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Report Writing Help

Report Writing Help
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Academic Report Writing Help

Among all sorts of assignment tasks, report writing is the trickiest type of assignment writing. You need to show the highest levels knowledge on the subject matter and extremely good writing skill to write a report successfully. The other option is to contact BookMyEssay and take custom report writing help of the best writers to accomplish the task as per the expectations of the examiners. There is no harm in taking professional help with report writing if you find that you can’t complete the task within the deadline or you have doubt in your own knowledge.

An Ideal Report Writing

Any report needs to be full of information on the given subject matter. Unlike other types of writings, the readers expect to get some relevant knowledge from a report. At the same time, they should be kept attached to the reading from the beginning until the end of the paper. So, an ideal report needs to be informative and interesting simultaneously.

What is the Basic Structure of a Report?

Types of reports vary greatly depending on the stream of study, i.e. a report on some environmental topics will be different from a report on the target market analysis. However, in general, following aspects are inevitable in all types of reports:

  • Title page: This page only contains the title of the report and its writers
  • Abstract: Next to the title page, the writer needs to write an abstract of the whole paper. It is written in 200-300 words. It contains the whole report in a summary form.
  • Table of content (TOC): It contains all major headings and subheading with the page number where they could be found.
  • Introduction: It described the necessity of the report. By reading it, the reader will come to know about the analytical procedure that you have adopted to work on the topic.
  • Main body: Needless to say, it is the major part of a report writing. Here, you describe the full topic and analyze the topic as the guidelines. It is further divided into several headings and subheadings.
  • Conclusion: It is the part of a report where you need to suggest something as per your analysis in the main body.
  • Recommendation: Here you need to draw a course of action depending on your conclusion. This part may not be necessary for many reports.
  • Reference: You need to write down all the references you have used to write the report. The referencing style should follow the guidelines.
  • Appendices: Any information in form of chart, table, image, etc. are to be placed in this part but in the main body proper index is to be maintained.

How to assess the demand of the professor or examiner?

In a report writing, the guidelines play a major role. However, you can assess the demand or expectation of the examiner just by answering the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the report? Just think if it is a real-world situation then what this report will accomplish?
  • What information does the reader want from this report? A report is meant to deliver some important data or information regarding the subject matter. So, if it is a real-world situation, then what kinds of information will make the reader informed regarding the topic?
  • What is the purpose of the report? Once again, you need to assume the real-work What purpose will this report meet?

Answering this question correctly will help you to write an impeccable report in a correct format.

Writing Help for Custom Report

The expert writers of the report writing service provide all sorts of academic report writing help to the students irrespective of their locations and levels of studies. These writers are immensely experienced in their respective subjects. They are academically qualified as also possessing years of experience in report creation in different industries. Naturally, they are the best persons who can develop the most impressive reports.

Features of BookMyEssay

Apart from the writers, the entire team of BookMyEssay extends professional writing help with report in different ways to make a panic-stricken student calm and confident. The student help service is available 24×7. Students can contact online whenever they need a support in report writing. Their identity or any personal data is never revealed to anybody. Moreover, the charges are very standard and the payment system is the most flexible one in the industry.

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Quality Report Writing from the Best in the Business

We provide the top-class report writing help service in the UK. Usually, Academic writing has many different facets and one of them is report writing. It is a skill that every student should master because students will have to produce a report at the end of every semester. Unfortunately, most students lack the report writing skills.

The fact that report writing is completely different from essay and assignment writing makes matters worse. Students are used to essay and assignment writing but not report writing. The technicality involved in a report makes things more complicated for students.

Our report writing service rescues students from various predicaments. The professional report writing help can help students by providing them top grade reports. Essay Provider UK helps students with their report writing task by ensuring that they learn how to write a perfect report in the future without the need for any help. The real test comes when you have to produce a custom report that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Hire the Best Custom Report Writer in UK

Students looking for a custom report writer are in luck because Essay Provider UK is here with their qualified, native custom report writers who understand the academic requirements of UK education system very well. Avail the services of the best custom report writer in UK and get plagiarism-free report writing help from the very best in the industry.

If you are seeking for a genuine writing service that really delivers for the university students, then Essay Provider UK is a perfect choice. Our writers have not only gone through this phase but also has a technical expertise required for producing impressive reports. The university students can save their precious time and leave the technical aspects of report writing to our experts who know all about it.

Essay Provider UK is providing top quality report writing services to the university students in the UK at affordable costs. Add to that the customer support and quality service and much more, students can get everything at one place. With native qualified experts who know the UK education system like the back of their palm, getting the best grade on your report will not be much of a problem.

Our Academic Report Writers Are the Very Best in the Industry

When students try to write reports by themselves, they face various kinds of problems. They tend to miss the clear idea, objective and purpose of the report writing. If students are not able to put up a great report in their universities, they may end up getting poor grades. Only our dedicated and professional report writers can achieve that objective and purpose in the report by providing high-quality services.

Our report writers have got tremendous qualities and characteristics which make them class apart in the writing service industry. Usually, students don’t put the facts, verified information and legitimate proofs which are a compulsory requirement for any academic report. Due to this reason, their report does not catch the attention of the university teachers and a student may end up their report getting canceled.

We have got expert writers who will write a clear and easily understandable academic report so that students can get top grades. They will include all the correct facts and references avoiding the report getting canceled by the university teachers. So if students get help in report writing, they will get an exclusive assistance and support from our expert writers.

Our Report Writing Service Will Remove All Your Academic Worries

The important factor in the report writing which holds a great amount of significance is to facilitate the teachers during the checking process by providing the contents in the right format. If teachers don’t find the contents in the correct arrangement, they may get irritated and compelled to give students negative scoring. If students hire our report writing service, our experts will provide a report with the proper and correct arrangements of the format.

Also, students commit a lot of blunders and mistakes while writing the academic report for submission in the universities. Sometimes they duplicate the content or repeat the same thing in the report time and again which gives it a very negative look. The teachers, while checking, also give their negative scoring and avoid the good ones. Our writers will provide students with authentic academic reports that are free from errors and duplication.

The writers of our company are true professionals with a focusing on delivering the best possible report. Our experts are result oriented and do everything necessary to get the best possible grades for the students. We are the top report writing providers in the UK and write only the well-organized and structured academic report for the students. You can get in touch with our customer service department anytime to get more details.

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Report writing


The following information gives some general information about the structure and contents of report writing at university.

As there are many different types of report that you may be asked to compile, this page gives general information about the standard contents of reports.

Do check with your lecturer/tutor about the specific contents of any report that you must write.

Why write a report?

A report provides clearly organised information and/or data about a situation or problem under investigation.

The information/data may come from your experience, your reading, your research, experiments or measurements conducted in a laboratory or out in the field.

Your assignment might specify the type of audience for your report – e.g. non-specialist readers, specialists in your field of study. If unsure, clarify with your lecturer.

Knowing your audience will determine how much information and how much context you need to provide, and the choice of technical and non-technical language in your writing.


Typical report structure


alt text

Abstract and executive summary

See details how to write an  abstract and executive summary .


  • The introduction provides an overview of the report.

  • Describe your aims and objectives explicitly, and the context of the problem or situation.

  • If relevant, indicate the scope or limitations of your investigation.

  • If necessary, provide a brief historical background (with subheadings) of significant events leading up to the present investigation.

  • If the explanation of the context is lengthy, you may want to make it a separate section and call it Background/Context/Definitions/Key Terms.

  • If you are required to provide an analysis of existing research, you will need a separate section called Literature Review.

  • Use the present tense to outline the problem and your aims.

  • Use the past tense to describe events that have occurred when giving background information or context.


  • List the procedures and processes undertaken in your investigation in clear order. If necessary, use subheadings like Sample, Instruments.

  • For a technical report, you may need to include descriptions of materials, equipment and resources.

  • Use the past tense as the events of the research are over.

  • Unless you are told specifically to write in first person, choose impersonal sentence structures such as passive constructions, e.g. 20 students were selected randomly to form the sample group instead of I selected 20 students randomly to form the sample group.

Findings, results and data

  • Present your information in a clear and logical sequence.

  • You may want to use charts, tables, graphs and pictures to demonstrate your results. These are collectively called ‘figures’ in a report. Make sure that each of these is labelled and numbered consecutively.

  • If you have a large amount of empirical results, include them in an appendix.

  • Use the past tense and passive construction to describe what was found, in keeping with the impersonal tone of the report.

Discussion and analysis

  • This section explains and argues the interpretation of the evidence in the report.

  • Use the present tense to discuss the ongoing situation as revealed in the investigation. Check with your lecturer whether you should adopt a personal or impersonal tone in the discussion.


  • This section is like the conclusion of an essay – it provides an overall purpose of the report, the steps through which it has progressed, and its overall findings and point of view.

  • No new material should be included in the conclusion.

Recommendations and implications

  • If the nature of the report has been to identify actions to be taken as a result of the findings, they should be listed here sequentially.

  • Use the past tense to review what the report found, and comment in the present tense.


Ensure that your report has a reference list at the end.

  • It demonstrates that you have researched the area.

  • It demonstrates that you are enlisting the support of someone’s research to support your own ideas and findings.

  • It demonstrates what ideas or information you have referred to from someone’s research as distinct from your own.

  • It demonstrates that you acknowledge and give credit to the work of someone else.

  • Makes sure that you are familiar with the referencing style as prescribed by your faculty.

  • Only includes those references that you have used in your report (i.e. those that you have cited in the report).


  • An appendix is any extra material that you wish to include at the end of your report for the audience to consider

  • It may be that it is not essential in the body of the report itself, or is too lengthy and would interrupt the flow of information

  • In some cases, it may be evidential material on which your findings are based (e.g. statistical calculations or data from another source)

  • Each appendix should be titled and numbered (e.g. Appendix A, Appendix B), and listed in the table of contents


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Adapted from Morley-Warner, T. 2009, Academic writing is… A guide to writing in a university context, Association for Academic Language and Learning, Sydney.

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