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Sample Essay For High School Students

Sample Essays

The following are essays written by students from the
UNM-Valencia Campus Adult Education Program.  They appear here as written,
without editing.  Essays were chosen as examples of good writing for the
GED and may contain some insignificant errors.


Los Lunas High School

by Adam Baker

Looking back at my year and a half at Los Lunas High, I miss some of the
people, teachers, and some of the atmosphere or environment.  I miss hanging out with my friends at school and talking with
the teacher when I walk down the halls, but towards the last couple of months
there I started to realize how immature and ridiculous the people there were.

For instance, I would be walking down the hall going to a class and all
you would hear is profanity.  Now I
know everyone at some time in there life has used profanity, but using profanity
as your main vocabulary is showing ignorance. 
It didn�t bother me in the beginning I just blocked it out but then it
started to get to me when I would be in class or going to lunch and you would
see the so called �popular� people standing there wanting to start fights,
cussing, and walking around with this ego. 

Another reason why I decided to drop out and start with my GED classes is
I didn�t really think that I was learning anything at Los Lunas. 
In history, my teacher had us in this one chapter for almost 3 weeks,
while the other classes were moving on.  I
figured that I could learn more if I just read ahead in the book or just read
the book instead of listening to the teacher repeat herself constantly. 
I felt like I was being held back somewhat.

My last couple of months at Los Lunas, I felt I was being surrounded by
people who didn�t want to get their education. 
All it seemed like they wanted to do was talk about who had the faster
car, who had the prettier girlfriend, and who had more money.  I just wanted to get my education and get out. 
I hated high school. 

This is how my last year of high school went. Having to be around
ignorant and materialistic people, and teachers who couldn�t move on. 
Well, now I am moving on, not only with my education but also with my
life.  This is why I am here at the
VC taking my GED classes, to move on with my life and start my college career as
soon as I can.



This is my life. I
am a 23 year-old student going for my GED. I recently found out I was pregnant
with my second kid. I am raising my 2 year-old son all by myself. 
His dad was never around when I needed him. I learned to take care of my
son as a single parent. With this second pregnancy, I knew it was going to be
harder.  I would have to do it all
over again and alone. With this pregnancy, the dad didn�t know about it, and I
knew he wouldn�t help me because he has two girls that he doesn�t 
see or support.

Adoption was
the best thing I could think of. I knew it would be the hardest decision ever in
my life. I wanted the baby to go with a family that couldn�t have kids. I knew
I couldn�t care for the baby like I wanted to. I was unemployed and I just
started going to school for my GED.

I knew there
would be a family out there that could give the baby the world, I knew I could
of but it is better when there are two parents there for support.

 When I
went to my first doctor�s appointment, I asked my doctor if I was a bad person
for wanting to give the baby up for adoption. 
She said no. But I really needed to think about my decision and get the
support from my family. My doctor gave me some phone numbers to adoption
agencies.  She also said to take
some time ask any questions I need to ask and pick the right place.

 I told my
mom when I got back from the doctor.  
It was really hard to tell her because I told her I was only going to
have one kid. When I did, we cried together, and then I told her what I wanted
to do with the baby and she supported me 100%. She knows what a hard time I had
with my son and she did not want to see me go through that all over again.

 It took
me a while to call the numbers, but when I did I was really scared and nervous.
I asked all the questions I needed to and I was happy with the Adoption
Assistance Agency. They were really friendly and made me fell comfortable. I
made an appointment to meet with them. My mom went with me to all of my
meetings, and finally it was time to pick a family. 
I went through at least 15 to 20 photo albums and I picked three
families.   I really couldn�t
make a decision right there so I got to take the photo albums home and go
through them. The next day I decided on my family, a couple from Albuquerque.
They are a really out-going couple they like to travel and most of all they love
Disneyland.  They went 7 times and
they don�t even have kids! I got to keep the photo album of my chosen family.
The next week I got to meet the family I was going to give the baby too. I
really enjoyed meeting them it was a really good feeling they were going to take
the baby.

When I was in
my 9th month, we decided to meet with the adoptive parents again.
That was on a Friday. On Saturday morning at about 2:30 am, I was getting these
weird feelings and by the time I knew it, it was 5:00 in the morning. I started
to feel contractions so I told my mom; I told her we weren�t going until I was
in tears.  My reason for saying that
was because we had 3 false alarms before that. At 12:00 pm, I couldn�t take
the pain so I called my doctor and she didn�t call me back until 12:30 pm. 
I told her my contractions were every 5 minutes and she then said to come

We rushed to
the hospital and got there a little after 2:00 pm. I had to change and get on
the monitors.  By the time I knew it
I was ready for my labor room.  I
went there and I felt like I had to push.  They
said that was not possible, but they checked me and sure enough I was ready. 
They rushed me to the delivery room. I had to stay on the same bed, the
baby was coming so fast everybody was confused, my mom had to change into scrubs
and she missed the birth, the baby just came out. The adoptive parents missed it
and so did my counselor. But it was all worth it to see the looks on everybody

 On May 17th
at 2:48pm I had a girl.  Her
adoptive parents named her Abigail Rose. It was a different feeling because I
didn�t know I was having a girl. It felt so good to see how happy the new
parents were.  Just knowing that I
could change two people�s lives forever made me feel really good. We have an
open adoption so we talk all the time and I have only seen her once after I had
her, but I get a lot of pictures to see how she is growing.

I have no
regrets just happiness.  

examples can be seen on the Student Writings


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10+ Writing Tips and Tricks on How to Write an Essay about Yourself

10+ Writing Tips and Tricks on How to Write an Essay about Yourself

The main question of all students who have to write a reflective or personal essay is whether it is possible to come up with such type of academic paper without sounding too egotistical. From one side, it might seem that there is nothing easier than writing about yourself. From time to time, even personal essays should stick to specific rules. For instance, the writing style is an obligatory condition.

In this article, I will try to reveal the basics of writing an essay about yourself so that you may use these tips in your academic life.

Tricks and Tips on How to Write a Personal Essay

We have gathered several life hints that can help every student to prepare for writing an essay on yourself. First of all, you should try to focus on your personal life experience. People would like to learn about the things you have gone through instead of some imaginative things.

Second, you should describe an experience which is related to your education. Describing your first wedding ceremony or gig with the music band is not the best idea. It is better to dedicate time to the things you’ve learned from school, college, or other educational institutions. If you have a specific person who inspired you to enter target college or work in the certain field, reflect this role model.

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Even though the essay about you should be focused on your name and deeds, do not start writing with the trivial phrases introducing yourself. It is still better to put an intriguing question which requires an answer in the end or begin with an interesting fact/quote/joke.

Third, let your family read the final draft once you are finished with your writing. Sometimes, you know yourself worse than people around you so that you can trust them.

Finally, try to avoid sensitive subjects like:

  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Political situation
  • Race and nationality
  • Income level

Writing a Winning Essay About Yourself - 10+ Best Tips & Examples

How Do You Start an Essay about Yourself

As a rule, an essay about yourself contains up to 400 words. Although you can think that there is no specific topic for such type of paper, sometimes tutors assign particular subjects to discuss.

For example, you may be asked to write where you picture yourself in five or more years. It is your chance to prove that high school or even college education is not enough.

You should start telling personal things. However, use the great words you know to explain why you deserve the place in the target educational institution or company. Avoid making up a story; you should be as sincere as possible. Come up with the story describing the challenges you faced as a surgeon’s assistant. Tell about the personal struggles you have gone through to accomplish your internship as a bank cashier. Provide the background of your sports achievements.

However, whatever you decide to recall, make sure it has a connection with your future profession. You can include an interesting part related to your hobbies, but don’t go much into details.

On the whole, make sure to highlight your:

  • Educational background
  • Work background
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Life goals
  • Hobbies

For the affordable price , you can get an eye-catching introduction of any reflective essay.

Life experiences and challenges from NickyReich

10 Simple Tips on How to Write a Personal Essay

  1. Choosing the best topic

Go to the section with great topic ideas to discover new and time-tested examples.

  1. Formatting your paper

When writing an essay on yourself, you don’t need to add abstract or reference page . The structure of personal statement is much easier. At the same time, you have to mind your:

  • Font
  • Its size
  • Margins
  • Intervals
  • Borders

In other words, a paper dedicated to your life should look accurate and structured.

  1. Manage your time

Any academic paper has a deadline. A paper describing yourself has a strict deadline as well. It is better to start writing as soon as you are assigned the task. Thus, you will have more time to proofread and edit your draft. By the way, you should involve several drafts.

  1. Get your family involved

No, I am not telling you to use your family members as writing guides or something. It is better to get professional writing assistance from the corresponding service. I mean that recalling the stories related to your family or personal experience is a good way to appeal to the heart of your readers. You may share a story of your family member who used to cope with the serious disease. When you work on the paper about yourself, it is important to stay sincere and honest. So, if you have some really good life stories to share, feel free to do it.

  1. Find inspiration

If you have no idea what an essay depicting your person should include, you may get inspired by another person. It’s okay if you don’t have a rich experience or amazing story to share with your audience. Find people who were once students like you or describe the fate of your friends. You may also find ideas from the:

  • News
  • Books
  • Magazines/newspapers
  • Internet blogs
  • Social networks

Find more inspiration after reading these ways to make your college essay great!

  1. Focus on the needs of university

If you are writing a paper about yourself as a part of your admission, describe your personal skills and university goals equally. Give them an overall idea of what you can do well, and describe how you can contribute your knowledge to the prosperity of that particular college or university. In order to sound less egotistical in the essay about yourself, please look through this advice .

  1. Avoid using complex words

Don’t type the words you don’t know – your Word will most probably fix all your grammar mistakes, but you need to know what every word means when you use it in the essay about yourself. Choose synonyms to make your text richer, but replace difficult terms with simpler words.

  1. It’s all about great introduction

Forget about general phrases like “My name is…” or “Everybody loves..” When you compose an essay about your life, you don’t have to sound trivial. Use statistics and interesting facts to begin your paper. Various quotations might also work. It’s just important to choose citations that are related to your story somehow. You may read more about composing powerful introduction and other parts of this article .

  1. Keep away from sensitive subjects

Writing a paper that reflects yourself should not hurt the feelings of other students, tutors, or people around. The worst topics you might find for your personal paper involve gender, racial, political, and religious issues. It is recommended to make your essay more positive even if you prefer to recall a hard time of your life.

  1. Always revise the paper and double-check the grammar

A finished draft is only half the battle. Download grammar checker or use online checkers to have a text free of grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. You should also get anti-plagiarism software to find out whether your content is 100% original.

College Essay Examples about Yourself

We have discussed so far how to start a essay about yourself and the overall structure recommendations. Here we go with the top topic ideas for the personal essay. If you want to avoid difficult argumentative essay topics, you may find some great ideas on this blog . Choose one of them:

  • My early days at school
  • How I survived my college years
  • My first work experience
  • Looking through the mirror
  • Homecoming
  • How my friends influenced my interests
  • The art of telling lies
  • Learning English (a good topic for international students)
  • The impact of my brother on my life

You can search for more topic examples as well as personal essay samples here.

Admissions essay management temple university from NickyReich

One more thing: in case you still have some doubts regarding the quality of your paper, you may contact a professional online writing service and order a full job written from scratch.

Win Your Perfect Essay about Yourself