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English and Humanities Instructor (9 month) | Employment page has loaded.

English and Humanities Instructor (9 month) | Employment page has loaded.

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English and Humanities Instructor (9 month)


English and Humanities Instructor (9 month)


$40,551.00 – $52,551.00 Annually


Sanford, NC

Job Type

Full-time Permanent


Academic – Arts, Sciences, & Advising

Job Number



4/7/2017 11:59 PM Eastern

  • Description
  • Benefits
Job Description

The Central Carolina Community College 2015-2019 Strategic Plan lists “Learning First” as the primary institutional goal. All faculty and staff are empowered as educators, committed to responsibility for the learning process.
The English and Humanities Instructor (9 month) position will teach on the Lee County campus in Sanford and will include some online duties.  The purpose of an instructor at the Central Carolina Community College is to ensure maximum student learning. The instructor accomplishes this by presenting discipline specific learning outcomes through lecture, demonstration, projects, assignments, appropriate classroom management, etc. and by providing authentic student assessment that documents learning has occurred. 

Essential Duties

1. Teach 18-21 contact hours per semester including in the Writing & Reading Center.
2. Prepare, maintain, and distribute for all scheduled courses current course outlines and syllabi that support accreditation standards as described in the current faculty handbook.
3. Prepare for and meet classes as assigned, promptly evaluate student progress within one week and maintain a safe learning environment.
4. Demonstrate concern for student retention by employing best practice strategies.
5. Serve as student advisor as assigned.
6. Recruit for department/curriculum as assigned by the supervisor.
7. Assist in the annual Compliance Assist Assessment.
8. Assist in maintaining department/curriculum equipment, supplies, and materials, and library and support resources.
9. Assist in registration and orientation as requested by the supervisor.
10. Participate in scheduled and called departmental, faculty, staff meetings and other College activities.
11. Keep supervisor informed of matters pertaining to the curriculum.
12. Assume other duties as requested by the supervisor and the College.
13. Follow policies stated in the policies and procedures manual as it relates to instructor responsibilities.
14. Obtain a Blackboard Level I training as well as maintain a Bb course site for each course taught during the semester.
15. Work the required 35 hours per week and post and hold the required five (5) office hours per week.
16. Serve on College committees as assigned.
17. Plan and participate in articulation activities with public schools and other community
18. Complete the annual five-hour staff development requirement.
19. Submit records and forms in a timely fashion as required in the policy and procedures
20. Encourage and support College activities, policies, procedures, and philosophies.
21. Actively participate in professional organizations.
22. In addition, to support the Central Carolina Community College Strategic Plan focus of Learning First, this individual will serve as a committed, engaged academic advisor for the University Transfer program.

Minimum Requirements

18 graduate semester hours in English, Literature or applied linguistics and Master’s degree OR Master’s degree with a major in English, Literature, or applied linguistics.
Masters (M.A., M.F.A.) in Journalism, Technical Writing, Writing, or Creative Writing may be considered.

Central Carolina Community College provides a comprehensive, affordable insurance and benefits program. We are continuously investigating new benefit offerings that are responsive to the needs of our full-time employees.

  • State Health Plan
  • Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Additional Supplemental Insurances
  • Disability Plan
  • NC Retirement Plan
  • Leave (Vacation, Sick, FMLA, Civil and Military, Education, and Voluntary Shared)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Prior State Service Verification
  • Supplemental Retirement Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • State Employees’ Credit Union
  • State Employees Association of NC (SEANC)
  • Employee Discount Program

**Please note: Most temporary (part-time or full-time) employees do not earn benefits.

Central Carolina Community College

1105 Kelly Dr

Sanford, North Carolina, 27330





Committed to learning by attracting, developing, & sustaining high-performers.



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Job Application

Job Details

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    2. Some of our Services are billed on a subscription basis. You will be billed in advance on a recurring, periodic basis. The term is annual, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties. You may cancel auto-renewal on your Subscription at any time, in which case your Subscription will continue until the end of that billing cycle before terminating. You may cancel auto-renewal on your Subscription immediately after the Subscription starts if you do not want it to renew by providing written notice to [email protected] .
    3. Unless otherwise stated, you are responsible for any taxes (other than Company’s income tax) or duties associated with the sale of the Services, including any related penalties or interest (collectively, “Taxes”). You will pay Company for the Services without any reduction for Taxes.
    4. If Customer issues a purchase order, then it shall be for the full amount, and Company hereby rejects any additional or conflicting terms appearing in a purchase order or any other ordering materials submitted by Customer, and conditions assent solely based on the terms and conditions of this Agreement as offered by Company. Customer agrees that a failure to provide Company with a corresponding purchase order shall not relieve Customer of its obligations to provide payment to Company.
  8. Feedback.

    Company welcomes your feedback and suggestions about Company’s Services. By transmitting any suggestions, information, material, or other content (collectively, “feedback”) to Company, you represent and warrant that such feedback does not infringe or violate the intellectual property or proprietary rights of any third party and that you have all rights necessary to convey to Company and enable Company to use such feedback. In addition, any feedback received through Company Services will be deemed to include a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, non-exclusive right and license for Company to adopt, publish, reproduce, disseminate, transmit, distribute, copy, use, create derivative works, and display (in whole or in part) worldwide, or act on such feedback without additional approval or consideration, in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in such content, and you hereby waive any claim to the contrary.

  9. Maintenance and Support.

    1. Company maintains Company’s hardware/software infrastructure for the Services. Preventive system maintenance is conducted by Company from time to time and is addressed in a variety of methods including scalable architecture and infrastructure, log checking, performance maintenance, and other preventative tasks.
    2. Company may periodically modify the features, components, and functionality of the Services. Company shall have no liability for, or any obligations to, investments in or modifications to your hardware, systems, or other software, which may be necessary to use or access the Services due to a modification of the Services provided by Company. This Agreement does not obligate Company to render any maintenance or support Services that are not expressly required to be provided.
  10. Monitoring and Endorsement.

    1. Company is not responsible for screening, policing, editing, or monitoring your or another user’s postings and encourages all users to use reasonable discretion and caution in evaluating or reviewing any posting. However, you agree that Company may monitor the Services to (1) comply with any applicable laws, regulations, or other government requests; (2) operate the Services or to protect itself and its users and members; and (3) for such other purposes as it may deem reasonably necessary or appropriate from time to time. Company reserves the right to modify, reject, or remove any information residing on or transmitted to its Services that it, in its sole discretion, believes is unacceptable, in violation of these terms and conditions, is abusive, disruptive, offensive, illegal, violates the rights of, or harms or threatens the safety of, users, of if Company believes that such information could create liability for Company, damage Company’s brand or public image, or cause Company to lose users or (in whole or in part) the services of its ISPs or other suppliers of the Services, or violates the law.
    2. Except with respect to Company’s right and ability to delete or remove a posting (or any part thereof), Company does not endorse, oppose, or edit any opinion or information provided by you or another user and does not make any representation with respect to, nor does it endorse the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or other material displayed, uploaded, or distributed by you or any other user.
  11. Information Collection and Use.

    1. The very nature of the Services requires that Company gather, process, use, and distribute information which you provide directly (e.g. name, physical address, e-mail address, résumé), as well as information regarding the manner in which you use the Services. Company will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned. Personal information will only be collected, used, and retained as necessary to for the purposes stated in the Governmentjobs.com Privacy Policy.
    2. Upon a Job Seeker’s submission of information through the Services to a requesting Customer, the Customer shall have exclusive right, title, and interest in and to the data collected and all intellectual property and proprietary rights therein anywhere in the world, and Company shall (i) acquire no rights in any data collected by a Customer, (ii) process data only to provide the Services or as otherwise instructed by a Customer, or as may be required or permitted by applicable law, and (iii) only retain information long enough to process or as required by law. Furthermore, Company may not alter, modify, delete, or revise information after submission of information to a Customer.
  12. Indemnification.

    You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Company, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any claims, actions, or demands, including without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from (i) any user content or other material you provide to any Company Site, (ii) your use of any Company Content, or (iii) relating to or arising out of your violation of this Agreement, (iv) your representations and warranties, or (v) your violation of any rights of another. Company shall provide notice to you promptly of any such claim, suit, or proceeding. If you are a government, an agency or other unit of government located in the United States (“Government Entity”), this section does not apply. The liability of the Government Entity for any breach of the Terms or any claim arising from the Terms shall be determined under the relevant State Tort Claims Act, or other state governing authority.

  13. Company Liability.

    1. The Services act as, among other things, venues for (i) employers to post job opportunities and search for and evaluate job candidates, (ii) candidates to post resumes and profiles and search for and evaluate job opportunities, and (iii) recruitment, selection, applicant tracking, reporting and analysis, and HR automation. Company is not involved in, and does not control, the actual transaction between Customers, job candidates, and end users. As a result, Company is not responsible for user content, the quality, safety, or legality of the jobs or resumes, the truth or accuracy of the listings or other data uploaded to the Services by you, the ability of employers to offer job opportunities to candidates or the ability of candidates to fill job openings and Company makes no representations about any jobs, resumes, or data on the Services.
    2. Company has no control over the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the content submitted on the Services and makes no representations about any of such content.
    3. Company may make third-party services available on the Services, and/or feature materials, programs, products, hyperlinks, and services provided by third parties. Company makes no representations with respect to, nor does it guarantee or endorse, the quality, non-infringement, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, reliability, or correct sequencing of such third-party materials, programs, products, and services or any other materials, programs, products, and services which such third-party materials, products, and services you may access, nor does Company endorse any of the material on them or any association with their owners or operators. Company does not control these Services and is not responsible for their availability, content, or any malware accessed through them. Your correspondence or any other dealings with third parties found on the Services are solely between you and such third party. Accordingly, Company expressly disclaims responsibility and liability for all third-party provided materials, programs, products, and services contained on or accessed through the Services, and you agree that Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as a result of any such dealings or as the result of the presence of such third parties on the Services. You are advised to read all terms and conditions of any third-party service.
  14. Disclaimers of Warranty.

  15. Liability Exclusions & Limitations.

  16. Privacy Policy.

    You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the operation of certain programs, services, tools, materials, or information of the Services requires the submission, use, and dissemination of various personal information. Accordingly, if you wish to access and use those programs, services, tools, materials, or information of the Services, you acknowledge and agree that your use of the Services will constitute acceptance of the Governmentjobs.com Privacy Policy. For more detail on information collection and use practices please review the Governmentjobs.com Privacy Policy.

  17. Miscellaneous.

    1. You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between you and Company as a result of this Agreement or your use of the Services.
    2. Company’s performance of these terms and conditions is subject to existing laws and legal process, and nothing contained in them will diminish Company’s right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of the Services or information provided to or gathered by Company with respect to such use.
    3. Unless otherwise stipulated by the parties, these terms represent the entire binding agreement between you and Company, and our respective successors and assigns, and supersedes any and all prior understanding, statements, or representations, whether electronic, oral, or written, regarding Company, its Services, or the information thereon. A printed version of this Agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.
    4. You may not assign any part of this Agreement without Company’s prior written consent. No waiver of any obligation or right of either party shall be effective unless in writing, executed by the party against whom it is being enforced.
    5. These terms shall be governed by California and relevant federal laws, and irrevocable consent is hereby granted by both parties to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any action or dispute in the state and federal courts located in Los Angeles County, California, U.S.A. If the law establishing or otherwise governing the Government Entity expressly requires the Government Entity to enter into contracts under a particular law and/or prohibits any choice of law provision imposing any law other than the law under which the Government Entity is authorized to act, then all “Governing Law” and “Jurisdiction” clauses in this Agreement, and all other provisions related to dispute resolution are deleted. Instead, the Terms shall be governed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the applicable laws of the Government Entity’s state and jurisdiction shall reside in the courts of such state. Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, these terms shall be severable and construed to the extent of their enforceability in light of the parties’ mutual intent if deemed at all unenforceable by a competent court. If any clause herein is found illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the clause shall be modified in compliance with applicable law in a manner that most closely matches the intent of the original language. Given the nature of these terms, you understand and agree that, in addition to money damages, Company will be entitled to equitable relief upon a breach of them by you. Failure by Company to insist on strict performance of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement will not operate as a waiver by Company of that or any subsequent default or failure of performance.

GovernmentJobs.com privacy policy

Governmentjobs.com, Inc. (dba “NEOGOV” and referred to herein as “Company”) is committed to protecting your privacy and transparency regarding how we use your information. Privacy is considered throughout the entire Company product lifecycle – from inception, to production, and ongoing support.

This document defines Company’s privacy policy for the Services (the “Privacy Policy”) with respect to notices, how information is collected, used, shared, secured, and choices regarding use, consent, access, security and privacy, correction of your information, disclosure to third parties, and information quality. Definitions not explicitly defined herein shall retain the meaning as prescribed in the Govermentjobs.com Terms of Service.

  1. Introduction.

    1. Certain section of this Privacy Policy will apply only where Company (also referred to as “we”, or “us”) is acting as a data controller with respect to your personal data; in other words, where we determine the purposes and means of processing of personal data. Please note, Company is also considered a data processor, rather than a controller, for Customers (as defined in Section 1 of the Terms of Service) that maintain personal information you submit to them. The definition of personal information may depend upon your location.
    2. You can review and enforce your personal data rights through either Governmentjobs.com or Career Pages. However, these rights are limited to where NEOGOV is considered a data controller. Once you submit an application to a Customer, that application becomes the sole property of the Customer.
    3. We use cookies on our website. Insofar as those cookies are not strictly necessary for the provision of our Websites, we will ask you to consent to our use of cookies when you first visit our website.
    4. If you are a Job Seeker, to make applying to future jobs easier, when you apply through a Governmentjobs.com owned and operated website, you create a universal account that persists on www.governmentjobs.com. This account will include your basic profile information. You have the right to delete this account by logging in and following the deletion steps in your account settings. Job Seekers also have universal privacy controls available in the account settings of www.governmentjobs.com
    5. By visiting or using any part of the Services you must explicitly consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy including the rights to collect, use, and disclose certain personal information consistent with the descriptions herein. Your consent is obtained before personal information is transferred to Company or Customers.
    6. We use cookies on our website. Insofar as those cookies are not strictly necessary for the provision of our Services, we will ask you to consent to our use of cookies when you first visit our website.
    7. Our website incorporates privacy controls which allows you to control how we will process your personal data. By using the privacy controls, you can specify whether you would like to receive communications from Customers or limit the processing of your information. For instance, if you are a Job Seeker, to turn off or limit universal settings regarding correspondence you receive from Customers (i.e. potential employers), or to turn off or limit which Customers can preview your Job Seeker Profile, log into your account on www.governmentjobs.com and go to your account settings. Job Seekers can utilize similar privacy controls on a per Customer basis in each Career Page account they create.
    8. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Governmentjobs.com Terms of Service , and applies to personal information Company, and Affiliated Companies (entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with Governmentjobs.com, Inc.), collect and use on or through the Services, or personal information Company processes for Customers.
    9. Company reserves the right to revise our Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our online information practices or to comply with the law by publishing a new version on our website. In circumstances where changes to this Privacy Policy materially change the way in which we collect or use personal information, the terms of this Privacy Policy, or if personal information is no longer used for a previously named purpose, we will provide you notice. Should you desire to continue your use of the Services after modification of this Privacy Policy, you must consent to the new terms herein prior to your use. You should check this page occasionally to ensure you accept changes to this policy.
    10. If at any time you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to E-mail us at [email protected] .
  2. Information You Share with Us and How We Use It.

    We require certain information to provide Services to you and collect certain information while you are on the Services. For example, Job Seekers must have an account in order to apply to a job through Governmentjobs.com or Career Pages. In this Section we set out:

    • general categories of personal data we may process;
    • in the case of personal data that we did not obtain directly from you, the source and specific categories of that data;
    • the purposes for which we may process personal data; and
    • the legal bases of the processing.
    1. Company will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned. Personal information will only be collected, used, and retained as necessary for the purposes stated herein for which you have provided explicit consent, or as required by law or regulation. Data will be appropriately disposed of when no longer needed.
    2. Company restricts access to your personal information to essential Company employees and Third Parties on a “need to know” basis. We do not disclose information about your individual visits to GovernmentJobs.com. For personal data subject to the GDPR, we rely on multiple legal bases to process the data, which includes when you have given your consent (which can be revoked by utilizing privacy controls, deleting profile data, or deleting your account), when the processing is necessary to perform a contract (such as the Terms of Service), our legitimate business interests (such as developing the Services), marketing new features or products, proper administration of our website and business, ensuring safety and security, and as required by law.
    3. We may process data about your use of our website and services (“usage data“). Usage data is gathered automatically when you visit the web pages to help us better serve you. This information may include Internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, device ID, cookie information, software and hardware attributes, the pages you visit, referring/exit pages, the files viewed on our site (e.g. HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system, date/time stamp, search terms entered on the site, and/or clickstream data to analyze trends in the aggregate and administer the site. We may process this information for internal system administration, to help diagnose problems with our servers, administer our Services, determine data’s country of origin, help prevent fraud, identify clickstreams that led you to our Services, and determine what enhancements to implement.
    4. We may process your account data (“account data“). The account data may include your name, email address, and password. You are the source of the account data provided to us. The account data may be processed for the purposes of providing our services, ensuring the security of our website and services, to detect, investigate and prevent activities that violate our policies or the law, maintaining back-ups of our databases, providing customer support, communicating with you about feature updates and services, and to inform you of other job opportunities, products, and services.
    5. We may process your information included in your Job Seeker or User profile (“profile data“). Profiles can be created independently or while applying to a job. Profiles also can be created by signing up via Facebook. Typical data points within the Job Seeker Profile include: first and last name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, resume, driver’s license, proof of right to work in the United States, work experience, education history, certifications and licenses, applicant skills and languages, personal references, and any other supplemental information added at your sole discretion. Profile data will be processed for your future use of the Services, to allow you to apply or post jobs, where you continue your use of additional services provided by Company or Affiliate Parties (such as receiving correspondence regarding future job opportunities from Customers (i.e. potential employers) or making your Job Seeker Profile available for Customers to review and reach out to you for future job opportunities), and as required or where there is a reasonable belief disclosure is required by law or regulation. Please note, Customers have the option to request additional personal data during the application process that is not requested, owned, or used by Company.
    6. We may process information that you post for publication on our website or through our services (“publication data“). The publication data may be processed for the purposes of enabling such publication and administering our website and services.
    7. We may process information contained in any inquiry you submit to us regarding goods, services, and support (“inquiry data“). The inquiry data may be processed for the purposes of offering, marketing, and providing support services to you.
    8. Company uses service providers and third-parties to help us operate, maintain, and deliver our Services, and to provide additional services such as API’s that enhance the recruitment process. Company may allow these third parties to collect, use, or share your personal information for (i) the identified purposes described herein, (ii) to facilitate your use of the Services, (iii) where you explicitly provide your consent, or (iv) where there is a reasonable belief that disclosure is required by law or regulations. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties for new uses or purposes unless you have given prior explicit consent. Third parties may include payment processing companies, background check providers, online assessment providers, communication providers, analytics companies, fulfillment companies, and payment processing companies. More specifically:
      • We may allow payment processing companies to process information relating to transactions, including purchases of goods and services, that you enter on the payment processor website (“transaction data“). Where applicable, we may send your name and address to payment processing companies to facilitate your transaction.
      • We may process your information for background check services you choose to participate in for job applications. This data may include a URL to the full background check report (which requires login to the third-party system), current status of the background check report (pending, clear, or review), and your name, zip code, phone number, employment history, education history, and email address to facilitate your use of the service with the background check company. The source of this data is you and the background check company. This data may be processed for the purpose of providing information on the status of the background check and facilitating access to the full report. You have a right to the data the background check company retains on you and you will automatically be provided a copy of your results via e-mail upon completion of background check processing.
      • We may process online assessment information. This data may include assessment scores/percentages, and URLs to the full assessment results (which require login to the third-party system). The source of this data is the online assessment company. This data may be processed for facilitating access to the full assessment and communicating applicant assessment results to you and the Customer who requested administration of the assessment.
    9. We may process information that you provide to us for the purpose of subscribing to our email notifications and/or newsletters (“notification data“). The notification data may be processed for the purposes of sending you the relevant notifications and/or newsletters, providing status on background checks, online assessments, and payment receipts, or providing you information on future job opportunities. You can change your email preferences to control notifications you receive from Company and Customers or unsubscribe from a notification by following instructions contained within the notification itself, or your account settings.
    10. We may share aggregated and de-personalized information (so that personal information is not revealed) with business partners and use machine learning techniques on metadata and cookie data in order to provide Customers with useful insights from the data they collected using Services, to build or enhance features, improve our Services, improve our infrastructure and security, and develop products.
    11. We may process information contained in or relating to any communication that you send to us (“correspondence data”). The correspondence data may include the communication content and metadata associated with the communication. The correspondence data may be processed for the purposes of communicating with you, record-keeping, and to help prevent fraud and abuse.
    12. Company reserves the right to process information if legally required to do so, or at our discretion pursuant to a request from a governmental entity or if we believe in good faith (after considering privacy interests and other factors) that such action is necessary to: meet legal requirements, comply with legal process, protect Company rights, property, or our Affiliated Companies, investigate fraud, prevent a crime or protect national security, or protect the personal safety of users or public. The legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interests, namely the protection and assertion of our legal rights, your legal rights, and the legal rights of others.
    13. We may process certain personal data identified in this policy where necessary for the purposes of obtaining or maintaining insurance coverage, managing risks, or obtaining professional advice.
    14. Company may disclose and transfer personal information to a third party who acquires any or all of Company’s business units, whether this is by way of a merger or purchase of all or a substantial portion of Company assets. This Privacy Policy will apply to your personal information as transferred to the new entity. If Company is the subject of an insolvency proceeding, information retained by Company will be disposed of in a transaction approved by the court. The legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interests, namely the transition services in the event of a merger, purchase, or insolvency.
  3. Information We Share for Partnerships and Integrations.

    1. In the limited circumstances where we disclose personal data, we do so subject to your control, where it’s necessary to provide you our services, or where it is required by law. We enter confidentiality and data processing terms with any party who may process personal data, and we regularly review their standards and practices. On your instruction, if you choose to use one an integration mentioned in Section 2.8, we share information or data with that party to facilitate your use of that API.
    2. We may disclose your personal data to any member of our group of companies (this means our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company and all its subsidiaries) insofar as reasonably necessary for the purposes, and on the legal bases, set out in this policy.
    3. As previously mentioned in Section 2, financial transactions relating to our website and services are handled by our payment services providers, CyberSource (VISA), JP Morgan Chase, Merchant e-Solutions, Stripe, and Braintree. We will share transaction data with our payment services providers only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing your payments and dealing with complaints and queries relating to such payments and refunds.
    4. We may disclose your personal data where such disclosure is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject, or in order to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another natural person. We may also disclose your personal data where such disclosure is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, whether in court proceedings or in an administrative or out-of-court procedure.
    5. When you are on the Services, you may be presented the opportunity to visit or link to other websites, including websites by third parties unaffiliated with Company. Company has no relationship or control over these websites. These websites might collect personal information about you, and because this Privacy Policy does not address the information practices of those unaffiliated websites, you should review the privacy policies of such other websites to see how they treat your personal information. Use of such websites are at your own risk.
  4. Information Collected by Customers – Where Company is a Data Processor.

    1. If you are a Job Seeker, certain information requested and collected through the Services is at the direction of Customers. In these instances, Company is a data processor on behalf of a Customer (the data controller). Other than information gathered for your account and Job Seeker Profile (where Company is still the data controller), data collected by Customers through the Services is dependent upon what Customers request of the Job Seeker. Our legal obligations as a data processor are set out in our contracts with Customers or via internet privacy frameworks.
    2. Customers (defined in Section 1 of the Governmentjobs.com Terms of Service) maintain personal information about Job Seekers which is collected from accounts or forms Job Seekers complete, and transactions or communications Job Seekers and Customers have with each other. If you are a Job Seeker, you understand that for job applications you submit to Customers, the respective Customer determines which authorized users (Customer employees such as Human Resource employees) have access to the information you submit, as well as the default data retention periods.
    3. If you apply to a job, make your Job Seeker Profile available for Customers to view, provide information to show interest in a job, or reply to a message from a Customer, you consent to disclosing your information to Customer(s) for their authorized users to complete recruitment and hiring processes and to contact you, including for future job opportunities.
    4. The general personal information processed by Company on behalf of Customers includes: full name, driver’s license, address, resume, cover letter, professional references, date of birth, prior work history, phone number, email, birth date, criminal history, writing samples, transcripts, education history, ethnicity, race, disability status, veteran status, social security number, and nepotism status. Customers have the option to ask for any additional information of applicants and employees. The information received and retained on Company servers is owned solely by the Customer, and Company has no ownership in such information. You should contact the Customer for more information on what information they maintain about you.
  5. About Cookies.

    1. A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.
    2. Cookies may be either “persistent” cookies or “session” cookies. A persistent cookie will be stored by a web browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date, unless deleted by the user before the expiry date; a session cookie, on the other hand, will expire at the end of the user session, when the web browser is closed.
    3. Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies a user, but personal information that we store about you may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies
  6. Cookies We Use.

    1. When your browser or device allows it, we use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand how you interact with our services, to monitor aggregate usage patterns, and to personalize and otherwise operate our services.
    2. We also use cookies for the following purposes:
      • authentication – to identify you when you visit our website and as you navigate our website;
      • status – to help us to determine if you are logged into our website;
      • personalization – to store information about your preferences and to personalize our website for you;
      • security – as an element of the security measures used to protect user accounts, including preventing fraudulent use of login credentials and to protect our website and services generally;
      • advertising – to help us display advertisements that will be relevant to you;
      • analysis – to help us analyze the use and performance of our website and services.
  7. Cookies Used by Our Third-Party Providers.

    1. Our service providers use cookies and those cookies may be stored on your computer when you visit our Service.
    2. We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our website. Google Analytics gathers information about website use by means of cookies. The information gathered relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of our website.
    3. We, and other third parties we work with, place cookies when you visit the Services and when you open emails that we send you in order to provide you more specific content about services we or our third-party providers offer. For instance, we publish Google AdSense advertisements on our website. To determine your interests, Google will track your behavior on our website and on other websites across the web using cookies.
  8. Managing Cookies.

    1. Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies and to delete cookies. The methods for doing so vary from browser to browser and from version to version. Please refer to your browser documentation on how to manage your cookies.
    2. Blocking all or some cookies may have a negative impact upon the usability of the Services.
  9. Your Rights.

    1. Certain users (European users in particular) have legal rights to obtain information about whether we hold personal information about them, to access personal information we hold about them, and to obtain its correction, update, amendment, or deletion in appropriate circumstances. Some of these rights may be subject to some exceptions. In particular, your rights may include:
      • Data Access Rights
      • Right to Restrict Processing
      • Right of Rectification
      • Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)
      • Right to Object To Processing
      • Right to Withdraw Consent; and
      • Data Portability Rights

      We will respond to your request to exercise your rights within a reasonable time and no longer than 30 days from receipt of your request. In this section, we have summarized the rights you may have under data protection laws. Some of the rights are complex, and not all of the details have been included in our summaries. Accordingly, you should read the relevant laws and guidance from the regulatory authorities for a full explanation of these rights.

    2. You have the right to confirmation as to whether or not we, or our third-party affiliates, process your personal data and, where we do, access to the personal data. If you are a job applicant, to see whether information on you is retained on Company servers, please click here . In some jurisdictions, applicable law may entitle you to request copies of your personal information held by us and you have the right to receive your personal data from us. However, this right does not apply where it would adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others. You have a right to a copy of your information. You can print a copy of your profile information using your web browser and download your attachments at any time by logging into your account and following the download process.
    3. You have the right to have any inaccurate personal data about you rectified. You can update or delete your Governmentjobs.com Profile at any time. To change or delete information on your Job Seeker Profile or within your account, login to Governmentjobs.com and follow the prompts to either “update my profile” or “delete my profile.” For inquiries related to resetting your account contact support at: [email protected] .
    4. In some circumstances you have the right to the erasure of your personal data without undue delay. Those circumstances include: the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; you withdraw consent to consent-based processing; you object to the processing under certain rules of applicable data protection law; and the personal data has been unlawfully processed. However, there are exclusions of the right to erasure. You have the option to change and delete your personal information in your active account at any time.
    5. In some circumstances you have the right to restrict or object to the processing of your personal data. Those circumstances are: you contest the accuracy of the personal data; processing is unlawful, but you oppose erasure; we no longer need the personal data for the purposes of our processing, but you require personal data for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims; and you have objected to processing, pending the verification of that objection. Where processing has been restricted on this basis, we may continue to store your personal data. However, we will only otherwise process it: with your consent; for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims; for the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person; or for reasons of important public interest. You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data on grounds relating to your situation, but only to the extent that the legal basis for the processing is that the processing is necessary for: the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of any official authority vested in us; or the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us or by a third party. If you make such an objection, we will cease to process the personal information unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override your interests, rights, and freedoms, or the processing is for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.
    6. In some instances, if you consider that our processing of your personal information infringes data protection laws, you have a legal right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority responsible for data protection.
    7. To the extent that the legal basis for our processing of your personal information is consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. If you do not want your account and profile information to be collected, used, maintained, or shared as described by this policy, you may revoke your consent by deleting your account or profile information. However, should you revoke your consent to this Privacy Policy by deleting your account, your Profile information will be removed from our Services as well as any personal information shared with third party affiliates listed in Section 2.8, and you may not access or utilize the Company Services until you consent to this Privacy Policy again. Withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing before the withdrawal, nor will it remove copies of applications you previously submit to Customers. Job Seekers can also toggle consent using the privacy controls found in either their account settings, or within correspondence you receive. If you are a Job Seeker, you can specify whether you would like to receive messages, limit which Customers can preview your Job Seeker Profile, or limit the processing of your information. To turn off or limit messages you receive from Customers (i.e. employers or potential employers), or limit which Customers can preview your Job Seeker Profile, you can log into either your www.governmentjobs.com for universal settings, or your Career Pages account for employer specific settings.
    8. Although you may submit applications to Customers through the Services, upon submission, the application becomes the property of the Customer (the Data Controller). Company is a data processor of Customer information in this regard. Customers store personal information they receive from applicants and employees on Company servers. Customers control the type(s) of information requested of applicants and employees, and how long such information is retained. This information is exclusively Customer property and Company maintains no rights to such data. Therefore, if you are a Job Seeker and would like to access, review, or correct your personal information that you submit to a Customer using the Services, you should contact the Customer with any such inquiry. Company will cooperate with such inquiry to the extent it is permitted under Company’s confidentiality and privacy obligations.
  10. Retention, Deletion, And Removal.

    1. This Section sets out our data retention policies and procedure, which are designed to help ensure that we comply with our legal obligations in relation to the retention and deletion of personal data.
    2. Personal data that we process for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes. More specifically, where Company is considered the Data Controller. Company retains your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services, comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. Upon your deletion of any data point within the account or Profile, it will be removed from the Company database server.
    3. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Section, we may retain your personal data where such retention is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject, or in order to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another natural person.
    4. Company shall dispose of your personal information in a manner designed to ensure that it cannot be reconstructed or read.
  11. Data Security and Integrity.

    1. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain accuracy, and ensure correct use of information, Company has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Company uses commercially reasonable physical and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. These safeguards include limiting access to data, storing your personal information on secure servers and computers, and periodically testing our security technology.
    2. In the event Company believes the security of your personal information in Company’s possession or control may be compromised, Company may seek to notify you by e-mail and you consent to our use of e-mail as a means of such notification.
    3. All personal data processed by Company will be encrypted at rest and in transit.
    4. You should ensure that your password is not susceptible to being guessed, whether by a person or a computer program. You are responsible for keeping the password you use for accessing the Services confidential.
    5. Company has contractual obligations with our vendors to ensure personal information is protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. Furthermore, Company employees must abide by Company’s Privacy Policy. Only authorized employees have access to personal information and that access is limited to what is reasonably needed to perform an employee’s responsibilities. Company employees who violate our policies are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
  12. Information on Children.

    These Services are not directed at children under the age of thirteen (13). Company does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen (13) on our Service. If we become aware that we have inadvertently received personal information from a visitor under the age of thirteen (13) on our Service, we will delete the information from our records.

  13. Company Details.

    This website is owned and operated by com, Inc. Our principal place of business is at 300 Continental Blvd., El Segundo, CA. You can contact us using our website contact, by telephone, on the contact number published on our website from time to time; or by email.

  14. Data Protection Officer and Representative.

    Our representative within the European Union with respect to our obligations under data protection law, and our data protection officer is Matko Dodig and you can contact our representative by email at [email protected] .

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Central Carolina Community College (CCCC)

Confucius Classroom at Central Carolina Community College

central carolina community college logo

CCCC’s Confucius Classroom Key Facts:

Opened in: 2009
Location: Sanford, North Carolina
Number of Chinese Language Courses Offered: 4 in-person, 1 online
Host Culture Events that are Open to the Community? Yes
Current Instructor: Ms. MA Yuehan 马越晗 (2016- )
Previous Instructors: Ms. WANG Guan 王冠 (2013-2016), Ms. HUANG Ling 黄凌 (2011-2013), Ms. CHE Shuya 车舒雅 (2009-2011)

Confucius Classroom at CCCC

Central Carolina Community College, along with public school systems Lee County Schools, Harnett County Schools, and Chatham County Schools are pleased to partner with the Confucius Institute at NC State University in advancing the outreach of Chinese culture and language. As a result, College and high school students will be provided increased options for language and culture classes. They will have an opportunity to enhance their understanding of China. Businesses and industries that have strong ties with China can also benefit as their employees will have opportunities to further their understanding of Chinese culture, facilitating business communications and establishment of working relationships. Learning opportunities for increased global awareness will also be provided for the community at large through the additional cultural offerings at the College.

Central Carolina Community College will host the Chinese teacher. While the Chinese teacher’s financial support will be provided by the Hanban, the teacher will join the faculty of the Humanities Department, working closely with the Humanities Department Chair, in continuing to enrich the language and culture classes offered by the College. The College will provide an office that is located with easy access to both the Vice President of Instruction and Vice President of Community and Economic Development. This will facilitate necessary conversations for the development of the outreach to the community at large as well as the public schools.

Central Carolina Community College is the first community college in the United States to have a Confucius Classroom. The Institute and Classroom are initiatives of the Chinese Ministry of Education.




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16 free online business classes that are actually worth your time

Increasingly, it’s possible to get an extremely well-rounded business education from the best professors in the world without enrolling in a university or even leaving your house

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16 free online business classes that are actually worth your time





First Wharton decided to offer the core of its first year MBA program online. Now Harvard Business School is exploring  online options as well.

Increasingly, it’s possible to get an extremely well-rounded business education from the best professors in the world without enrolling in a university or even leaving your house.

While online courses won’t necessarily give you the pay boost of a traditional two-year MBA and probably won’t land you a job on Wall Street, they can give you many of the core skills taught at top universities and business schools.

We’ve found some of the best and most useful free online business courses out there. We’ve noted which courses are self-paced and which are being released more formally and sequentially. The Coursera, Udacity, and EdX platforms all offer the opportunity to complete coursework and earn a certificate for completing the course, but any of these can be taken more casually.

Yale: Financial Markets with Bob Shiller

Yale: Financial Markets with Bob Shiller


Platform: Coursera

Length/Start date: The formal, graded course starts in February 2014, though an earlier, self paced version is available from Yale. That version has 23 lectures that are 75 minutes each.

Time commitment: Six to 12 hours a week.

Why you should take it: For one thing, it’s an opportunity to learn from Bob Shiller, the most recent Nobel Laureate in Economics and one of the most important thinkers in finance. Shiller has been essential in helping us understand how bubbles can form in financial markets.

The course is an effort to give an understanding of the theory behind financial markets and “its relation to the  history, strengths, and imperfections of such institutions as banking, insurance, securities, futures, and other derivatives markets, and the future of these institutions over the next century.”

The course is a good foundation for people in business to understand the environment they work in and is interesting for econ and finance buffs.

Stanford: Entrepreneurship Through The Lens Of Venture Capital

Stanford: Entrepreneurship Through The Lens Of Venture Capital


Platform: Stanford/ITunesU

Length/Start date: A total of 11 self-paced lectures.

Time commitment: Each lecture varies, but the average length is about an hour.

Why you should take it: The idea of getting venture capital backing and scaling a business from nothing to an IPO sounds incredibly intimidating. This course is an effort to explain that process, from the perspective of the people that invest in tiny startups with the expectation of making a massive return.

The course comes from Stanford, which has produced its share of successful entrepreneurs, including Sergey Brin and Larry Page. A variety of guest lecturers, both successful venture capitalists and investors, give advice as part of the course.

Stanford: Game Theory

Stanford: Game Theory


Platform: Coursera

Length/Start date: Started October 14th, runs for 9 weeks.

Time commitment/prerequisites: Takes five to seven hours a week. Requires basic probability theory, and lightweight calculus (the ability to take a derivative).

Why you should take it: Made famous by mathematician John Nash, the subject of the book and film “A Beautiful Mind,” game theory is the mathematical study of how rational and irrational actors interact in strategic, competitive situations.

It looks at the incentives and behavior driving everything from what we traditionally think of as games to competition among firms, trading behavior on stock markets, and Google keyword auctions.

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: Gamification

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: Gamification


Platform: Coursera

Length/Start date: Starts January 27, and lasts 10 weeks.

Time commitment: Four to eight hours a week.

Why you should take it: This course was Wharton’s first MOOC offering. Gamification is one of the hottest buzzwords in business. It’s the application of techniques from video games and their design to non-game problems, like managing people or solving business problems.

The best games leverage psychology and technology, just like good managers do, and organizations are increasingly using tools and techniques learned from video games to boost productivity, in human resources, and to engage customers. This course looks at how gamification works and can be used most effectively.

Columbia: Financial Engineering And Risk Management (Part 1)

Columbia: Financial Engineering And Risk Management (Part 1)


Platform:  Coursera

Length/Start date: Starts October 28, and lasts seven weeks.

Time commitment/prerequisites: Requires seven to 10 hours a week. Students need undergraduate calculus, linear algebra, and statistics. Good Excel skills are helpful.

Why you should take it: This is a more involved and technical finance class, but it’s well worth it for people that want a deeper understanding of how markets work and how to invest.

The class focuses on how to build the sorts of models involved in “financial engineering,” the creation of derivative securities (investments with prices based on other assets). It will also look at the role that some of these assets, particularly mortgage backed securities, played in the financial crisis.

There’s a follow-up course that goes into even more detail.

Duke: How To Reason And Argue

Duke: How To Reason And Argue


Platform:  Coursera

Length/Start date: Started August 26, and lasts 12 weeks.

Time commitment: Five to six hours a week, no prerequisites.

Why you should take it: While it might be couched in more business-friendly terms like “negotiation,” “sales,” or “motivation,” a lot of business is about convincing people to do things that they don’t really want to — accept a lesser deal or push through exhaustion to get a project done, for example.

This course gives a detailed tutorial on how to break down someone else’s argument, recognize flawed or vague reasoning, and construct a brilliant argument of your own. 

Duke: A Beginner’s Guide To Irrational Behavior

Duke: A Beginner's Guide To Irrational Behavior


Platform: Coursera

Length/Start date: The course ran last spring and all materials are available. It’s designed to last eight weeks.

Time commitment: Seven to 10 hours a week, and no background is required other than a “curiosity about human nature.”

Why you should take it: People aren’t always rational. They do unpredictable things that are often baffling to those who try to think rationally.

The course is taught by Duke’s Dan Ariely, author of the best-selling book “Predictably Irrational” and one of the most prominent scholars studying this through the lens of behavioral economics. A student who’s taken 36 MOOCs said it was the one he’d most recommend to a first-time MOOC student.

The idea is to introduce students to a range of cases where people make decisions inconsistent with standard economic theory, which assumes rational decision making, and think about how insights about that sort of behavior can be applied.

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Marketing

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Marketing


Platform: Coursera

Length/Start date: Nine weeks long, and started October 14

Time commitment/prerequisites: Requires five to six hours a week. Though no formal prerequisites are required, this is an MBA course, so a business background helps.    

Why you should take it: Wharton has one of the highest-ranked marketing programs in the world, and this course is team-taught by three of its stars: Peter Fader, David Bell, and Barbara E. Khan.

Anyone interested in starting a business needs to learn how to relate to customers and sell their products, so this is an absolutely essential course.

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Financial Accounting

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Financial Accounting


Platform: Coursera

Length/start date: Runs ten weeks, and started September 15

Time commitment/prerequisites: Six to eight hours a week, and no background in the area required.  

Why you should take it: Learning the basics of accounting and how to read a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow is incredibly useful for just about anybody. The course is also designed for students with no background in the subject, and the only math requirement is knowing how to add and subtract.

As the professor puts it, accounting is “the language of business.”  

The course is also offered by one of the most prestigious business schools in the country, and taught by one of Wharton’s senior and most highly regarded faculty members, Brian Bushee, a 13-year veteran of Wharton and former Harvard Business School professor. Though it’s a bit more restrictive than the entirely self-directed courses, and new material will be released periodically, you get more of a community feel and more resources.

“You will not only better understand what people in the business media are talking about,” the course description says, “you will also be able to notice when they don’t know what they are talking about!”

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Operations Management

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Operations Management


Platform: Coursera

Length/Start date: Eight weeks long, and started September 30

Time commitment/prerequisites: Five to seven hours a week. The course is “designed for business students and executives,” but there are no academic or math requirements.

Why you should take it: This is the second course in Wharton’s “MBA Foundation Series,” which teaches a lot of what a first-year student enrolled at the school would learn. Anyone who has hopes to rise from being an employee to managing or running a company needs to learn some of the key principles behind analyzing and improving business processes, boosting productivity, and meeting higher standards.

The professor, Christian Terwiesch, is a multiple award-winner for his teaching at Wharton, and wrote one of the most popular textbooks on operations management.

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Corporate Finance

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction To Corporate Finance


Platform: Coursera

Length/start date: Runs for six weeks, and starts October 28

Time commitment: Takes six to eight hours a week, no formal requirements, but it’s a course taught to MBA students who have managed to get into Wharton, so it starts at a high level.   

Why you should take it: This is an entirely different set of tools than the ones you learn in accounting, helping provide the basics of valuing companies, valuing stocks and bonds, and using other tools to analyze financial decisions.

You can’t do much better for a pure MBA experience, as these are based on lectures given to Wharton students, and you’re learning from one of the acknowledged masters of the subject in Franklin Allen, a 30-year veteran of the school who wrote one of the most popular textbooks available on the subject.

Udacity: How To Build A Startup

Udacity: How To Build A Startup


Platform: Udacity

Length/Start date: Self paced

Time commitment/prerequisites: Students are free to pace themselves, and Blank suggests that they have at least some idea of the business they want to create.

Why you should take it: This course is a bit unusual, in that it’s not produced in partnership with a university or traditional professor, and it’s not about a traditional academic subject.

It’s a practical and thorough guide to how to create your own company by successful serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, based on an approach he’s been using and teaching for years. It takes would-be entrepreneurs through everything from developing a viable product to figuring out how they’re actually going to make money.

MIT/UC Berkeley: Introductory Macro And Microeconomics

MIT/UC Berkeley: Introductory Macro And Microeconomics


Platform: MIT OpenCourseWare / UC Berkeley on ITunesU

Length/Start date: Self paced

Time commitment/prerequisites: The course is taken entirely independently. Some basic, single variable calculus is required, but no more than you’d learn in a high school calculus class.  

Why you should take it: Economics has a bad reputation, but it’s absolutely vital.

This introductory microeconomics class is one of the most popular that MIT has made available, and is taught by Jonathan Gruber. He’s been teaching there for 20 years and is an extremely prominent economist who helped design Massachusetts’ groundbreaking health-care reform.

Economics, and microeconomics in particular, are about how we make the best decision given scarce resources like money or time. That’s useful in itself, as is this course as background for more advanced work. 

Berkeley also offers its introductory micro class online, along with introductory macroeconomics, and intermediate courses in both. Also worth checking out is international economics for those who take a more global angle.

MIT: Innovation And Commercialization

MIT: Innovation And Commercialization


Platform: EdX

Length/start date: Runs for 13 weeks, and started September 16

Time commitment/prerequisites: 12 hours a week, and no prerequisites required other than an interest in the subject.  

Why you should take it: It’s one thing to talk about coming up with an innovative product, but it’s another thing entirely to do it. The same goes for making an existing company more agile and quicker to come up with new ideas.

This course takes an intelligent look at how innovation happens in the real world, rather than how people talk about it in meetings. It’s taught by Eugene Fitzgerald, who came up with important innovations in his own right during his time at ATT’s Bell Labs and later; and Andreas Wankerl, who runs the Innovation Interface at MIT and Cornell.

Columbia: Economics Of Money And Banking

Columbia: Economics Of Money And Banking


Platform: Coursera

Length/Start date: Lasts seven weeks, and started September 1, though material will remain available. Part two starts October 13.

Time commitment/prerequisites: Five to seven hours a week. Students who take the course at Barnard and Columbia have completed intermediate macro and microeconomics, but students have also done fine without having taken those courses.

Why you should take it: For the last five years, the economy has been front and center in the news as our banking and economic systems all but collapsed, were rescued, and are slowly coming back. 

Behind the crisis and behind the recovery is an enormously complex system that relatively few people understand. This course is an effort to explain how money markets work, which is essential for anybody who truly wants to understand how everything moves in the economy.

MIT: Introduction To Lean Six Sigma Methods

MIT: Introduction To Lean Six Sigma Methods


Platform:  MIT OpenCourseWare

Length/Start date: Self paced

Time commitment: Taught in three eight-hour sessions to students.

Why you should take it: Lean Six Sigma principles are used throughout the business world to control quality and constantly improve manufacturing.

The strategies originated at Toyota and Motorola respectively and have been widely adopted throughout the business world. This course aims to teach people how to apply the core principles to boost quality, customer satisfaction, productivity, and financial performance.

The course focuses on the aerospace industry, but the principles can be applied anywhere.

BONUS: Ben Bernanke on the Federal Reserve and MIT’s Andrew Lo on Financial Theory

BONUS: Ben Bernanke on the Federal Reserve and MIT's Andrew Lo on Financial Theory


The Bernanke Lectures

Before joining the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke was an academic economist and professor at Princeton University. Last year, he returned to his roots with a series of four very thorough and valuable lectures on the history of the Federal Reserve, the conduct of monetary policy, and the financial crisis.

Financial Theory with Andrew Lo

Andrew Lo is one of the leading minds in the world when it comes to hedge funds and financial engineering. His course for MBAs at MIT’s Sloan School of Management on financial theory is definitely worth a look for those interested in the field.

It’s not just what you know, but how you use it >> 18 People Whose Incredible Work Ethic Paid Off

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Harvard University


Frequently Asked Questions

What distance learning programs are offered at Harvard?

Several distance education programs are available. In addition to the programs listed below, Harvard offers a variety of open learning opportunities, including online courses and modules. A full list of online courses and other forms of digital learning from across Harvard is available.

Through the edX learning platform, founded by Harvard and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), anyone with an Internet connection can gain access to courses from Harvard, MIT, and other partner academic institutions. View  classes available from HarvardX  or  read more about edX .

The Harvard Extension School

The Division of Continuing Education and the Harvard Extension School offers many courses for credit over the Internet. The Internet is used to deliver course lectures with video, audio, and multimedia. Live lectures are recorded and made available on demand through “streaming video” technology. Students use additional technologies to work on exams and homework assignments and to communicate with the instructor and other students in the class.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard ManageMentor:  These online interactive exercises help prepare students for real-world challenges, with flexible, self-directed learning options. Their programs include expert commentary and real-life examples from Harvard Business School faculty and business leaders.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

WIDE World : The goal of WIDE World is to transform school systems by developing professional communities of teachers and school leaders with interactive online courses and on-site support programs that enable schools to cultivate the critical learning students need for the 21st century world.

Harvard Kennedy School

Executive Education : Harvard Kennedy School offers a series of online Executive Education programs designed to reach an audience of nonprofit and NGO managers from around the world, who, given the costs and distances, are not able to attend on-campus Executive Education.

Harvard Medical School

Department of Continuing Education : Continuing Medical Education Online offers online courses and sample cases from HMS faculty. Their programs are designed to provide the most up to date information and strategies for physicians and allied health professionals.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Master of Science Degree in Health Care Management : The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health offers a master’s program in health care management partially online. The program features intensive weekend and summer sessions on-site, complemented by a distance learning component. The program allows participants to continue working full-time while pursuing the degree. The unique courses incorporate features of continuous learning, where skills learned in the classroom can be applied immediately to the participant’s work site.

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New course brings data to a different audience as its importance continues to grow in different directions.

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President Bacow welcomes first-year students at their convocation

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Over nearly 80 years, Harvard study has been showing how to live a healthy and happy life

Over nearly 80 years, Harvard study has been showing how to live a healthy and happy life

For nearly 80 years, the Harvard Study of Adult Development has been producing data and lessons on how to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

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Grad School Hub

Grad School Hub

Find Your Degree
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Princeton University

Home / Colleges /Princeton University

A charter was granted in 1746 for “the education of youth in the learned languages and in the liberal arts and sciences” to the Province of New Jersey in the name of King George II. The school, known as the College of New Jersey, was unique from the beginning as the charter allowed for any religious denomination to attend. Classes began with ten students, young men, who met for class in the parlor of Reverend Jonathan Dickinson in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In 1756, the school moved to Princeton.

The first building on campus, Nassau Hall, was named for King William III, Prince of Orange of the House of Nassau, was the largest in the Colonies. For almost 50 years, the entire college was housed in Nassau Hall and, during the American Revolution, it survived occupation by armies on both sides. The building still bears a cannonball scar from the Battle of Princeton.

A new charter was developed in 1780, declaring that the trustees no longer had to swear allegiance to the King of England and the Continental Congress met in Nassau Hall in 1783, making it the capital of the United States for a short time. With nine members of the Continental Congress being alumni, Princeton boasts the highest number of founding fathers than any other American or British institution. This led to another revision in the charter requiring trustees to declare allegiance to the United States in 1799.

The College of New Jersey was renamed Princeton University in 1896 along with an informal motto “Princeton in the nations service.” In 1902, Woodrow Wilson, who would go on to become President of the United States, became president of the university. Under his direction, the faculty doubled in size and curriculum was revised to include general studies for freshmen and sophomores.

Today, every student who attends Princeton shares a tradition of academic excellence that began more than 260 years ago. From the Dickinson parlor’s library of a few books to today’s Firestone Library, which contains more than seven million volumes to Nassau Hall, which has grown into a campus of more than 500 acres, Princeton is constantly evolving.

Although Princeton began as a school to education young men, it became co-educational in 1969. Approximately 5,200 undergraduates and 2,600 graduate students now learn from the more than 1,100 full- and part-time faculty members. Almost all undergraduate and two-thirds of graduate students live on campus.

Princeton University Accreditation Details

Princeton University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This accreditation indicates that a voluntary, non-governmental association has found that the university promotes educational excellence with diverse missions, student populations and resources. In addition, specific programs offered at Princeton have received accreditation from organizations within a particular industry.

Princeton University Application Requirements

Undergraduate students who wish to attend Princeton should complete the Common Application or the Universal College Application. Students must also provide a School Report, Counselor Recommendation and official transcript along with two teacher recommendations. Students must also provide official SAT or ACT scores.

Graduate students must complete the application and provide a statement of academic purpose that outlines goals for graduate study. Students must provide a resume and letters of recommendation along with official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Students must also provide GRE or GMAT scores as well.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergraduate tuition at Princeton is $45,150 for full-time attendance. Full-time graduate school tuition is $43,450 or $3,280 per credit hour. Approximately 60 percent of all students who attend Princeton receive financial aid. In 2001, Princeton became the first university to offer aid recipients a financial aid package that replaces loans with grant aid that students are not required to repay. In 2014-15, the average aid grant covered 100 percent of tuition receiving aid with an average grant of $46,000. In addition, 83 percent of recent seniors graduated debt-free and the average indebtedness for students who did obtain loans privately was $6,600. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to qualify for financial aid.

Online Degree(s) Available

Master of Arts in Psychology

Students in the Master of Arts in Psychology program at Princeton University are prepared for careers in research and teaching in the industry. Students are able to specialize their studies in:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Language
  • Learning and Memory
  • Perception and Cognition
  • Psychology of Inequality
  • Social Neuroscience
  • Social Psychology
  • Systems Neuroscience

Students work closely with a faculty adviser in order to develop and conduct research. Students take advance seminars while continuing research projects that begin in their first year. They will be required to prepare a written report of the project as well. Students must master methods and techniques in their chosen field of study, complete thesis-related research and write a thesis. Students must also write and submit for publication research conducted during their studies.

Students should meet with an adviser before they begin selecting courses to be sure that those chosen meet the requirements of their concentration. Because the Princeton Graduate School consists of scholars engaged in ongoing research, discussion and scholarly exchange, students are required to be present on campus a majority of the days of the week for the academic term. All candidates must spend at least one year in residence in Princeton or in the vicinity. Graduate study is full-time and students are expected to pursue degree-related work while attending the university. Although there may be the availability of some online courses throughout the graduate program, the majority of classes are only offered in a traditional format. Students must be in good administrative standing in order to receive their advanced degree. Transfer credits are not accepted as part of any graduate degree at Princeton. Students who wish to transfer to Princeton must submit to a general examination in the subject after meeting residence requirements and any other departmental requirements.

Some of the courses required for completion of the degree include, but are not limited to:

  • Proseminar in Basic Problems in Psychology: Cognitive Psychology
  • Quantitative Analysis in Psychological Research
  • Research Seminar in Cognitive Psychology
  • Design and Interpretation of Social Psychological Research
  • Current Issues in Neuroscience and Behavor

Although Princeton does not offer an online master’s degree in psychology, the school does provide a high-quality educational experience that prepares students for leadership roles in the human service industry.

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  • 30 Amazing Eco-friendly University Science Labs
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  • 30 Most Affordable Master’s in Information Technology Online 2018
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  • Top 10 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Sociology Degrees 2017
  • Top 30 Affordable Online Master’s in Dietetics 2017
  • Top 30 Affordable Online Master’s in Forensic Psychology 2017
  • Top 30 Affordable Online Master’s in Criminology Programs 2017
  • Top 30 Best Doctoral Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs 2017
  • Top 30 Affordable Online Master’s in Health Administration 2017
  • Top 30 Ranked Affordable Online Master’s in Management 2017
  • Top 30 Online Master’s in Nurse Administration 2017-2018
  • 15 Best Affordable Master’s in Finance Online 2017-2018
  • 20 Best Master’s in Computer Engineering Online 2017
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Essay Science and Technology


Guide To Exam






Essay on Science and Technology

Essay on Science and Technology

Team – GuideToExam
September 30, 2017

Essay on science and technology: – Today science and technology have developed a lot. We even cannot think of to live for a single day without science and technology. Very often you may get to write an essay on science and technology or an article on science and technology in different board examinations. Here are a few essays on science and technology along with a speech on science and technology. These essays can also be used to prepare a paragraph on science and technology.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

science and technology essay

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  • To check your essay for grammar and punctuation check with Grammarlookup online editor, it can detect variety of grammar and punctuation errors.

50 words Essay on Science and Technology / Very short essay on Science and Technology

Advancement of science and technology has made us more advanced in comparison to ancient time. It has completely changed our way of living and work as well. In today’s world, a country’s development completely depends on science and technology. It has made our lives comfortable and burden free. In modern days we cannot live without science and technology.

100 words Essay on Science and Technology

We are now in the age of Science and Technology. In present days it is very necessary for us to step forward with the rapid development of science and technology. The whole world has completely been changed with the different inventions of science. In ancient time people considered the moon or the sky as God. But now people can travel to the moon or to space. This becomes possible only because of development of science and technology. Again science has made our lives comfortable with the invention of different machines. Lots of changes can be seen in different sectors like sports, economy, medical, agriculture, education etc. as a result of the advancement of science and technology.

150 words Essay on Science and Technology

It is called that the modern age is an age of science and technology. Many scientific inventions have been taken place in the present age. It has made our lives easy and comfortable. Science and technology play a vital role in every walk of our life.

            In the present age, we cannot live without science and technology. The importance of science and technology in our daily life is immense. We find the wonders of science wherever we look. Electricity, computer, bus, train, telephone, mobile, computer – all are the gifts of science. Development of medical science has lengthened our lives. On the other hand, the internet has made a remarkable change in the field of communication and information and technology as well. Television has brought the whole world to our bedroom.

            Advancement in science and technology has made our lives pleasant, but it has also made life complex to a certain extent. But we cannot deny the benefits of science and technology in our daily lives.

N.B. – It is not possible to write all points on science and technology in a 50 or 100 words essay on science and technology. The points that are missing in this essay are portrayed in the next essays.

200 words Essay on Science and Technology

Science and Technology have benefitted human life in various ways. Within the last four to five decades, Science and Technology have changed the face of the world. We can feel the blessings of Science and Technology in every walk of our life. With the development of Science and Technology, man has got mastery over many things and human life has become more comfortable than before.science and technology essay

            In the field of transport and communication, Science and Technology have gifted us the bus, train, car, airplane, mobile phone, telephone etc. Again medical science has made us powerful enough to fight against any kind of disease. Due to the advancement of Science and Technology today human can travel up to space. Today the world has become a small village. It has become possible only because of the remarkable development in the field of transport and communication.

            We cannot deny the gifts of science, but we also cannot forget that the deadly war weapons are also the inventions of science. But for that, we cannot blame science. Science can don’t harm us if we use science and technology in the proper way for the development of human civilization.

250 words Essay on Science and Technology

In today’s world, Science and technology have become an integral part of human life. Science has made our lives easier and technology has made our works simple and faster as well. We can see the magic of science and technology wherever we see. Without science, we cannot even think to run our daily routine. We get up early in the morning with the ring of an alarm clock; which is a gift of science. Then for the whole day, we take help from different gifts of science in our work. Medical science has reduced our sorrows and sufferings and lengthened our lives. Development in transport and communication has made the human being more advanced. science and technology essayIn a developing country like India advancement of Science and Technology is very necessary for the rapid development of the nation. The Countries like USA, China, and Russia are called superpowers because they are more advanced in Science and Technology than other countries. Now the government of India is also taking different steps for development of Science and technology in the country. Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam believed that science and technology is a beautiful gift to humanity and country cannot be developed properly if the scientific base of the country isn’t strong enough.

 It can be concluded that Science and technology have become a part and parcel of human life. But sometimes people misuse the science and its inventions and that harms the society. Science and technology can be a friend for us if we use it for the benefits of the society or development of people.

300 words Essay on Science and Technology/Paragraph on Science and technology

It is said that 21st century is the century of science and technology. Today we do almost all our works with the help of science and technology. In modern times the proper growth of a country cannot be imagined without science and technology. We all know the value of science and technology in our everyday life. Different inventions of Science have made our daily lives simple and stress-free as well. On the other hand, technology has taught us the modern way of living.science and technology essay

On the other hand, the economic growth of a country also depends on the growth of science and technology. As per recent data our country India has the 3rd largest scientific manpower in the world. India is developing gradually in the field of science and technology. Indian Space Research Organization has its own Satellite Launching Vehicle among the all other countries in the world. After independence, India has launched a number of satellites in the space of its own effort. On November 5, 2013, India has again proved its power in the field of science and technology by launching Mangalyaan to Mars. Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam worked himself in DRDO (Defense research and development organization) and ISRO and tried to develop India in the field of science and technology.


With the advancement of science and technology, some deadly weapons have been developed and modern wars of different nations have become more devastating and destructive. Nuclear Energy has become a real threat to this world in modern time. Keeping this in mind great scientist Einstein remarked that the fourth world war would be battled with stones or evacuated trees. Actually, he scared that inventions of deadly war weapons might end up human civilization someday. But if we use science and technology for the wellness of human being, it will develop us in the most rapid way.

1 minute speech on Science and Technology

Good morning to all. I am standing before you to deliver a short speech on Science and technology. We all know that today we cannot live a single minute without science and technology. The importance of science and technology in our daily life is immense. Science has gifted us different useful machines or gadgets that have made our lives simple and comfortable. It has developed us a lot in different fields like agriculture, sports, and astronomy, medical etc. The revolutionary invention of the wheel in the Bronze Age has changed the lifestyle of the human. Today we have achieved a lot in the field of transport and communication due to the advancement of science and technology. In fact, it can be concluded that we cannot imagine ourselves in this modern world without science and technology.

Thank You!

Final Words- We have prepared a number of essay on Science and Technology along with a speech on science and technology for you as well. We have tried to cover as much as possible points in our each essay on science and technology.

Artificial Intelligence becomes one of the most important parts of our daily life. Our life will be drastically changed by AI because this technology is to be used in a wide area of day to day services.

These technologies reduce human effort. Now in many industries, people are using this technology to develop machine slaves to perform the different activity. Using the machine for the work speed up your process of doing work and give you an accurate result. Here’s an article which will walk you through  Artificial Intelligence, Benefits To Society

Any more points to add?

Mail us @ [email protected]

Team GuideToExam will come up with your points.



About The Author

Team – GuideToExam

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Comments (3)

  1. aarti May 26, 2018

    please provide a essay on Union Indian budget


    • Team – GuideToExam May 26, 2018

      Sure,It will also be published soon.. Stay tuned.


  2. Baisakhi Maity August 23, 2018

    It’s nice but most common things r there….
    But good- easy words n understanding


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Ielts Essays

IELTS essay:The development of science and technology benefit our life. However, scientists cannot find effective solutions to the problems they created. To what degree do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Essay topics: IELTS essay:The development of science and technology benefit our life. However, scientists cannot find effective solutions to the problems they created. To what degree do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

essaykings picture

The development of science and technology makes our life more comfortable and convenient. However, scientists have created many problems, which are not easy to be resolved, such as air pollution, the deterioration of environment and the scarcity of natural resources, to which we must some solutions.

Modern science and technology render people many advantages. Modern telecommunication shortens the distance between people and makes communication much easier. Internet is widely used now not only for collection of abundant information but also for correspondence. Email, the most effective communication device now, is becoming very popular. Besides, telephone and mobile phone make contact more convenient than before.

Modern transportation, such as airplanes and high-speed trains make our journey smooth and fast. With the help of modern transportation, people can go everywhere they prefer to. The journey to outer space and other planets is not a dream any more. Rockets and space shuttles can help us realize the dream of space travel.

Modern medicine prolongs people’s life and relieves patients of sufferings from many diseases. Cancer and AIDS are fatal to people’s health. Thanks to the endeavors scientists have made, these diseases become treatable.

However, the process of scientific development also arouses many sever problems to our human beings. Internet, though widely used in modern communication, is easy to be destroyed by computer virus. Outer space exploration has produced much waste in the space. A tiny metal, a screw, for example can destroy a flying man-made satellite. Industrialization is making natural resources become scarce.

Confronted with these problems, scientists are seeking prompt and feasible solutions. The development of science and technology bring about both positive and negative effects to us. We must eliminate the positive effects to the least extent. (286 words totally)

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IEET > Vision > Contributors > Lee-Roy Chetty > Technoprogressivism

The Role of Science and Technology in the Developing World in the 21st Century

Lee-Roy Chetty  

Oct 3, 2012  

Ethical Technology  

Developments in science and technology are fundamentally altering the way people live, connect, communicate and transact, with profound effects on economic development. To promote tech advance, developing countries should invest in quality education for youth, and continuous skills training for workers and managers.

Science and technology are key drivers to development, because technological and scientific revolutions underpin economic advances, improvements in health systems, education and infrastructure.

The technological revolutions of the 21st century are emerging from entirely new sectors, based on micro-processors, tele-communications, bio-technology and nano-technology. Products are transforming business practices across the economy, as well as the lives of all who have access to their effects. The most remarkable breakthroughs will come from the interaction of insights and applications arising when these technologies converge.

Through breakthroughs in health services and education, these technologies have the power to better the lives of poor people in developing countries. Eradicating malaria, a scourge of the African continent for centuries, is now possible. Cures for other diseases which are endemic in developing countries are also now possible, allowing people with debilitating conditions to live healthy and productive lives.

Access and application are critical. Service and technology are the differentiators between countries that are able to tackle poverty effectively by growing and developing their economies, and those that are not. The extent to which developing economies emerge as economic powerhouses depends on their ability to grasp and apply insights from science and technology and use them creatively. Innovation is the primary driver of technological growth and drives higher living standards.

As an engine of growth, the potential of technology is endless, and still largely untapped in Africa and other developing world regions across the globe. Less developed countries not only lack skilled labour and capital, but also use these less efficiently. Inputs account for less than half of the differences in per capita income across nations. The rest is due to the inability to adopt and adapt technologies to raise productivity.

Computing for example, through unlocking infrastructure backlogs and managing integrated supply chains, can transform economic performance by enabling affordable and accessible services in education and healthcare. The combination of computers and the Internet, and mobile devices and the “cloud”, has transformed human experience, empowering individuals through access to knowledge and markets, changing the relationship between citizens and those in authority, as well as allowing new communities to emerge in virtual worlds that span the globe.

According to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (UN-ITU), by the end of 2010 there were an estimated 5.3 billion mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide, including 940 million subscriptions to 3g services. About 90 percent of the world’s population can access mobile networks, with three-quarters of mobile subscribers living in developing economies. Cellular technology has allowed Africa to leapfrog the age of fixed line telephony, bringing affordable access to millions of people.

However, the continued and equitable expansion of Information Communication Technology (ICT) depends on electricity. The real divide over the next 20 years will be between those who have access to reliable electricity to power these devices and those who do not.

Other technologies under development are interventions for cognitive enhancement, proton cancer therapy and genetic engineering. Revolutionary inventions include small underground nuclear power units called nuclear batteries that will be ultra-safe and maintenance-free; new types of photo-voltaics that will make electricity from sunlight cheaper than that from coal; and myriad nano-technologies, some of which lower the cost and increase the reliability of many products – even in the poorest areas of the developing world.

Managing technological revolutions poses challenges. Certain innovations and discoveries will raise fraught bio-ethical issues, as genetic modification of food crops and cloning of human embryos has already done. There is a risk that their cost, particularly in the early stages of development, will worsen the present inequality by limiting access to wealthy individuals. This already happens in health care in certain G7 countries, where the demand for very high-cost diagnostic equipment and surgical interventions enabling longevity and better quality of life for older wealthy people overstretches public health care budgets, and lowers service quality in poor neighborhoods. Finally, resource-intensive technologies, focused on satisfying high consumption demand, like holidays abroad in costal resorts, wilderness areas, or iconic cities, increase carbon emissions and environmental damage.

To promote technological advances, developing countries should invest in quality education for youth, continuous skills training for workers and managers, and should ensure that knowledge is shared as widely as possible across society.

In a world in which the Internet makes information ubiquitous, what counts is the ability to use knowledge intelligently. Knowledge is the systemically integrated information that allows a citizen, a worker, a manager, or a finance minister to act purposefully and intelligently in a complex and demanding world. The only form of investment that allows for increasing returns is in building the stocks and flows of knowledge that a country or organization needs, an in encouraging new insights and techniques.

Adopting appropriate technologies leads directly to higher productivity, which is the key to growth. In societies that have large stock and flows of knowledge, virtuous circles that encourage widespread creativity and technological innovation emerge naturally, and allow sustained growth over long periods. In societies with limited stocks of knowledge, bright and creative people feel stifled and emigrate as soon as they can, creating a vicious circle that traps those who remain in a more impoverished space. Such societies stay mired in poverty and dependency.
The investment climate is crucial, as are the right incentive structures, to guide the allocation of resources, and to encourage research and development.

Successful countries have grown their ability to innovate and learn by doing, by investing public funding to help finance research and development in critical areas. Everyone is involved – big and small, public and private, rich and poor.

The benefits that are certain to flow from technological revolution in an increasingly connected world and knowledge-intensive world will be seized by those countries and companies that are alive to the rapidly changing environment, and nimble enough to take advantage of the opportunities. Those that succeed will make substantial advances in reducing poverty and inequality.

(0) Comments  

Lee-Roy Chetty
Lee-Roy Chetty holds a masters degree in media studies from the University of Cape Town and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. A two-time recipient of the National Research Fund Scholarship, he is currently completing his PhD at UCT and an economics degree with Unisa.



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5 Reasons Why India is Still a Developing Country


Economics Discussion

Economics Discussion
Discuss Anything About Economics

India as a less Developed Country

Article Shared by


The Indian economy is currently a less developed economy.

All the features of an under- developed economy were still present in India right at the time of freedom and have not changed much till today.

(i) Poor Per Capita (Per Head) Income:

On the basis of per capital income, India is considered as one of the poor countries in the world. The poverty and backwardness India had inherited from the British rule. In order to give ‘Big Push’ to the standstill still economy, the government adopted the technique of ‘democratic’ planning’. However, India still remains one of the most underdeveloped countries in respect of per capita income. According to World Development Report 2005, India was one of the forty-six low income countries in 2003.


In the group of low income economies eight countries had higher per capita GNP (Gross National Product) than India. In 2003 India’s Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) estimate of GNP per capita was as low as $2,880. It was 1/13th GNP per capita as compared to USA, or 1/10th GNP per capita as compared to any developed economy.

According to the Planning Commission, the average daily calorie intake per head is 2400 for rural area, 2100 for urban area and 2250 for overall India. If a person fails to consume this calorie, he is considered as below poverty line. Thus, according to recent statistics one out of three Indians is a poor person.

(ii) Inequality of Income and High Poverty:

In India, distribution of income and wealth is unequal. Private ownership leads to concentration of wealth in few hands. Income inequalities result from concentration of capital and wealth. According to World Development Report 2000/2001, the bottom 40% of households in India only spent 19.7 % of total household-expenditure, whereas top 20% of households shared 46% of the same.

The] middle 40% only shared 34.3% of the household expenditure. The Gini Lorenz Ratio (an index of measuring inequality of income) was 0.378 in 1997 as against 0.297 in 1994. The problem of mass poverty is the sure outcome of income inequalities. According to the Planning Commission, the overall percentage below poverty line was 36 in 1993- 94, while 37.3 and 32.4 in rural and urban areas respectively. The latest estimates said that the percentage of population below poverty line is still very high.

(iii) High Dependence on Agriculture:


In India, occupational distribution is not at all up to the mark and clearly shows the economic backwardness. In 1951 about 69.7% of the total working population was engaged in primary (agricultural) sector. The figure had little improved in 1991, which was about 64.9% of total working population employed in agriculture occupation.

India is an Argo-based economy. In 2001, contribution of agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product (GNP) was 24%. This again came down to 237o recently. Table 1 is based on GDP by industry origin in 2001 for selected countries of developed and underdeveloped economies.

Gross Domestic Product by Industry of Origin

(iv) Rapid Population Growth:

India is an overpopulated country. Population in India has been growing at a fast rate. According to 2001 census, the population of India is 1,025 million as against 439 million in 1961. Recently, India’s population growth rate had increased about 2.14% per year. India at present is passing through second stage of demographic transition, which is supported by decline in birth rate and falling death rate. This leads to population explosion in India. This has also resulted in high dependency ratio,

(v) Low Level of Human Development:

According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), human development can be measured in terms of Human Development Index (HDD. HDI is a composition of three basic indicators like,

(a) Life Expectancy at Birth;

(b) Educational Attainment (Adult Literacy Rate and Gross Enrolment Ratio); and

(c) Real per Capita GDP.

The maximum and minimum values of HDI lie between zero and one. According to Human Development Report, 2004, we can Prepare Table 2.


HDI Value and Ranking of Selected Countries

From Table 2, it is clear that India with a HDI value of 0.595 ranks a lowly 127 in terms of HDI.

(vi) Unemployment:

The most important feature of Indian economy is widespread unemployment. According to NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization) surveys, India’s unemployment can be estimated in three concepts: the usual status, the weekly status and the daily status. The usual status shows only open unemployment.

According to 55th Round of the NSSO 1999- 2000, the current daily status of unemployment rates for urban and rural workers were 7.70% and 7.20% respectively. According to the Planning Commission, 2001-02, the total daily status unemployment was 3.49 crores. In India the chronic unemployment results in the structural disorder in the economy. Urban unemployment in India is mainly of three types: educational, structural and frictional, whereas rural unemployment is of two types: disguised and seasonal.

(vii) Shortage of Capital:

Capital formation plays a vital role for the economic development of a country. Accumulation of capital helps a country to overcome economic backwardness. In 1950- 51, the gross saving-investment rate of India was about 8.9%. In 2001-02, the rates of gross domestic saving and gross domestic capital formation were estimated to be 24.0% and 23.7% respectively. However, these rates are not adequate, hence, the economic growth rate is not up to the mark, compared to other developed nations, the capital formation in India is still far behind.

(viii) Primitive Technology:

In India, technologies used for different types of production are very much primitive and backward in nature. Although India is an agro- based economy but still large portion of the cultivable land are without irrigation facilities. Primitive and outdated techniques are still used by the farmers for cultivating crops and vegetables.

In large-scale industries modern techniques are used for producing different capital and consumer goods. However, in small-scale and tiny scale industries still primitive methods of production are going on. In terms of using modern and sophisticated techniques of production, India is far behind the developed countries.

(ix) Low Entrepreneurship Capabilities:

India is suffering with the problem low entrepreneurship capabilities. Lack of efficient and risk-taking entrepreneurs is one of the important reason behind the slow rate of economic growth in India. In India the number of capable private entrepreneurs are too less compared in to developed countries like USA. UK, France etc. Most of Indian industrialists are concentrating on short-term profits rather than long-run development. Except IT- sector, the number of efficient industrialists are much in all the other sectors of production. According to Joseph A. Schumpeter India is lagging far behind in innovating entrepreneurs.

Why India is Considered as a Developing Economy? (6 Reasons)
Essay on Indian Economy

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Fun Facts & Nostalgia 5 Reasons Why India is Still a Developing Country

  • Fun Facts & Nostalgia
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5 Reasons Why India is Still a Developing Country



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1. Corruption

corruption Image Source

Corruption leads to an increase in the transaction cost. Corruption also decreases the efficiency and does not allow the development of a healthy market. Corruption is a big hurdle in the growth of the country. Due to corruption foreign investors show lack of interest in doing business in India. Scams are unearthed every now and then in our country. These scams are impacting FDI inflow.

India must show zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and social evils. Every Indian must understand his or her responsibility towards nation. No one should look for an easy way and must stand against bribery.

  • Caught by a traffic cop? Give him a 100 Rupee note, he will oblige.
  • Want to process your file first in a Government organization? Just wink at the babu and pass on the money from below the table.
  • Roads in India have a life of just about 5 years, whereas roads built in developed countries last for about 20 years. Why? Because the contractor uses cheap material and fills up his pocket.


2. Internal commotion

indian_languages Image Source

Though we are a country that speaks over 20 different languages, we are not united on a single language. Migration between states becomes more difficult that migrating to a different country. A person coming from a nearby state is often treated as a foreigner to their “land”.

During the early days of Independent India, there were some “initiatives” to make Hindi the common language of India. Somehow, it has not got widespread acceptance at least in the Southern states. Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew was brilliant. Though the country had predominantly higher Chinese population, he did not force the others to learn Chinese. Instead all of them learnt English and accepted English as the link language. But unfortunately it did not happen like that in India. Hindi, which was spoken only in three states (UP, MP and Haryana) was imposed on the remaining 22 states just because Jawaharlal Nehru was from UP. As a result, till date, we fight among states owing to lack of unity. To this date, the central govt is pushing everyone to learn this language by various means. For example, to enter politics, it’s mandatory to know Hindi. To ace the IAS, it’s mandatory to know Hindi and so on. This has only incited a feeling of hatred and not unity as the govt expected it to be.


3. High income inequality

inequality Image Source

Maharashtra boasts that it’s the richest state in India in terms of GDP per capita. But I doubt that. If we ask Ambani’s family, Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar to migrate to Bihar, then probably Bihar could become the richest state. According to World bank, anyone living with less than 2US$ a day is deemed to be struck with poverty and according to that statistics, over 80% (or approximately 800 million) people live with income of < ₹100 a day. What did the government do to uplift them? I fear none. But, Yes, it did one smart Math. According to India, anyone earning less that 0.4$ a day (₹15 a day) is deemed to be poverty struck and by this figure, only 30% of Indians are poor. This 0.4$ is calculated using nominal GDP by India. But owing to very high inflation nominal GDP figures is often misleading. In fact India is third richest (richer than Japan) country in terms of nominal GDP which shows the extent of misleads nominal GDP calculations can have.


4. Lack of Literacy and Knowledge

literacy Image Source

When Kerala has a whopping 100% literacy, other states should learn from it and try to implement a similar system in their state. But our tendency is, “Why should we imitate that puny little state? My state is great.”


5. No Cleanliness

unclean-india Image Source

People eat ghutka, tobacco and spit wherever they want. People pee at any place they find suitable. Every locality has a garbage heap dumped somewhere. People are so smart, they will always throw garbage outside the garbage bin, and never inside it. Littering is built into Indian citizens. Little children throw chocolate wrappers on the road. People eat banana and throw its skin on the road.

There are multiple other reasons for why India is still a developing country. However the major contributors are listed above.

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I believe in god essay


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Southern & Jewish celebrates the stories, people, and experiences – past and present – of Jewish life in the American South. Hosted by the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life, posts come from educators, students, rabbis, parents, artists, and many other “visitors-to and daily-livers-of” the Southern Jewish experience. From road trips to recipes to reflections, we’ll explore a little bit of everything – well, at least all things Southern and/or Jewish. Shalom, y’all!

In college I was tasked with writing a “This I Believe” essay  about my guiding beliefs and values. This assignment wasn’t faith-based in nature; the “This I Believe” essay initiative is just about people writing on something, anything, about which they feel passionate certainty. In writing this essay, I found that the hardest part was not to articulate my beliefs, but to identify them in the first place. In fact, it was only after I submitted my assignment and read one of my classmates’ essays, that I truly began to discover my own beliefs. Ever since then, my understanding of my own sentiments has deepened, and now, a year and a half after being assigned that essay topic, I feel like I have better words to express my own sentiments of belief.

The classmate’s essay that kicked off my ongoing engagement with this topic stood in stark contrast to mine. His premise was that he does not believe in God, and furthermore that he did not think anyone else should believe in God, either. While I respected his beliefs, I was also puzzled by the logic behind his conclusions. My classmate saw belief in God as an inhibitor of human achievement – God takes accountability away from the individual. However, my belief in God is rooted in the idea that sometimes the only thing to do is pray and hope that Someone is listening, and by doing so we can find solace, take subsequent action– but feel sustained by our belief.

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A few weeks ago, my neighbor in Jackson, Mississippi, put me in touch with her friend who was enrolled in a Christian apologetics class and needed to interview a person of a different faith. As I answered her questions, I realized that my Judaism is deeply rooted in the present. The right-now. I focus on actions I can take today to impact the world I live in, as opposed to achieving a place in an afterlife . Judaism teaches that t’shuvah, repentance, must be between people. It is not enough to ask God for forgiveness; we must hold ourselves accountable for our misgivings, despite God’s existence.

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Although Judaism encourages us to be responsible for our lives, sometimes there is no one to blame, no one to apologize to, and nothing else to do but believe that someone can hear our prayers. This circles back to my core belief, and my opposition to my classmate’s essay; I don’t think belief inhibits action, I think it supplements action when there is nothing that we can do.

With that in mind, I was very moved the recent Humans of New York series , focusing on the stories of doctors, nurses, parents, and children in the Pediatrics Department of  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center . One of the featured stories was about a Jewish boy, Avi.

In the first image of the series, his mother recounts the night they discovered his cancer :

“The doctor told us:

‘We’re having a difficult time keeping his airway open.’

I was so confused. This was just supposed to be a test.

I asked him: What do you mean?’

He said: ‘Avi could die…’

Then he said: ‘It’s time to pray.’”

The end of the series shows Avi on the last day of treatment, after 30 surgeries. Prayer was not a replacement for the science these doctors had devoted their life to, but a belief in God was a comforting and powerful supplement to medical knowledge. I am in awe of the courage these individuals show each day, and have been equally intrigued by the role that faith plays in many of these stories. At first I was surprised by the nature with which doctors spoke of their belief in God, but then I thought about the depth of my own beliefs.

READ: The MiSheberach, Judaism’s Prayer for Healing

In my most difficult moments, I am comforted by the belief that there is something bigger than myself from which I can derive stability and hope. Belief does not inhibit action, but rather gives us another outlet for our support: This, I believe.

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We should respond to our prosperity with recognition of the factors that lead to our success and with humility before God.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

This i Beleive Essay God

Blake Wiggers
2nd Hour -English

I was taught about God at a young age. I have learned so many things about him.

I believe that God is good. I believe that God helps you through the hard times that
you have throughout your life.  I believe that God will answer you when you pray to him in
those hard times. I believe that is what faith is. 

     My faith grew when my grandpa died. My faith grew because when I lost my 

grandpa I did not know what to do.  I didn’t think I could go on.  My Grandpa and I 
were so close and he did everything with me. He came over to our house almost
every day and ate dinner with us and visited.  He also spoiled me with everything you
can imagine.  One of my most favorite memories was at Easter time when he bought 
my sister and I a huge Little Tikes tugboat, he strapped it to the roof of his car and drove 
in our driveway with it and he filled it with Easter candy.  That was my Grandpa, he always
went way out for me.  He never came over without something for me.   Maybe some ice cream or a candy bar or a pack of gum.  But he never came without anything.  I loved my Grandpa so much.  I prayed so hard to God to help me get over losing him.  If it wasn’t for God I would not have been able to get through losing him.

People don’t believe in something unless they can see it or touch it. When you

have faith you believe in something without being able to touch it or see it. That is why faith 
is so powerful. To believe in God you have to have faith because you can’t see him or touch him.  You only have the bible to read to guide you. I believe God is always there to guide and protect you through trouble and hard times in your life. I believe that everyone should believe in God, because he will always be there for you.   I am a example, because he helped me.  So I know he can help others too.  He will always be your friend even if you do not have any friends. He is always there in good times and bad. And he will always love you no matter what.

       God sent his only son to suffer and die on the cross and rise from the dead. He

paid the price for our sins. That is what grace is. God says whoever believes in me will be
saved and have eternal life with him in heaven. Where there is no more worry and
no more pain. I feel better knowing that my Grandpa is in heaven having fun and is in no more pain.  He loved us that much, that he died for us. He is such an awesome God.
In heaven there is only happiness and joy and beautiful things. So much happiness we
cannot even imagine. There will not be sickness or evil anymore.

Glen’s Pics

God gives us these important verses in the Bible to help us. When we need help we can read these verses and find comfort and strength. This gets us through hard and troubled

times that we have every day and week.  I have turned to these often and these are some of my favorite quotes: “For with God nothing shall be impossible” -Luke 1:36. Another one is “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” – Acts 16:31. 


  1. BAMMM November 5, 2012 at 5:34 AM

    Your article is very true. God is good and faithful and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted he will provide a way for you to stand up under it. And thats what seemed to be the case with your grandpa. To me God is like a big teddy bear that I can go to with any of lifes troubles and I know he will love me no matter what, but he also will correct me when I am doing wrong. Youre essay is a good testimony. I like it alot!

    Reply Delete

  2. McKenna Tobias November 5, 2012 at 5:38 AM

    I love this essay. You did such a great job. God will always be there to guide you. No matter what decisions you have made, God will forgive you and be there for you through your trouble. Great job!

    Reply Delete

  3. Alyssa Lamoreaux November 5, 2012 at 5:39 AM

    Your essay really can hit the hearts of many people. It shows that God has funny ways of getting you through tough situations and you will always come out stronger. He will show you to never loose your faith. Good job on your story, it’s very good!

    Reply Delete

  4. Morgan Theile November 5, 2012 at 5:44 AM

    Dear Blake,
    I really liked reading your essay. I am very into my beliefs of God as well. Im sorry about your grandpa, I know how you feel. That feeling that you cant go on without them, like there is nothing left becasue they are gone. Its one of the worst feelings I have ever felt but im glad you got through it! God is always looking out for you and always has a plan for you, remember that! (:

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Essay writing criteria for judging

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Top Oracle Database Courses Online


Call: 678.506.1235


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Online DBA Academy is a web based platform that offers Oracle DBA training and mentorship for aspiring Oracle DBA’s.

What separates Online DBA Academy from any other training program online is that you will have a personal mentor with you the entire year you are a part of this program.


Certification Preperation

Over 150 Oracle DBA Training videos that can be accessed 24/7.


Video Training Anytime

Your lessons come equipped with notes, quizzes and projects to reinforce skills learned.


Online Community

Students will have resources to keep them engaged with other students.



Your instructor will be a phone call away. Students can schedule 1 on 1 hour long sessions via the student’s calendar.


This is one of the questions we are asked the most by our potential students. There is no simple answer, which is why Online DBA Academy prepares students for the Oracle OCA Certification Test.

We focus on the three (3) courses below:

  • 1. Oracle Linux
  • 2. Oracle SQL
  • 3. Oracle Database Administration

LEARN MORE about Our Oracle DBA Training Program

If you prefer to watch a video, this video will tell you everything about our DBA Training Program. In the video, you will get to know the founder, how Online DBA Academy was founded, and all that our program has to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 678.506.1235 or send an email to info@onlinedbaacademy.com

If your desire is to become an Oracle Database Administrator, there is no such thing as a PLAN B. Instead of creating a Plan B, C, and D, create multiple plans to finish Plan A, which is becoming an exceptional Oracle Database Administrator.


Chris Jones

Chris Jones

We live in a society that values the quick solution, what some deem as the microwave era. I took my time and did some research not just on the course but on the instructor as well. When you call Marshae she answers or gets back to you very quickly. I believe that availability is what turns a potentially frustrating situation into a teachable moment. The projects and assignments help to cement the fundamentals taught in the video courses. The projects also serve as a portfolio builder to showcase your experience with the technology. After watching the YouTube videos and having a few personal conversations with Marshae I knew that Online DBA Academy was a good choice. Like many of you I weighed the cost benefit and wrote out all of the pros and cons of spending this type of money on a course. I didn’t have the money but was confident enough in Marshae as a teacher to trust her process and borrow against my 401K to take this course and I haven’t looked back. I am truly happy that I made this decision and would recommend it to anyone looking to become an Oracle Database Administrator.



Taking courses online is a risk. Taking courses online while being unemployed is a big risk. I do not have money to waste or lose to scams and schemes. So, I backed off the program that I was initially interested in and started searching for what I felt was a more reputable and trustworthy training program. About a month or so later I saw a new YouTube video from Marshae Hannor, on her “DBA Girl” YouTube channel. In one of the videos she stated that she would be opening up a new DBA training academy in a couple of months. I continued to look for other training options in the meantime but really did not find a program that had what I was looking for. I did speak with and email Marshae a few times for information and to ask questions before I signed up for the course. I recall asking her about what an entry level (Jr) DBA can expect to earn. Online DBA Academy gave me a realistic and accurate projection about how much I can expect to earn at the start of my career as a DBA.




Mentorship is very important to the founder of Online DBA Academy. Most classes prepare you for a certification but the courses and mentorship you receive will prepare you for the real world of being an Oracle Database Administrator. There are so many students who have a certification and can’t find a job because they were not trained to do this job properly. Online DBA Academy equips all of its students with all the skills needed to be an outstanding Jr. Oracle DBA.

This was the change I saw that needed to be made.

Your lessons comes equipped with notes, guides and projects to reinforce skills learned.

We all have a destination we aim for in our careers.

“Having a mentor is equivalent to taking a jet to your destination.

Not having a mentor is equivalent to you walking to your destination.”

-Otha Turnbough


Oracle Database Forum


SAP Query Reporting
Oracle Applications
Oracle Database
Oracle Application Server
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Project Management
Windows Vista
Microsoft Excel
Windows PowerShell
Microsoft Visio
JBoss Seam
Microsoft Office Project
Eclipse Web Tools Platform
Adobe Dreamweaver
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SharePoint
JavaServe Faces (JSF)
Microsoft Expression
Microsoft SQL Server
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Active Directory
Oracle PL/SQL
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Red Hat Linux Administration
Apache Web Server


An enormous system comprising myriad technologies, options, and releases, Oracle’s complexities have spawned numerous areas of specialization. For each area of specialization there are equally specialized how-to guides and manuals. This tutorial claims a unique place among them. Rather than focusing on one area, the tutorial explains the foundational concepts of the Oracle technology and the core technical and business aspects of using it. This tutorial distills a vast amount of knowledge into easy-to-read lessons covering every aspect of the Oracle database. Readers of all levels will learn about Oracle’s features and technologies, including the product line, architecture, data structures, networking, concurrency, tuning, and much more. Featuring focused text, abundant illustrations, and helpful hints, the tutorial offers a valuable overview of Oracle’s Database 10g–the industry’s first database to support grid computing. Recent releases such as Oracle 9i and 8i are also covered. The tutorial contains lessons on:

* Oracle products, options, and overall architecture for Oracle 10g and prior recent releases

* Installing and running Oracle: how to configure, start up, and shut down the database, and various networking issues

* Oracle data structures, datatypes, and ways of extending datatypes, with an introduction to Oracle objects (e.g., tables, views, indexes)

* Managing Oracle: security, the Oracle Enterprise Manager, fragmentation and reorganization, and backup and recovery
Oracle performance: characteristics of disk, memory, and CPU tuning

* Multi-user concurrency, online transaction processing (OLTP), and high availability

* Hardware architectures (e.g., SMP, MPP, NUMA) and their impact on Oracle
Data warehousing and distributed databases
Network deployment: using Oracle as an Internet computing platform and for grid computing

* What’s new in Oracle 10g: a summary of the database changes described

This tutorial is the perfect all-in-one source for understanding the complexities and capabilities of Oracle.


Introducing Oracle 
  Introduction to Oracle
  Relational Database Evolution
  Relational Basics
  The Oracle Family
  Oracle Features
  Database Application Development Features
  Database Connection Features
  Distributed Database Features
  Data Movement Features
  Performance Features
  Database Management Features
  Oracle Developer Suite
  Oracle Lite
Oracle Architecture 
  Instances and Databases
  The Components of a Database
  The Components of an Instance
  The Data Dictionary
Installing and Running Oracle 
  Installing Oracle
  Creating a Database
  Configuring Oracle Net
  Starting Up the Database
  Shutting Down the Database
  Accessing a Database
  Oracle at Work
Data Structures 
  Basic Data Structures
  Additional Data Structures
  Data Design
  Query Optimization
  Understanding the Execution Plan
  SQL Tuning Advisor
  Data Dictionary Tables
Managing Oracle 
  Management and Enterprise Manager
  Self-Tuning and Management
  Implementing Security
  Fragmentation and Reorganization
  Backup and Recovery
  Working with Oracle Support
Oracle Performance 
  Performance Tuning Basics
  Oracle and Disk I/O Resources
  Oracle and Parallelism
  Oracle and Memory Resources
  Oracle and CPU Resources
  Database Resource Manager
  Real Application Clusters and Performance
Multiuser Concurrency 
  Basics of Concurrent Access
  Oracle and Concurrent User Access
  Oracle’s Isolation Levels
  Oracle Concurrency Features
  How Oracle Handles Locking
  Concurrent Access and Performance
Oracle and Transaction Processing 
  OLTP Basics
  Oracle’s OLTP Heritage
  Architectures for OLTP
  Oracle Features for OLTP
  High Availability
  Oracle Advanced Queuing and Streams
  Object Technologies and Distributed Components
Oracle and Data Warehousing 
  Business Intelligence Basics
  Data Warehouse Design
  Data Warehouse Query Optimization
  Analytics, OLAP, and Data Mining in the Database
  Managing the Data Warehouse
  Other Data Warehouse Software
  The Metadata Challenge
  Data Warehousing Best Practices
Oracle and High Availability 
  What Is High Availability?
  System Crashes
  Protecting Against System Crashes
  Recovering from Disasters
  Complete Site Failure
  Data Redundancy Solutions
Oracle and Hardware Architecture 
  System Basics
  Uniprocessor Systems
  Symmetric Multiprocessing Systems
  Massively Parallel Processing Systems
  Non-Uniform Memory Access Systems
  Grid Computing
  Disk Technology
  Which Platform Deployment Solution?
Distributed Databases and Distributed Data 
  Accessing Multiple Databases as a Single Entity
  Two-Phase Commits
  Moving Data Between Distributed Systems
  Advanced Queuing
  Oracle Streams
Extending Oracle Datatypes 
  Object-Oriented Development
  Extensibility Features and Options
  Using the Extensibility Framework in Oracle
Network Deployment Models 
  The Impact of the Internet
  The Oracle Database and the Internet
  Oracle Application Server
  Grid Computing Model


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Phone –  720 934 1260, Chicago, USA.

Google Rating


DBA University, Inc.
DBA University, Inc.

Magudapathi Swaminathan
Magudapathi Swaminathan

05:36 17 May 18
I took the Oracle DBA course in the DBA university and impressed with that, I took the Oracle ASM, DG and RAC course as well. Srini did an amazing job both the trainings. He explains all the concepts clearly and the training exercises are also very good. I bought the ondemand courses and he offered excellent support whenever I contacted him. I highly recommend these courses for anyone who is seeking a well rounded Oracle DBA training.read more
priya ravi
priya ravi

21:44 06 May 18
When i was searching for a live class training , i came across DBA University and signed it up.I thought it will be similar to most other recorded ones , but this was absolutely a class room training.The Oracle DBA course is prepared using vast industry experience , knowledge into the subject area made difference.Complex topics were also made into simple terms by Srini.The course material & help during Lab Practice , clarifying me doubts has made be confident over the period of time.Thanks Srini’s DBA University.Appreciate it!read more
Firmin Dokoue
Firmin Dokoue

11:36 18 Feb 18
I am overly satisfied with the oracle SQL training at DBA University, Srini is an excellent trainer that provides real time training with multiple enterprise based examples and out-of -box solutions that would definitely help student leverage every aspect of the interaction with the databaseread more
Tangyi Fogwe
Tangyi Fogwe

05:55 14 Feb 18
Excellent, Excellent training. Mr Srini is one of the best instructors I have ever met. He takes his time to break down the material to his student. He is also very patient when answering questions from students. The curriculum is so detail and access to the lab serve is the best. I took my DBA training with him and with some practice I will be ready for the job market. The best part of it is that he is in the US unlike others who say they are when they arent. The importance of this is that, streaming is 100% effective. I took my first DBA training with another instructor that i finally realized was based in India and the streaming was horrible, everything was a fiasco. You will get your moneys worth at DBA University.read more
Njonjo Eric
Njonjo Eric

02:31 14 Feb 18
SQL server database training simplified. Explanations are down to earth, examples well chosen. Srini masters the subject and has a good teaching method.
Aruna Saripella
Aruna Saripella

19:20 10 Nov 17
Recently attended Oracle DBA training. Course content is covered indepth and the exhaustive lab work aptly complements the theory. Srini is an excellent instructor. Classes are interactive and engaging. I thoroughly benefited from the class and will also be enrolling for Oracle RAC, ASM and data Guard training. Also, I highly recommend this class to anyone willing to pursue a career in administrationread more
Ekramy Wahba
Ekramy Wahba

01:02 01 Nov 17
It was excellent training, and I gained a lot of information from Mr. Srini. He was patient with us to understand new features in Oracle 12c, and I will take other courses later to complete the training package.Thanks, SriniEkramy Younanread more
Sirisha Surapaneni
Sirisha Surapaneni

19:52 30 Oct 17
Recently took this course, Our instructor Srini is experienced and very detailed in his explanations. Course provided good hands on labs and also details on real world DBA experiences and how to resolve them.read more
Malika Dangol
Malika Dangol

19:00 26 Oct 17
I recently took an Oracle DBA training from DBA University and I am very happy to be part of this training. Srini is a very detail orientated trainer and way of his teaching especially taking you to the real scenario is very impressive. I strongly recommend DBA University if you are looking for dba training.read more
Kulashekar Reddy Palawala
Kulashekar Reddy Palawala

15:31 26 Oct 17
I took DBA training from DBA University recently. The Instructor Srini is very experienced and was well explained in detail considering the real time scenarios including DBA’s roles and responsibilities. The way he put the content and presented the course will make anyone comfortable in preparing for Oracle certification and be successful as a DBA. If anyone is looking for a DBA training, I highly recommend you to consider DBA University.read more
Henry Aryee
Henry Aryee

02:13 09 Oct 17
I wish i knew about DBA University few years ago, i took my Oracle training somewhere else but taking SQL Server training at DBA University has given me a better understanding not to only SQL Server but also other Databases. Srini, the teacher is well vest and to date on what he does, he has the passion to make students become excellent and confident by the way he teaches. so far, i have taken about 4 programs from DBA University including SQL Server.Lab works is on point and many of them so you can feel the real world environment, he guides you and assists you to accomplish labs when needed at anytime. I intend to take up other programs from DBA Uni to enhance my scope and enrich my path.I recommend you to take just one program and i assure you will testify too. God bless.read more
Joseph Geter
Joseph Geter

00:39 27 Sep 17
I was looking for hands-on, practical MS SQL Server training but not a shotgun agenda over 3-5 days. DBA University offered such a class. Instructor was informative, gave lots of examples, and answered questions clearly. Excellent value; I would take another course.read more
Umashankkar Palaniswami
Umashankkar Palaniswami

19:56 19 Jul 17
Really enjoyed the online course conducted my Srini.I first took the Oracle RAC ASM DG course, the training was so interesting and informative, I was very impressed by the training so I also took the Oracle DBA training from Srini. He is a very knowledgeable person and explains everything clearly and patiently .The material provided as part of the course is so useful and easy to follow. The training and the labs are well planned and structured. I would recommend these courses for both beginners and for the DBA’s who are already doing some admin tasks who desires an understanding of what they are doing already , Srini covers both basics and advance level topics as part of this training. He is very prompt on replying to emails when you have any questions or issues. I’m glad to have taken the courses from dbauniversity. Thanks Srini, I really appreciate your effort and teaching method.read more
hellen sena
hellen sena

17:18 08 Jun 17
I took the MS SQL SERVER Course. The lecture and training materials are very well organized , the lab practice helped me very much. It is the most effective way of learning MS SQL SERVER. The Instructor was very knowledgeable, patient and answered questions. I would recommend for anyone who is interested to learn this course. Thank you to Srini Ramineni and the DBA university.read more
Alemmaya Mulugeta
Alemmaya Mulugeta

22:59 01 May 17
I am a social anthropologist with a passion to understand data from a data base scientist perspective. Despite the passion, I dreaded the technology jargon out there in the field of IT and thought joining such schools would be intimidating for those who never had IT background. Thanks to DBA university and the instructor Mr.Srini Ramineni. His seminars are very easy for a reasonable person to understand, he showed to me that there is no secret but to follow logic , stick to rules and practice!!!!!! I am encouraged as never. I am now able to understand a lot within SQL in a very short time and I feel more confident to go further. I encourage more people to Join.read more
A Qur
A Qur

15:36 28 Mar 17
Simply put, it was a amazing experience, take it form a guy who has taken few of these online courses but this one is truly a complete traning
Shefali Nagpal
Shefali Nagpal

21:14 27 Mar 17
Mr Srini is a very good trainer.He explains every topic in detail.I will recommend training to everybody.
Busayo Michael
Busayo Michael

00:43 17 Mar 17
If I had my way, i would have given 6 stars. The training was superb, Srini has a vast knowledge in oracle RAC, ASM and DATAGUARD. He teaches with great passion and at the end of the course, you will be glad you attended the training. NO ONE DOES IT BETTER.read more
Thomas Mfodwo
Thomas Mfodwo

20:12 13 Mar 17
Experience taking the SQL DBA course was very good. Excellent tutoring. Was able to learn a lot. Thanks for all you do.

05:48 30 Jan 17
Srini does an excellent job guiding his students through the complexities of Oracle. He reveals the underlying principles in a highly comprehensible manner. There is tremendous value in the Oracle DBA course which I finished. I plan to take more DBA University courses in the future and highly recommend them.Tom Koftinoffread more
Bharath Bollineni
Bharath Bollineni

16:45 14 Jan 17
I felt its worth spending time and money on Oracle DBA training session provided by srini , am from different background and never felt its difficult in shifting my career towards oracle DBA it was that smooth and clean training provided by srini.Am looking forward to take RAC DBA training session.read more
Chefu Desire
Chefu Desire

12:34 06 Sep 16
Very few trainers spend time explaining every detail of a course. I have had the chance to do just one course (Oracle DBA) at DBA university, but will not hesitate one moment taking up another course. The trainer summarized his tremendous experience in the IT sector, and passed it on to the students, addressing every concept that matters with practical exercises! At the beginning it was not that easy, but thanks to the trainer for making it possible to enjoy an entirely new domain.Beside the skills, the platform is amazing. The sound quality is excellent!I could not differentiate from a traditional 4-wall classroom…GREAT JOB!read more

See All Reviews

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DBA University, Inc.DBA University, Inc.

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Oracle DBA Training

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Database Administrators (DBAs) are responsible for the design, implementation, support and maintenance of computerized databases in today’s organizations. The role also includes architecting, building and scaling databases for future data growth and capacity. They are also responsible for security, performance and availability of data to users and customers. .

All the above tasks are performed with the help of a Database Management System (DBMS) and the leading and most widely used DBMS across the world today are the Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL database etc. Out of the three DBMS technologies, Oracle Database is the most popular and widely used database in the world today.

Database Administrator Job Growth

DBAs play an important and responsible role in every company’s Information Technology (IT) department. DBAs are also very well paid and the average annual salary is more than $100,000 in the USA.

Among all the IT/computer best jobs in a recent CNN.com Best Jobs in America report, Database Administrator job has the highest job growth forecast (30% increase) for the next 10 years until 2023.. www.cnn.com also published an article recently that Database Administrators stand # 14 out of 100 BEST AMERICA JOBS

Oracle DBA Training

We are currently offering a world class oracle database administration training programme for interested students and professionals. Registration for our Oracle classes is open for anyone in the world because it is an online course.

 Course Details

1. Taught by Srini Ramineni ( Founder of DBA University ).
2. The on demand Oracle DBA training consists of high quality videos of a previous live online training and these videos are accessible for 12 months on a 24*7 basis. Students also get dedicated remote lab server access for 3 months. (with an option to increase the access duration.)

3. Click HERE to download the training brochure (course topics and more details)
4. Home work assignments to the students to challenge on course topics. The lab exercises contain topics from both the latest Oracle 12c R2 and 12c R1 versions.
5. Students can use the training to prepare for Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z0-062 examination towards Oracle OCA certification (Oracle Certified Associate). The same training course can be used for preparation towards the Oracle Database 11g: Administration I 1Z0-052 examination as well.
6.Training contains Oracle database fundamentals as well as advance topics such as Oracle RMAN and Performance Tuning. For RAC, ASM and Data Guard we have a separate 40 hour course. Click here for its details.
7. The course fee is $349 (all-inclusive price.)
8. Every student gets access to our 350+ page PDF training material through Dropbox.com email download.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCA,OCP) Certification

Students can use this training to prepare for majority of the topics required to pass the Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z0-062 examination towards Oracle OCA certification (Oracle Certified Associate). The same training course can be used for preparation towards the Oracle Database 11g: Administration I 1Z0-052 examination as well. Additionally, students can also use this training to prepare for some topics required to pass the  Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration 1Z0-063 exam that is required for acquiring the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) designation.

Once students complete this Oracle DBA Training, we strongly recommend to purchase the  Oracle ASM RAC Data Guard training course  also for getting trained in advanced DBA topics such as Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Data Guard (DG).

Course Topics

Introduction to database management systems and databases
What is a database?
Popular database management system (DBMS) software and why Oracle DBMS.
History and Current trends of DBMS and Database Administration.
Oracle database market share and about its current competitive landscape.
Tasks of a Database Administrator.

Installing Oracle database software (12c R1 and 12c R2)
Understand prerequisites for a successful Oracle RDBMS software installation.
Installation of Oracle 12c R1 database software with the latest patchset.
Installation of Oracle 12c R2 database software

Oracle Database Architecture
Planning for an Oracle database creation.
Creating an Oracle 12c R1 database using the CREATE DATABASE SQL command.
Creating an Oracle 12c R2 database using the Graphical Tool (Database Configuration Assistant).
How to configure and use Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Database Express web based tool.
Understand initialization parameter files
Startup and Shutdown of a database.
View the database alert log
Components of an Oracle database and detailed architecture.
Advance Startup and Shutdown scenarios.
Oracle database memory and process architecture.
The Oracle database job scheduler API (DBMS_SCHEDULER package)

Database storage
Oracle tablespaces and allocation types.
How to create small file (default) and big file tablespaces.
How to create datafiles with fixed size and auto extend option.
What are control files and how to view control file content in a trace file.
How to rename datafiles in a control file.
Temporary tablespaces and temporary tablespace groups.
Managing Undo Data
Explain DML and undo data generation
How to add data files to undo tablespaces.
Configure undo retention.
Understand Oracle database read consistency

Oracle Networking
Introduction to Oracle Net Services component.
Oracle listener configuration (Dynamic and Static Listeners).
Dynamic Service Registration and Naming Methods configuration in sqlnet.ora.
Oracle database connections from other computers.
Oracle netca (Network Configuration Assistant) tool for configuration file generation.
Oracle netmgr tool for adding database services to a static listener.ora configuration file.
Oracle listener administration and TNS_ADMIN environment variable.
What are database links and learn about best practices in creating them.

Administering User Security
Create and manage database user accounts.
Grant and revoke privileges.
Create and manage roles.
Create and manage profiles.
Standard database auditing
How to audit DBA login sessions and statements
How to enable non-DBA login session auditing.
How to disable non-DBA login session auditing
How to purge older audit trail records.

Used Managed (Manual) Backup and Recovery
Backup and Recovery Concepts (Redo log files and archive log files.)
Backup and Recovery Configuration (Configure the fast recovery area and ARCHIVELOG mode.)
Introduction and planning for a robust Backup and Recovery Strategy.
How to create a consistent database backup aka offline backup (COLD BACKUP)
Hot to create an inconsistent database backup aka online backup (HOT BACKUP).
How to clone a database from a consistent database backup.
How to clone a database using Cancel based recovery from an inconsistent database backup.
How to clone a database using Time based recovery (Database point in time recovery) from an inconsistent database backup.

RMAN Backup and Recovery
Advantages of RMAN method compared to the user-managed method.
Create consistent database backups using RMAN.
Create inconsistent database backups (without shutting it down) using RMAN.
Oracle database backup metadata.
How to create incremental backups using RMAN.
How to clone a database using RMAN backup based duplication.
How to restore and recover a full database from its RMAN backup.
Use Data Recovery Advisor to perform recovery of the control file and redo log file.
How to drop a database using RMAN
Oracle database backup retention policies and backups to Tape/offsite.
How to purge old backups using RMAN.

Oracle database upgrades
Introduction to Oracle versions and how to understand a version.
How to upgrade a database from Oracle 12c R1 to Oracle 12c R2.
How to upgrade from one patchset to another patchset within the same maintenance release.
What are Oracle interim patches
How to apply SPU patches (Security Patch Updates).
How to apply a Patch Set Update (PSU)
Learn about Oracle Interim Patch Installer (OPATCH).

Oracle Data Movement Utilities
Oracle database logical backup and restore operations (Data Pump Export and Import).
Business use cases of logical backups compared to physical backups.
Various Data Pump Export modes.
Data Pump Import to import data from an export backup.
Advanced features in Oracle Data Pump Export.

Oracle Database Performance Tuning
How to handle performance issues in the real world.
V$ dynamic views for performance monitoring and analysis.
How to size the Oracle database memory structures for optimal performance.
Oracle database wait events.
Explain Oracle temporary space internals and sizing.
How to trace database sessions using DBMS_MONITOR and DBMS_SESSION packages.
How to format SQL trace files using the tkprof utility.
How to generate on-error diagnostic dump files.
Index Monitoring and internals of index maintenance by Oracle.
Statistics data collection for Oracle database optimizer.
What is Oracle automatic workload repository (AWR) and how to obtain AWR reports.

Real world life of an Oracle DBA
Type of Oracle errors. Valid errors and internal exceptions (ORA-00600 and ORA-07445 errors).
How to work with Oracle Support https://support.oracle.com to create Service Requests.
Parlance and terminology used by Oracle DBAs.
Working with Oracle Forums for issues.
Productivity tools required when you join the work place.
Scheduling JOBS and scripts through UNIX/LINUX crontab utility.

Oracle DBAAS (Database as a Service)
Sign-up in https://cloud.oracle.com
Difference between a DBAAS instance and a database instance.
Navigate with My Services Dashboard
User authentication and roles
Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) Public/Private Key Pair

Oracle 12c ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
For Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard we have a separate course conducted by Srini Ramineni. Please purchase it at for $399.

Oracle 12c Database High Availability (RAC, DataGaurd)
For Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard we have a separate course conducted by Srini Ramineni. Please purchase it at for $399.

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  1. Magu Swaminathan 05/17/2018 at 5:40 am Log in to Reply

    Great Job Srini !


    I took the Oracle DBA course in the DBA university and impressed with that, I took the Oracle ASM, DG and RAC course as well. Srini did an amazing job both the trainings. He explains all the concepts clearly and the training exercises are also very good. I bought the ondemand courses and he offered excellent support whenever I contacted him. I highly recommend these courses for anyone who is seeking a well rounded Oracle DBA training.

  2. priyaravi 05/06/2018 at 9:54 pm Log in to Reply

    Best Oracle DBA course !!!


    When i was searching for a live class training , i came across DBA University and signed it up.I thought it will be similar to most other recorded ones , but this was absolutely a class room training.The Oracle DBA course is prepared using vast industry experience , knowledge into the subject area made difference.Complex topics were also made into simple terms by Srini.The course material & help during Lab Practice , clarifying me doubts has made be confident over the period of time.Thanks Srini’s DBA University.Appreciate it!

  3. Marinela Carlos 11/21/2017 at 9:57 pm Log in to Reply

    My First Online and DBA Class – Excellent!


    I recently completed the Oracle DBA class with Srini. This is my first online class and found it very impressive: the structure and sequence of the class, the logical examples and explanations, the book, the exercises, the classroom setup and lab setup. The class was recommended by a previous student and I am very happy with my experience with this class. It definitely provided a great foundation for my career goal as a DBA. I will also refer this class to my other colleagues and friends.

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  • Oracle DBA Training

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    Understanding the Real Estate Closing Process from Trid to Title / September 13, 2018
    9:30 am – 12:45 pm
    $30 Members / $60 Non Members / 3 CE Credits
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    Instructor: Harold Minsk
    This course is designed to help Real Estate Sales People more effectively represent the buyers and sellers they work with by offering them a detailed explanation of all of the elements that go into a real estate closing.

    Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) / September 17 – 18, 2018
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    Register Online for ABR & SRS (CCT) and save $65
    SAVE $65! Take the CCT class which combines the core ABR course (9/12-18/2018) and SRS course (9/24-25/2018). This results in a 4 day focus of building a real estate business. Approved for 25 Hour Post License Credit. Approved for scholarship through the GAR Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
    A 2 day, high impact course which is the core education requirement for the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation earned through the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council. With a focus on building a buyer representation business,

    Sponsored by Fairway Mortgage, Priority Title, Movement Mortgage and Brand Mortgage

    Sellers Representative Specialist (SRS) / September 24-25, 2018
    9:00 am – 4:30 pm / $245 / 12 CE Credits
    Instructor: Tom Gillett
    Register Online for SRS Only
    Register Online for ABR & SRS and save $65
    SAVE $65! Take the CCT class which combines the core ABR course (9/17-18/2018) and SRS course (9/24-25/2018). This results in a 4 day focus of building a real estate business. Approved for 25 Hour Post License Credit. Approved for scholarship through the GAR Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
    This designation award by the SRS Council, LLP, has been delivered nationwide to REALTORS only and has received rave reviews. (Non-REALTOR licensees do not qualify for this designation). This 2-day program focuses on providing the REALTOR practitioner with the tools necessary to represent seller clients in a variety of formats.

    Sponsored by First American Home Warranty, Gas South, Residential Inspector of America and Home Warranty of America

    DotLoop Class / October 4, 2018
    Please only register for one session: Morning Session: 9 am – 12 pm / Afternoon Session: 1 pm – 4 pm
    FREE / 3 CE Credits
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    Join us for an in-depth-training on how to become an expert looper. At dotloop Training, you will learn document editing, eSignatures, tasks, third party collaboration and more. Improve client experience, drive savings and productivity by getting the most out of dotloop.  There are two sessions for dotloop to choose from.  Either 9AM-12PM or 1PM-4PM.  Each training will cover the same material, and will count towards 3 hours of CE credit in Georgia.  .

    Compliance or Non-Compliance – 50 Shades of Grey / October 11, 2018
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    Register Online for both 50 Shades of Grey and Code of Ethics 

    (Lunch Sponsored by Southeast Mortgage for students attending both classes.)

    Instructor: Tom Gillett
    This course satisfies the GREC 3 hour MANDATORY license law requirement. Learn about license law as it pertains to trust accounts, brokerage relationships, unfair trade practices, advertising, licensees acting as principals, and more.

    Code of Ethics / October 11, 2018
    (This class is for members who have already taken Orientation and is not for New Members.)
    1:15 pm – 4:15 pm
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    Register Online for Code of Ethics Only
    Register Online for both 50 Shades of Grey and Code of Ethics
    (Lunch Sponsored by Southeast Mortgage for students attending both classes.)

    Instructor: Tom Gillett
    This course satisfies the requirement for REALTORS® to complete Code of Ethics training for Cycle 5 (2017 – 2018).

    The Games Houses Play / OCTOBER 30, 2018
    12:00 pm – 3:15 pm
    $30 Members / $60 Non Members / 3 CE Credits
    Instructor: Jennifer Pounds
    Register Online
    The class content is designed to help you save your sale and make money! Your listing may look great at first glance, but what is lurking behind the walls or in the attic?

    Sponsored by Arrow Exterminators

    Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) / November 5-6, 2018
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    Register Online for ABR Only
    Register Online for ABR & SRS (CCT) and save $65
    SAVE $65! Take the CCT class which combines the core ABR course (11/5-6/2018) and SRS course (11/15-16/2018). This results in a 4 day focus of building a real estate business. Approved for 25 Hour Post License Credit. Approved for scholarship through the GAR Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
    A 2 day, high impact course which is the core education requirement for the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation earned through the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council. With a focus on building a buyer representation business,


    Sellers Representative Specialist (SRS) / November 15-16, 2018
    9:00 am – 4:30 pm / $245 / 12 CE Credits
    Instructor: Tom Gillett
    Register Online for SRS Only
    Register Online for ABR & SRS and save $65
    SAVE $65! Take the CCT class which combines the core ABR course (11/5-6/2018) and SRS course (11/15-16/2018). This results in a 4 day focus of building a real estate business. Approved for 25 Hour Post License Credit. Approved for scholarship through the GAR Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
    This designation award by the SRS Council, LLP, has been delivered nationwide to REALTORS only and has received rave reviews. (Non-REALTOR licensees do not qualify for this designation). This 2-day program focuses on providing the REALTOR practitioner with the tools necessary to represent seller clients in a variety of formats

    Appraised Value-What Your Appraiser Isn’t Telling You / November 27, 2018
    9:30 am – 12:45 pm
    $30 Member / $60 Non Members / 3 CE Credit
    Instructor: Karen Loftus
    Register Online
    Learn the requirements necessary to prepare an appraisal report and how to correctly choose properties for a credible CMA.

    DotLoop Class / December 6, 2018
    Please only register for one session: Morning Session: 9 am – 12 pm / Afternoon Session: 1 pm – 4 pm
    FREE / 3 CE Credits
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    Join us for an in-depth-training on how to become an expert looper. At dotloop Training, you will learn document editing, eSignatures, tasks, third party collaboration and more. Improve client experience, drive savings and productivity by getting the most out of dotloop.  There are two sessions for dotloop to choose from.  Either 9AM-12PM or 1PM-4PM.  Each training will cover the same material, and will count towards 3 hours of CE credit in Georgia.  .

    It Might be the Law, I Just Don’t Know / December 13, 2018

    9:30 am – 12:30 pm
    $30 Members / $60 Non Members
    Register Online for It Might be the Law Only
    Register Online for both It Might be the Law and Code of Ethics
    (Lunch Sponsored by Southeast Mortgage for students attending both classes.)
    Instructor: Karen Loftus

    This course fulfills the C.E. requirement of the GREC on the topic of License Law. Presented in format that tests knowledge of trust accounts, brokerage relationships, unfair trade practices, advertising, licensees acting as principals, and more.

    Code of Ethics / December 13, 2018
    (This class is for members who have already taken Orientation and is not for New Members.)
    1:15 pm – 4:15 pm
    $30 Members / $60 Non Members
    Register Online for Code of Ethics Only
    Register Online for both It Might be the Law and Code of Ethics
    (Lunch Sponsored by Southeast Mortgage for students attending both classes.)

    Instructor: Karen Loftus
    This course satisfies the requirement for REALTORS® to complete Code of Ethics training for Cycle 5 (2017 – 2018).

    Understanding the Real Estate Closing Process from Trid to Title / December 18, 2018
    9:30 am – 12:45 pm
    $30 Members / $60 Non Members / 3 CE Credits
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    This course is designed to help Real Estate Sales People more effectively represent the buyers and sellers they work with by offering them a detailed explanation of all of the elements that go into a real estate closing.

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    Difference between term paper and case study


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    difference between abstract and introduction
    Manuscript sections

    Abstract vs. Introduction: Do You Know the Difference?


    Email Facebook Twitter Google+ Linkedin WhatsApp Print

    Ross wants to publish his research. He sits to draft his manuscript. After completing the abstract, he proceeds to write the introduction. He finds himself a bit confused. Do the abstract and introduction mean the same? How is the content for both the sections different? This is a dilemma faced by several young researchers while drafting their first manuscript. An abstract is similar to a summary except that it is more concise and direct. The introduction section of your paper is more detailed. It states why you conducted your study, what you wanted to accomplish, and what is your hypothesis. Let us learn more about the difference between the abstract and introduction.

    The Abstract

    The details of a study, such as precise methods and measurements, are not necessary in the abstract. An abstract provides the reader with a clear description of your study and its results without the reader having to read the entire paper. The abstract is an important tool for researchers who must sift through hundreds of papers from their field of study.

    The abstract  holds more significance  in articles without open access. Reading the abstract would give an idea of the articles, which would otherwise require monetary payment for access. In most cases, reviewers will read the abstract to decide whether to continue to review the paper, which is important for you.

    Your abstract should begin with a background or objective to clearly state why the research was done, its importance to the field of study, and any previous roadblocks encountered. It should include a very concise version of your methods, results, and conclusions but no references. It must be concise while still providing enough information so that the reader need not read the full article. Most journals ask that the abstract be no more than 200–250 words long.

    Format of an Abstract

    There are two general formats—“structured” and “unstructured.” A structured abstract  helps the reader find pertinent information  very quickly. It is divided into sections clearly defined by headings as follows:

    • Background: Latest information on the topic; key phrases that pique interest (e.g., “…the role of this enzyme has never been clearly understood”).
    • Objective: Your goals; what the study examined and why.
    • Methods: Brief description of the study (e.g., retrospective study).
    • Results: Findings and observations.
    • Conclusions: Were these results expected? Whether more research is needed or not?

    Authors get tempted to write too much  in an abstract but it is helpful to remember that there is usually a maximum word count. The main point is to relay the important aspects of the study without sharing too many details so that the readers do not have to go through the entire manuscript text for finding more information.

    The unstructured abstract is often used in fields of study that do not fall under the category of science. This type of abstracts does not have different sections. It summarizes the manuscript’s objectives, methods, etc., in one paragraph.

    Lastly, you must check the author guidelines of the target journal. It will describe the format required and the maximum word count of your abstract.

    The Introduction

    Your introduction is the first section of your research paper. It is not a repetition of the abstract. It does not provide data about methods, results, or conclusions. However, it  provides more in-depth information  on the background of the subject matter. It also explains your hypothesis, what you attempted to discover, or issues that you wanted to resolve. The introduction will also explain if and why your study is new in the subject field and why it is important.

    It is often a good idea to wait until the rest of the paper is completed before drafting your introduction. This will help you to stay focused on the manuscript’s important points. The introduction, unlike the abstract, should contain citations to references. The information will help guide your readers through the rest of your document. The key points to remember while drafting the introduction:

    • Beginning: The importance of the study.
    • Tone/Tense: Formal, impersonal; present tense.
    • Content: Brief description of manuscript but without results and conclusions.
    • Length: Generally up to four paragraphs. May vary slightly with journal guidelines.

    Once you are sure that possible doubts on the difference between the abstract and introduction are clear, review and submit your manuscript.

    What struggles have you had in writing an abstract or introduction? Were you able to resolve them? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

    Manuscript sections

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    Compare and Discern the Clear Difference Between Any Similar Things

    Home » Difference Between Case Study and Research

    Difference Between Case Study and Research

    Posted by

    Case Study vs Research

    Those involved in completing their thesis are often required to write both case studies as well as research papers. Many students cannot differentiate between a case study and research with the result that they suffer from poor grades from their teachers. There is a great difference in writing styles of the two, and also their content. This article will help one to appreciate the differences between a case study and a research paper.

    Case Study

    A case study is about a person, company, a product, or an event. If you are writing about a company, you need to make it interesting by writing a few paragraphs about the company and its history. It makes sense to talk about its growth along with the course it has taken that differentiates it from its competitors. After you have introduced the company from different angles, one comes down to the real problem that he wishes to address and the reasons for taking up the problems. It is at the end of the case study that a student must make his suggestions and recommendations for the problems that he has chosen for his case study.

    Research Paper

    Research paper is different from a case study in the sense that a student needs to acquaint himself with various views on the subject matter. This is necessary to develop one’s own views about the subject. Obviously all this requires much reading of the subject matter from as many sources that the student can lay his hands upon. In a research paper, a student needs to refer to other researches that have taken place on the subject. A research paper also requires you to cite other authors, which forms an important part of a research.

    Difference between Case Study and Research

    Thus the most important difference between a case study and research is that you are not concerned with earlier reviews on the subject and start straightway with an introduction of the company. On the other hand, you not only talk about earlier reviews, you also present your own views about a topic in the end of a research paper.

    Another difference between a case study and research pertains to your focus. Entire focus remains on the company that is being presented as a case study. It would be proper to term a case study as a specific case while one can make generalizations in a research paper. If you are writing about gender inequality with respect to their salaries, you may have to do a lot of research in various industries but if you take up a particular company, it becomes a case study.

    In brief:

    Case Study vs Research

    • A research is broader in spectrum than a case study

    • Case study requires proper introduction about the company whereas there is no such requirement in a research paper

    • Research requires citing other similar works and author’s views whereas you do not need it in a case study.


    1. So the early release etc etc etc that Obama admin granted at the end of his term, of several thousand incarcerated people will make for very relevant research and multiple case study on down the line?! I’m curious to know 5, 10, 15 years from now-
      IF ANY/ how many might reoffend and other pertinent imformation. The “relevance” is pretty basic.
      In my opinion.


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