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We provide notes subject-wise based on C.B.S.E (Central Board of Secondary
Education, India)
Syllabus and solutions of N.C.E.R.T (National Council Of Educational
Research and Training) Books.

We also provide solutions to exercise questions and
answers with explanations of different Competitive Examinations for
Prestigious Government Jobs in India.
Besides these, we are also providing study materials for Engineering and
Medical entrance examinations,
in near future Olympiad based questions-answers. We are also trying to
introduce Magazines (Based on competitive
examinations) free of cost for the user of this site to learn chemistry,
physics and mathematics easily.

At present, we are focusing on Science, mathematics and in near future on
social sciences too for school going
Students. We are also trying to include Exemplar solutions online very


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spyglass is an online platform that offers notes and educational
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allow anyone to prepare for examinations, Olympiads and school test. Our
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materials are based on the standards of Central Board of Secondary Education
(C.B.S.E) and
National Council of Educational
Research and Training.

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Social studies

Understanding the needs of enthusiastic people who seek
knowledge, education and good job opportunities in India,
we expand our base of NCERT solutions for classes and entrance exams and similar
materials to include more subjects.

Our range of materials also includes questions and answers
exercises to help you prepare yourself for the exam in the most efficient way

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