in mind that you are selecting the BEST resources to include; assume you are creating a list of the best materials available on a topic in order to recommend to a colleague; do not limit your list to print sources– other formats are perfectly acceptable
  • how do these resources compare and fit
  • introduce your essay telling the reader what the context is for the particular study
  • a closing statement is also appropriate
  • use appropriate grammar and writing style; there are several very good writing manuals

In addition to Dr. Sheppard’s recommendations, I would add these:

  • use the assigned style sheet (APA, MLA, Chicago) or select the most appropriate if given a choice by your professor
  • check in at the reference desk for writing and style manuals if you don’t already own one

Brief Definitions of a Bibliographic Essay

A bibliographic essay identifes and evaluates the core literature of a field of study. Like an annotated bibliography, it describes and analyses the sources, which can include books, book chapters, periodical articles, Web sites etc. In addition, it compares, contrasts, and evaluates the sources in relation to one another other. (Dr. Judith Freidenberg, http://www.lib.umd.edu/MCK/anth468Yspring2008.html )

A bibliographic essay is a critical essay in which the writer identifies and evaluates the core works of research within a discipline or sub-discipline. ( http://www.ohiodominican.edu/library/quickref04/writing/biblio.pdf )

Examples of Bibliographic Essays

  • Michael Foley, American Library Association
  • Paula Youngman Skreslet, Theological Librarianship
  • Dorothy Hemmo, BiblioTech
  • Todd Carney, Southern Oregon University
  • Frank Sholedice, NMSU
  • James Chappel, Theological Librarianship

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