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Rise to the Challenge of an Elite MBA Online

At UNC Kenan-Flagler, we expect our students to have ambitious goals, and we provide the personalized training and resources for them to achieve—and exceed—those goals. Online MBA students will hone their analytical skills in live online classes, where top faculty and practitioners share insights they gained at major corporations. Our unique approach to leadership development, including executive coaching and one-on-one career guidance, is second to none.

[email protected] students experience the benefits of our rigorous, top-tier MBA program—the teaching and coursework are simply delivered online, providing the flexibility to work full time and maintain their commitments. By pursuing our world-class education in an online format, [email protected] students prepare to lead top organizations and become part of the Carolina community for life.

Recognition for the Top-Ranked Online MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler

UNC Kenan-Flagler has built a reputation as one of the most respected business schools in the country. Both the school itself and [email protected] have drawn praise from top publications and are ranked among the best in their class by Forbes , U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review .

US News and World Report Best Online MBA Programs 2018 The Princeton Review Top 25 Online MBA Programs 2018

[email protected] Admissions

UNC Kenan-Flagler seeks motivated applicants who want to become exceptional leaders.

Cohort Start

  • January 2019
  • April 2019

Priority Deadline

  • September 17, 2018
  • December 17, 2018

Final Deadline

  • October 22, 2018
  • January 28, 2019

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AACSB Accredited

AACSB-Accredited Business School

The University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), the longest standing and most recognized business accreditation in the world. The AACSB evaluates business programs based on the highest standards of quality.

Complete Our World-Class MBA Curriculum in as Few as 18 Months

[email protected] provides a challenging, high-caliber educational experience in which students analyze thought-provoking course materials alongside expert faculty and diverse classmates. Composed of coursework totaling 66 credits, the [email protected] curriculum lays a broad business foundation with an emphasis on strategic leadership. Students can complete the program in as few as 18 months or as many as 36, depending on their schedule and other commitments.

Core courses cover topics such as finance, communication, business strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing. To build on course content, students attend in-person immersions, where they visit major business centers around the world to learn from global leaders, explore the local culture and network with professors and classmates.

MBA Concentrations

Students can develop industry-specific expertise in their current or desired field by selecting from specialized concentrations of study. If students have multiple interests or work in a unique field, they may also choose to create a custom curriculum by taking any combination of electives to fit their academic and career goals.

Data Analytics and Decision-Making

Learn to communicate data-driven strategies and demonstrate the value of analytics in decision-making.


Gain the skills, resources and high-level networking opportunities to cultivate innovative ideas or pursue new business ventures.


Thrive in the competitive financial sector with expertise in financial statement analysis, mergers and acquisitions, taxes and business strategy.


Identify consumer purchasing trends and leverage new technologies to develop competitive marketing strategies in a digital, global economy.

Strategy and Consulting

Advance as a consultant or internal corporate strategy professional by applying analytical, leadership and client management skills.

Are You [email protected] Material?

[email protected] is designed for a diverse range of professionals who should all share a willingness to step out of their comfort zones to reach the next level of their careers. Are you ready to face the challenge?

Our online MBA is the same elite UNC Kenan-Flagler program in a different format. [email protected] offers the leadership development, networking opportunities and reputation of a top-ranked program—with the flexibility to learn from anywhere and balance your commitments. Download our brochure today to see what you can expect from Kenan-Flagler and what we expect of our students.

“I wasn’t pursuing a check-the-box MBA; I wanted to get value out of what I was putting into it. It took a lot of heart-to-heart discussions with my wife, but I was serious about it and we knew the value coming out of it would be well worth the sacrifice.”

Christopher Osborn, Class of 2013
Commanding Officer in the U.S. Navy

[email protected]: The Online MBA for Experienced Professionals

Most professionals cannot pause in the middle of their careers to attend graduate school in person. UNC Kenan-Flagler’s online MBA program allows individuals with varying levels of experience to reap the benefits of a well-known, top-ranked program while continuing to lead in their organizations.

[email protected] is an ideal online MBA for executives, managers and other professionals who would benefit from a more nuanced, diverse analysis of today’s business issues. The average student enters the program with seven to 10 years of work experience, which often results in more enriching discussions and a more diverse alumni network.

An Online Campus with a Global Reach

By combining interactive online classes, self-paced coursework, in-person learning and real connections with the UNC community, [email protected] brings together ambitious business leaders from around the world. [email protected] provides an opportunity for individuals to geographically expand their professional network in a highly regarded program that might not otherwise be available to them.

Engaging Coursework

To inform class discussions, students complete interactive course content on their own schedule. Using our mobile app, students can complete coursework 24/7 from anywhere in the world, even when no internet connection is available.

Live, Online Classes

Students meet face-to-face for weekly collaborative sessions that build on what they learn in their coursework, often leading to lively discussion. Classes are kept small to foster stronger connections among students and faculty.

Global Immersions

Students come together for hands-on learning experiences hosted in major global business hubs. Immersions allow students to network in person with peers, prominent business leaders and alumni.

UNC Kenan-Flagler: Shaping Exceptional Leaders

UNC Kenan-Flagler knows that true business success comes from focusing on the greater good and the bottom line at the same time. That’s why our programs are infused with our five core values: excellence, leadership, integrity, community and teamwork. Our faculty, alumni and career coaches are committed to equipping our students with not only technical skills but also the values-driven mind-set and leadership expertise to inspire positive outcomes.

Elite Faculty

[email protected] courses are designed and led by the same acclaimed faculty who teach on campus. These innovative educators and leading practitioners in their fields bring decades of experience, expertise and research to the classroom.

Global Alumni Network

Made up of more than 34,500 professionals living and working in nearly 100 countries, Kenan-Flagler alumni are highly involved in helping students find and take advantage of career opportunities.

Leadership Development

The University of North Carolina’s unique leadership development services give students unlimited access to one-on-one guidance, executive mentoring, consulting opportunities, multidimensional assessment tools and more.

An MBA for Life

Leadership is an everlasting pursuit. [email protected] graduates can take advantage of UNC Kenan-Flagler’s career support and coaching for life and remain connected to the alumni community long after commencement. To make sure that our graduates continue to learn and grow throughout their career, we not only offer lifelong access to all their [email protected] coursework and recorded lectures, but we also give alumni the opportunity to keep their education fresh by taking [email protected] courses for a minimal fee.

How [email protected] Is Changing Students’ Lives

[email protected] helps ambitious professionals of all backgrounds—from entrepreneurs to CEOs, working parents to military service members—develop their careers while balancing life and an elite MBA program.

“After starting the [email protected] program, my career really progressed. I was promoted several months after starting the program to chief operating officer, and then again when our founder stepped down and I was promoted to CEO.”

Stephanie Winans, [email protected] Class of 2016
President, Pregnancy and Pediatrics at The Wellness Network
Formerly CEO at Bundoo (a division of The Wellness Network)

How Can [email protected] Change Your Life?

The University of North Carolina is making a difference for students and graduates around the world. Download a brochure today to see more alumni outcomes—and how [email protected] can help you become the next success story.

Is an MBA Worth It?

The value of an MBA goes beyond the resume boost. The relationships forged in an MBA program are just as valuable as the knowledge and skills that students develop. [email protected] facilitates the type of deep personal connections that come from a top-tier MBA program. The skills, credentials and networking opportunities all contribute to future career advancement for graduates.

A Better MBA Means Greater Career Success

[email protected] students and graduates work hard to accomplish their goals. We periodically survey our students to track their career progression, and we are proud that so many of our students have achieved significant career outcomes.

Career Statistics for [email protected] Students 1

79%Students Promoted or Changed Jobs While Enrolled
24%Average Salary Increase After Graduation
$159,216Average Salary Upon Graduation

Online MBA Alumni Demographics

Alumni of UNC Kenan-Flagler’s online MBA program are diverse professionals with unique insights. As part of a network of more than 34,500 UNC Kenan-Flagler alumni and more than 300,000 University of North Carolina alumni in cities around the world, these graduates represent a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Below is the makeup of all [email protected] graduates as of March 2018 2 .

77% male graduates
23% female graduates
27% U.S. minority graduates
26% Military graduates
8.9 years Average work experience
28% Graduates with advanced degree(s)
47 U.S. states represented
21 Non-U.S. countries represented

Ready to Apply?

UNC Kenan-Flagler seeks candidates whose academic background, work experience and leadership abilities demonstrate that they can meet the rigorous demands of our top-ranked MBA program.

Our GMAT Waiver Policy

UNC Kenan-Flagler has found that an applicant’s career trajectory, previous academic performance and quantitative experience are more reliable indicators of a student’s potential success than test scores. Therefore, applicants who have at least seven years of professional, full-time experience may qualify for a GMAT/GRE waiver.

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Apply by October 22, 2018 to start in January 2019.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

The University of North Carolina’s elite online MBA program requires a serious investment of time and resources. Many students pay for their education through employer tuition assistance, military and veterans benefits, scholarships and student loan programs. Tuition is charged per credit hour and encompasses simulations, assessments, technology platform licensing and support, global immersions and some academic materials.

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1 Reported salary and promotion statistics are based on exit surveys of all [email protected] graduates from October 2014–June 2017, with a response rate of 65%. Visit our Student Career Success page for more information on these figures. Return to footnote 1 reference
2 This information is tracked using an enrollment report that is manually updated and was last gathered March 2018. All data represents fields that students reported on their initial application to the program. Average work experience is defined as years and months of full-time work experience at the time of admission. U.S. minority is defined by students who selected their home country as the United States and selected a race/ethnicity other than White. Military is defined by students who responded affirmatively that they have served or currently serve in the United States Armed Forces. Return to footnote 3 reference