Online vocal music lessons

Online vocal music lessons


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SANGEET – SANGIT: Vocal music, Instrumental music and Dance. The Indian Hindi language word ‘SANGEET’ or ‘SANGIT’ represents and incorporates three forms of performing arts : ‘Gayan‘ (Vocal), ‘Vadya sangeet‘ (Instrumental) and ‘Nritya‘ (Dance). Divya music is a global music school – Sangit vidyalaya, offering regular and online vocal music, Instumental music and dance classes.

Divya Music : is one of the top rated music schools in India and in Delhi offering regular vocal music classes and musical instruments learning lessons online on Skype or Google talk, online voice singing class lessons – the online vocal music class lessons facilitated on Google talk and on Skype, to learn singing Indian vocal – Hindustani classical vocal, learning to sing Light classical vocal online, Karnatik / Carnatic vocal singing lessons online and learning how to sing the Indian Folk songs / Indian Bollywood movie Hindi film songs / Global / western singing. Vocal music singing voice learning lessons for beginners as a hobby and the music career courses for kids, children, young adults and university, college and school students are offered by Divya Music with the highly experienced Indian music school faculty of the senior, famous music gurus, top rated vocal music singing teachers, noted vocal musicians, best vocal music performers – vocalists, vocal singing trainers and voice singing instructors in India. Divya sangeet vidyalaya offers the regular and online Hobby certificate level courses, diploma, graduation, post graduation and doctorate level music classes for above mentioned courses to learn the following:

Global / Indian vocal singing classes – Hindustani classical vocal singing. Indian Light classical vocal Sugam Sangit lessons – learn to sing Bhajans, Ghazals, Devotional, Spiritual chants, Folk songs Lok geet sangeet etc. Carnatic vocal singing – Karnatic vocal lessons on Skype, Rabindra Sangit, Gurbani Shabad Kirtan, Bollywood movies – Hindi film songs singing lessons on Google talk etc. Western classical vocal and popular vocal music. Indian Hindustani classical vocal music lessons online on Skype, Light semi classical singing classes & Carnatic voice music lessons online are offered as flexible online vocal music class schedules for global citizens & non-resident Indians (NRI) living in USA, Mauritius, UK, Kenya, Canada, Fiji, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand & other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & South America.

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The regular vocal music classes and online Skype music learning class lessons offered by Divya Music include the systemic vocal music training based on prescribed music syllabus / curriculum and the vocal music course student learns about – basic and advanced knowledge of vocal singing, voice singing notes and sound, origin and genre of music, work of noted vocalists – musicians of the world, learning how to sing, solo and chorus singing music compositions etc.

For further details on vocal music courses, fees, vocal music teachers, music class schedules, Google + hangouts music lessons, affordable low cost price online Skype music classes and Youtube free music video lessons and for online music school admissions you are welcome to visit:


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Bollywood Playback Singing Course





Bollywood Playback Singing Course

Course Duration : 1 Year

Course Fees: Rs 27500

Learn Hindustani Classical Ghazal Sufi Western Hindi / English / Regional Language Songs / Stage shows participation / 1 Studio Recording Song 

Reasons to Join a Singing Course

There are numerous reasons why a singer may wish to join a Singing course. In general, if your voice experiences the following problems you should consider enrolling for a singing course –

1 – Pitch problems 2- limited vocal range problems 3 – tone deafness 4-voice cracking 5 – lack of stamina for Singing for long concerts 6- lack of vocal control  7 – lack of consistent singing 8 – lack of confidence 9 – stage fear and many more…..

Some things you can learn from a Singing Course –

1 – Singing Properly

2 – Avoiding Fatigue, Strain and Injury

3 – Gaining confidence

4 – Receiving 100% honest feedback about your Singing

5 – Expert Solutions to Vocal Problems

6 – Vocal control Practice

7 – Different styles of Singing

8 – Achieving faster results

9 – Opportunity to Sing in Stage Shows

10 – Gain from Jamming Sessions with live Musicians

11 – Chance to meet like minded Singers just like you.

12 – Making an Investment – Learning Singing is like an investment in one’s future and vocal health. Here the returns are a zillion percent of joy and fulfillment that you get by great Singing which is invaluable, all the money in the world cant buy that happiness.

And there are many many more reasons to take up a Singing Course.

Some information for Singing Students – Bollywood Batch / General Batch

“Ragas are born from Thaats – so what are Thaats?” Thaats are like sets of a particular notes. From each of these Thaats are born 100s of Ragas which have all the primary qualities of the Thaat it is derived from.

In Hindustani Classical music there are 10 Thaats. 10 – Thaats – Bilawal Thaat / Khamaj Thaat / Kafi Thaat / Asawari Thaat / Bhairavi Thaat / Bhairav Thaat / Marwa Thaat / Poorvi Thaat / Todi Thaat and Yaman Kalyan Thaat.

For example Raga Bhoop (also known as Bhupali Raga)  is derived from Kalyan Thaat. So it will only have the notes from Thaat Kalyan, any note than dosent belong to Thaat Kalyan will not be present in Bhoop Raga.

By the way Thaat Kalyan = s r g M p d n s’ M – Tivra Ma and remaining swars are shuddha swaras So any Raga coming from Thaat Kalyan will have some or all of these notes only no other notes (there are exceptions though like Mishra ragas but we will not discuss that right now) ‘Bhoop’ Raga has s r g p d s’ notes. These notes are taken from Thaat Kalyan.

Some Ragas have 5 Notes – Pentatonic or Audav Raga Some Ragas have 6 Notes – Shadav Ragas Some Ragas have all 7 notes of Thaat – Sampoorna Ragas. ‘Bhoop’ Raga is a pentatonic Raga as it is made of 5 notes.

Some Ragas are Seasonal (meant to be sung in particular Season) Ragas have a particular samay when it is supposed to be sung. Like Bhoop Raga is a night time Raga.

All ragas are forms of expressions of different Rasa’s from the Navras.. which has different ras such as Karuna Ras, Vir Ras etc showing emotions and expressions. For example Bhoop Raga demonstrates Bhakti Ras.

Ragas are basically a structure of notes with certain rules. They can only be sung when we sing a song composed using those Raga notes and rules. These songs composed in the ancient time are called as Bandishes / Taranaas.

If you find difficult to sing Bandish or Taranaa at the start follow the given plan –

1 – First practice Singing Aaroh and Avaroh of each Raga. For example for Bhoop Raga the Aaroh is s r g p d s’ and avaroh is s’ d p g r s.

2 – Then start listening to film songs composed in that Raga and practice singing it. For example songs like Main Jahan Rahu from Namastey London or Dekha ek khwaab to hai -Silsila or Dil hun hun Re – Rudaali for female singers or the famous Jagjit Singh bhajan “hey govind hey gopal” There are also different taals like teentaal Dadra etc to be used when singing Bandish we will discuss this later. Hope you are not bored by now. But it is important to know the Hindustani Classical Music structure so then you can imagine its complexity and why it takes 10 years to study I would say even 10% of it.

Regards Singing Department Devs Music.


Join the most economical and most productive Singing Classes in Pune and learn to Sing Professionally by developing proper tempo knowledge (“laya” knowledge) and proper Music Note knowledge (“Sur” knowledge).

Devs Music Academy

Devs Music Academy offers a variety of music courses in Pune such as Guitar classes in Pune, Casio classes in Pune, Drums classes in Pune, Flute classes in Pune, Violin classes in Pune, Mouthorgan Classes in Pune, Mandolin classes in Pune, Tabla classes in Pune, Hindustani Classical Vocals Singing classes in Pune, Western Singing classes in Pune, Dance classes in Pune, Salsa classes in Pune, Acting classes in Pune, Saxophone classes in Pune, Drawing and Painting classes in Pune Devs Music is an expert in teaching music composition, guitar scales, piano scales, guitar chords, piano chords, jazz etc and some Professional courses such as DJ Mixing courses in Pune, Sound Engineering courses in Pune, Photography courses in Pune, Music Therapy courses and Music Management courses in Pune

Devs Music has been teaching music since 1996.

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