Useful websites for self-study (Writing)



Use the following websites to revise what you have learnt in the classroom and to improve your overall writing skills:

Writing Exercises

  • Guide to Grammar and Writing (Capital Community College Foundation) : Many links to guides and exercises to improve writing – sentences, paragraphs, essay, and research papers
  • Victoria University, Wellington : Topic Sentences, building paragraphs, incorporating research, and sample essay
  • Towson University : Sentence structure, phrases, clauses, punctuation, parts of speech, and idioms for ESL students
  • OWL (Purdue online writing lab) : Punctuation
  • OWL (Purdue online writing lab) : Sentence structure exercises – clauses, fragments, structure, subject, & verb agreement
  • ESL fast : Sentence structure – writing practice
  • A guide to learning English : Writing analysis
  • A guide to learning English : Error correction, text reconstruction, beginner writing exercises, and other links
  • Write and improve (Cambridge) : Writing, editing, and feedback
  • University of New England : Academic writing exercises – choose your topics
  • makebelief comix : GE 2-GE 5 – make your own comic / write spoken language
  • : GE 2-GE 5 – make your own comic / write spoken language

Writing Response

  • Something to write about / Make belief comics : Share your own ideas in writing by responding to these writing prompts or use the ideas for your comic
  • Literacy Net (CNN stories) : Select a story and choose an activity to the left – reading comprehension, vocabulary, sequencing, or writing your opinion
  • Topics Online Magazine : Select ‘Readers Respond’ or ‘Speaking Out’ – read what other students have written and write your own response to the magazine for publication
  • Deakin University : Write your story for Deakin Navigator blog

Sentence structure and punctuation

  • Wyzant : Explanation and quiz – conjunctions / linking words
  • Wyzant : Information + quiz – combining / linking sentences
  • University of Victoria English Language Centre, CA : GE5 – parts of speech, conjunctions, and punctuation
  • University of Victoria English Language Centre, CA : Intermediate – write compound and complex sentences with correct grammar
  • Towson University : Sentence construction, types, patterns, and punctuation
  • The Punctuation Guide : Intermediate to Advanced – find out what the different punctuation symbols mean
  • David Appleyard : Punctuation
  • Skillswise (BBC) : Sentence structure – punctuation, past present or future tense, instructions

Writing guide

  • Paradigm online writing assistant : Writing advice – sentences to essays
  • The Writing Centre : A guide to general writing practices
  • Plain English – a general writing guide : A guide to general writing practices
  • University of Illinois – Centre for Writing Studies : A guide to phrases, clauses, sentences and common mistakes
  • Style 42 and Krafty Rue handouts : A guide to writing essays

Academic Skills

  • Ohio University: Dept. of Linguistics : Interactive video reading and note-taking
  • Deakin Student Study Support : Academic skills and referencing
  • Ohio University : Videos – plagiarism, referencing, paraphrasing, direct quotes, and summarising
  • Ohio University : Video – organise your writing / mind map and outline
  • Ohio University : Paraphrasing, using quotations, and in-text referencing
  • Ohio University : Video – proof reading and editing tips
  • Study Support – Deakin Guide to Referencing : Harvard referencing guidelines
  • Cheating & Plagiarism : Reading comprehension activity
  • The Writing Centre : When to paraphrase, summarise, and quote
  • The Writing Centre : Hedging
  • Monash University : A guide to writing assignments
  • Monash University : Assignment writing examples

Mind Mapping technology

  • : Sign up required – mind map/brainstorm/plan on the computer
  • : Tablet or desktop – mind map/concept map/organise ideas/plan
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